CEO's Silly Girl/C16 A Love Rival Appeared?
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CEO's Silly Girl/C16 A Love Rival Appeared?
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C16 A Love Rival Appeared?

"This is the only one so far. It might be too late to customize!"

Yuri took the dress and compared it with Su Xiaoxiao's. The melancholy that had yet to gather immediately dissipated.

"Miss Su's figure is not bad. It should be very suitable!"

This dress, which was limited by the donkey family, was slightly petite, and it perfectly matched Su Xiaoxiao's figure.

"Let's give it a try. If it is suitable, I will use this as the theme to customize the style!"

Yuri stuffed the clothes into the female assistant's hands and instructed, "Bring Miss Su to try it out."

"Boss, boss..."

The assistant took the fairy dress and shouted with a bitter expression.

"This dress was reserved by Chung Xinran. She also prepared to come and try it out today!"

Chung Xinran was the top celebrity in the entertainment industry. She was a superstar in the film and television series and had a terrifying number of fans. Most of them were even brainless fans.

It was precisely because of this that many people were unwilling to offend Chung Xinran.

After all, society had long entered a fast-paced information age.

Chung Xinran was the person who led the direction of public opinion.

If she did not like anyone, she only needed to put on a show and she could "kill" that person.

In fact, she did not even need to do it herself. She could make the person who offended her drown in saliva.

The power of public opinion was terrifying. People in the fashion industry knew this kind of thing the best.

Chung Xinran had reserved this fairy maiden dress from the Donkey Family. Yuri couldn't possibly forget it.

Today, she let others try the clothes and even prepared to use this dress as the theme to decide the style.

The assistant really could not understand what her boss was doing.

Su Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes twice and seemed to understand their conversation.

She walked to Qi Jincheng's side. "It's alright. The clothes have an owner. Xiaoxiao can reject it!"

Su Xiaoxiao opened her mouth and Qi Jincheng put down the magazine in his hand and looked up at Yuri.

Yuri smiled bitterly and hurriedly waved his hand. "No matter what, Miss Su, don't listen to her nonsense!"

He turned around and glared at his assistant before coming back to his senses.

"This dress just arrived yesterday. Whoever wears the right dress will be the owner. Miss Su, quickly go and try it on!"

The future Lady Boss and an actress, the person Yuri wanted to please would not be the latter.

So what if they had already reserved it?

Chung Xinran was not suitable for this set of clothes at all. She was simply trying to be fashionable.

It would be a waste to put it on her. When the time came, it would destroy her signboard.

The assistant was only worried that Chung Xinran would not be satisfied with her revenge, but...

With Qi Jincheng around, even if there were ten Chung Xinran, they would not be able to defeat Yuri.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Qi Jincheng. Seeing him nod, she followed the assistant.

"Isn't this too obedient?"

Yuri widened his eyes. Then, a wretched look appeared in his eyes.

"So you are so obedient!"

Qi Jincheng raised his eyes, and his body became cold again.

Yuri had a feeling that the pressure had changed. He would not have the chance to save himself if he tried to seek death again.

He immediately shivered and turned around to run.

He still had to prepare something for Su Xiaoxiao.

Hsing Li sat in the main hall and flipped through the magazines. Yuri's side was filled with fashion magazines.

He felt that Su Xiaoxiao could wear those clothes.

She seemed to have a hundred pieces of clothing. He did not know if it was because she was good-looking.


Chung Xinran was going to attend the banquet of Qi family this weekend.

She had spent a lot of effort to get the opportunity from Qi Hanyi to attend the banquet as a friend.

This identity was very forced, but who asked Qi Hanyi to be the true leader of Qi family?

If he wanted to, he could bring someone in with his status no matter how hard he tried.

Chung Xinran had been planning this matter since the start of the year.

She wanted to go to the Qi family and see how the useless young master was doing.

After all, they had an unforgettable experience.

For this matter, she had been preparing for this year. She wanted to shape her body and take care of her skin.

She even rarely took on any scenes and had even reserved the donkey family's new model for this year.

The weekend was the time for the Qi family's banquet to begin. Today, she had to come over and try on her clothes to confirm her appearance.

Chung Xinran had been very low-profile this year, and it was the same today.

If it was in the past, her appearance would definitely be noisy.

She could hear movement from a street away.

Today was different. After Yuri stopped ordering the Rolls-Royce in front of the door.

A woman with a tight bag walked out of the car and quickly entered the door. She did not attract anyone's attention.

The receptionist went forward to welcome her.

Chung Xinran took off the scarf and magic mirror covering her head and the receptionist recognized her. She quickly led the people in.

Qi Jincheng had almost finished flipping through the magazine in his hand. He closed the magazine and put it aside.

He looked up and saw a tall figure standing not far away.

Chung Xinran was stunned on the spot.

She never thought that she would meet Qi Jincheng here.

Hsing Li handed Qi Jincheng a cup of coffee.

The man reached out to take it and retracted his gaze naturally.

It was as if the woman standing not far away was a stranger.

Chung Xinran's willowy eyebrows slightly knitted and her hands that were hanging by her side tightened.

Because she used too much strength, even her knuckles turned slightly white.

The manager who followed her in a hurry was wondering why Chung Xinran did not walk forward.

He turned his head and saw Qi Jincheng sitting not far away.

She suddenly came to a realization. She could not help but pull Chung Xinran's sleeve and remind her in a low voice.

"Remember, you guys have nothing to do with each other. Don't get too excited!"

"I saw paparazzi when I entered. Be careful."

Chung Xinran pulled out her sleeve from her manager's hand and did not respond.

She walked straight to the opposite side of Qi Jincheng and sat down.

When her manager saw this scene, she simply wanted to curse.

This ancestor was rushing to create news for paparazzi.

"Welcome, Boss Yuri, please come out. Just say that I'm here to try on my clothes!"

Chung Xinran waved at the receptionist and calmly ordered.

"Miss Cheng, please wait for a moment. I'll go and invite the boss for you right away!"

The receptionist immediately nodded and went to look for someone.

Qi Jincheng only took a sip of the coffee and put it down.

The coffee in Yuri's place was not to his liking.

He saw that the two of them were just sitting opposite each other and did not communicate. They did not even look at each other.

Chung Xinran's manager slowly let out a sigh of relief.

However, before she could let out her breath, everything in front of her stopped.

Chung Xinran directly stood up and walked to Qi Jincheng's side and sat down next to him.

Not only that, she also picked up the coffee that Qi Jincheng had just put down and put it into her mouth.

Those who did not know would think that the coffee was Chung Xinran's own.

Hsing Li's toes also touched the ground awkwardly.

"Big Star Cheng is here. If you don't welcome him from afar, don't blame him!"

Yuri's voice came from the dressing room, as warm as ever.

Su Xiaoxiao, who had just changed her clothes and did not have time to put on makeup, followed him out.

Chung Xinran originally looked at Yuri, but because of the donkey's dress, she locked her eyes on Su Xiaoxiao.

"What does this mean?"

Chung Xinran suddenly raised her hand to point at Su Xiaoxiao and her face sank.

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