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CEO's Silly Girl/C15 The Donkey's Home Is High
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C15 The Donkey's Home Is High

A man's body has a feminine fragrance that makes people uncomfortable when they smell it.

When he approached, Su Xiaoxiao subconsciously stood behind Qi Jincheng.

Qi Jincheng thought she was scared, so he frowned and glared at the man.

"Yuri, this is Miss Su!"

Hsing Li was a good judge of expression. When he noticed Qi Jincheng's expression was not right, he immediately stepped forward.

Given Yuri's suicidal personality, if he continued to speak, he would definitely be beaten up.

When he spoke, not only did he introduce the situation to others, he also prevented himself from angering his young master.

"Miss Su, hello! I am Yuri, Qi Jincheng's university classmate and subordinate!"

As soon as Hsing Li spoke, Yuri immediately understood. He extended his hand towards Su Xiaoxiao and greeted her with a smile.

Yuri had a good relationship with Qi Jincheng when he was in university. After that, he joined the overseas company.

During those years when Qi Jincheng went overseas, most of the news was passed on through Yuri's collection.

It could be said that his status in Qi Jincheng's company was on par with Hsing Li's.

However, he didn't follow him often.

"Hello, Uncle Yuri. My name is Su Xiaoxiao. I am the wife of a beautiful big brother!"

Su Xiaoxiao also reached out her hand, but she did not want to shake hands. Instead, she shook her hand and introduced herself seriously.

When she said that she was Qi Jincheng's wife, her small face was full of seriousness and happiness.

It was as if being able to marry Qi Jincheng was indeed her dream.

But in reality, when this naughty girl spoke, her gaze turned to the side.

Qi Jincheng's reputation and reputation were known to the world, but she was not a person to be fooled by.

Even someone like her, who had never experienced the secular world, could tease him to the point that he was tired of parrying.

Ever since she had grasped this point, Su Xiaoxiao had enjoyed teasing him tirelessly. Whenever she had the chance, she would tease him.

Little did she know that Qi Jincheng was just unwilling to make a move on the child.

After all, in Qi Jincheng's eyes, Su Xiaoxiao was no different from a five-year-old child.

If Qi Jincheng knew that Su Xiaoxiao had ulterior motives, it would be hard to tell who was the one who was being harassed to the point of exhaustion.

Yuri was obviously surprised by Su Xiaoxiao's self-introduction.

He looked at Hsing Li as if he was trying to verify something.

Hsing Li turned his head and pretended not to see anything.

Su Xiaoxiao was right to marry Qi Jincheng. This was Old Master Qi's order and there was no way to change it.

However, their young master did not ask them to change their minds.

If he nodded his head and admitted it, it would probably make their mistress unhappy.

Hsing Li would not do such a thing even if he was beaten to death.

He was not a fool.

Yuri felt a little stifled when Hsing Li pretended to be dead.

But he did not want to keep Su Xiaoxiao cold, so he smiled and nodded.

"Good, good. I did not expect that this coffin face would also fall one day!"

Qi Jincheng curled his lips and did not say anything in the end. He walked in with large strides.

Su Xiaoxiao followed behind him and smiled at Yuri. She also hugged Qi Jincheng's arm tightly and followed him in.

Outside the door, she saw the backs of the two people who walked in closely together.

Yuri grabbed Hsing Li and threatened, "Where did this little girl come from? Is it really our Young Madam? Am I the only one who doesn't know?"

"It's a big difference. We just have to wait for the wedding."

Hsing Li did not hide anything and nodded.

But there was one thing he corrected and said:

"Only the old man and us know now. You're not the last one to know "

Yuri nodded in satisfaction when he heard what Hsing Li said.

He suddenly looked at Hsing Li, pointed at his own head, lowered his voice and asked, "Is there something wrong with this little girl?"

Su Xiaoxiao's behavior just now was still considered normal.

However, Yuri had been working with Qi Jincheng for many years, so he was quite good at judging people.

He could tell at a glance that Su Xiaoxiao's intelligence was somewhat problematic.

"Indeed, she only has the intelligence of a five-year-old. Don't make her cry later!"

Hsing Li nodded and smiled. "Be careful that the young master will beat you to death!"


Yuri still wanted to ask something, but the staff in the studio walked out.

"Boss, Young Master Qi urged you to quickly go in and fix the design!"


Yuri's workshop only accepted custom-made products, and they were all targeted at the upper class of Binhai.

There weren't many customers, but they were all very smart.

He also relied on his appearance to casually chat and gather information.

All these years, he had been doing very well and had never been discovered.

But his ability was definitely not limited to intelligence work.

Yuri's decisiveness and fame were not small either in and out of the country.

The small stream of customers only accepted because Yuri accepted the order purely based on his mood. If he did not like it, he would not accept it.

However, there was an exception. If he met someone with power, he would not be able to do so.

For example, he did not dare to reject the offer of his own Lady Boss today.

However, it was true that Yuri did not find Su Xiaoxiao to be an eyesore.

The little girl had a pure look on her face as she looked around. She was curious about everything.

"Miss Su can go and take a look herself. If there is a match you like, I will help you decide the shape!"

Yuri said in an encouraging tone.

Su Xiaoxiao had been very obedient. After entering the door, she sat beside Qi Jincheng.

The curiosity in her eyes was not concealed.

Su Xiaoxiao rarely wore these high-order dresses. These few years, she rarely attended any banquet held by the upper class and rarely wore these.

It was normal for her to be curious about these eye-catching dresses.

However, she was different from others.

Other girls were curious about how beautiful those beautiful dresses looked on their bodies.

Su Xiaoxiao kept thinking, if she were to wear these complicated dresses, wouldn't it be very troublesome if she suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom?

It was also that no one knew what she was thinking. Otherwise, everyone at the scene would be speechless.

It was precisely because they did not know what Su Xiaoxiao was thinking.

Yuri felt that she really liked those dresses.

That was why he encouraged her to go and choose what she wanted to wear.

Su Xiaoxiao also dressed very well, so she rolled down her donkey and really acted like she was looking forward to it.

She turned to look at Qi Jincheng and asked, "Can I? "

"Go on!"

Qi Jincheng nodded.

He had brought her here to do the styling. Qi Jincheng did not know what this girl liked, so it was better to let her choose for herself.


Su Xiaoxiao immediately stood up from the sofa and skipped towards the display cabinet.

Qi Jincheng sat where he was and looked at her. His expression was normal, but his body was covered with a layer of smoke.

This was clearly seen by Yuri.

The corner of Yuri's mouth twitched slightly.

If he wasn't afraid of being beaten up, he would tease him a little.

Su Xiaoxiao looked left and right and finally chose a pink and tender fairy dress.

That was already the most common dress that Su Xiaoxiao could choose.

The rest were either full of diamonds or layers of yarn.

It would be tiring to look at it, let alone wear it on her body.

"Miss Su's eyes are really good. This fairy maiden dress is from the donkey family this year and only arrived yesterday!"

Yuri stood up and walked over, and couldn't help but praise.

Su Xiaoxiao's choice of goods was precisely his aesthetic sense.

However, Yuri did not notice.

Because Su Xiaoxiao chose this dress.

The expression of the assistant behind him was extremely ugly.

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