CEO's Silly Girl/C17 How Could She be Better than Me?
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CEO's Silly Girl/C17 How Could She be Better than Me?
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C17 How Could She be Better than Me?

The donkey set Su Xiaoxiao was wearing was very expensive. Up until now, there was only one set in the domestic market.

She had already sent a message that she wanted this dress.

Now that she was already here, the dress was worn by someone else.

Chung Xinran needed an explanation.

When Su Xiaoxiao followed Yuri out, she saw Chung Xinran who was beside Qi Jincheng.

Qi Jincheng was dissolute on the outside, but in reality, he was not close to women. However, he did not reject Chung Xinran's overly close relationship. Obviously, this was a love rival.

Without looking at his identity, just by looking at his face, one could guess that he was surrounded by butterflies and bees, but to be able to reach here, it was clearly not simple.

With this thought in mind, Su Xiaoxiao lifted her skirt without hesitation and ran towards Qi Jincheng.

At the same time, Qi Jincheng stood up.

He did not appreciate Chung Xinran's goodwill.

He did not know if it was because he was used to smelling Su Xiaoxiao's scent, but there seemed to be a faint fragrance on Chung Xinran's body that made his nose itch.

Qi Jincheng took two steps forward and walked towards Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao ran over and hugged Qi Jincheng's arm.

"Beautiful brother, do you think Xiaoxiao looks good wearing this?"

Su Xiaoxiao's eyes were bright as she looked up at Qi Jincheng's eyes. Maybe it was because his gaze was too enthusiastic, Qi Jincheng nodded slightly.

"It's very beautiful."

"In my opinion, it's not bad either. This immortal female dress is custom-made for Miss Su."

Yuri stood at the side and crossed his arms as he echoed.

It was not only to flatter her, but also because Su Xiaoxiao had a good figure. There were also a few new models in the shop that suited her very well.

Su Xiaoxiao heard the praise and laughed foolishly. She even lifted her skirt and happily spun around like a dancing butterfly.

Perhaps it was because the range was too large, Su Xiaoxiao's body gradually lost control and she fell down while screaming.

"Accidentally" patted Chung Xinran who was standing at the side and the two of them fell to the ground together.

Su Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and her small face wrinkled.

However, the expected pain did not come after a long time. Instead, a hand appeared on her waist. When she opened her eyes, she crashed into Qi Jincheng's line of sight.

Her mouth was flattened into a line. Su Xiaoxiao's face was full of grievance and her big eyes immediately became moist.

Qi Jincheng frowned slightly and pulled her to stand up. His gaze moved on her body. "Did you hit it?"

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head lightly and reached out to hug Qi Jincheng.

In fact, when she lost her balance, Qi Jincheng had moved. She did not even lose a strand of hair.

Chung Xinran, on the other hand, was suddenly patted by her and fell to the ground. She accidentally knocked on the tea table with her lower back.

When the assistant rushed over, she was already in so much pain that she broke out in cold sweat.

"How is it? Where did you get hurt?"

Yuri crossed his arms and watched the show by the side. He also quickly called for people to help Chung Xinran sit on the sofa.

When he lifted her clothes to take a look, the assistant took a deep breath and saw a small purple mark on the back of her waist.

"Mr. Qi, we are glad to be attending the event recently. This young lady beside you acted rashly and caused such a large bruise on her body. You have to give an explanation, right?"

The assistant wanted to flare up, but due to the status of Qi family, she could only suppress her anger.

After Qi Jincheng calmed Su Xiaoxiao down, he said faintly, "Hsing Li."

Hsing Li understood. He walked forward and bowed to Chung Xinran and politely said, "Miss Cheng, I will take you to the hospital now."

Chung Xinran sat firmly on the sofa and did not move. She stared in Qi Jincheng's direction with disbelief in her eyes. "Jincheng."

The assistant's face sank. She immediately grabbed her hand, her eyes full of warning.

Because of the chaotic situation here, some people had already gathered over. If there was a scandal between her and Qi Jincheng, this dissolute playboy, it would only be harmful to Chung Xinran.

Thinking of her own future, Chung Xinran's words at the very end twisted, "This long dress was booked by me long ago. Miss Su did not ask for it and it did not seem to be very good."

Qi Jincheng looked at Yuri.

Noticing his gaze, Yuri shivered.

He immediately said, "You can't say that. In our family, if you don't make a reservation in advance, you have to first come first serve."

As he spoke, he looked at Chung Xinran. "Furthermore, I think Miss Su's figure is small and suitable for this long dress."

The meaning in his words was already very clear.

Because of Qi Jincheng's protection of Su Xiaoxiao, even the owner of the donkey house was speaking to her.

But this feeling of being protected by someone...

She looked at Chung Xinran who was on the sofa.

When Chung Xinran looked at Qi Jincheng, it was called deep love, but when it was Su Xiaoxiao's turn, it became ridicule and hatred.

If looks could kill, Su Xiaoxiao did not doubt that she would have died thousands of times.

Qi Jincheng was the person she took a fancy to, and Su Xiaoxiao naturally would not be soft-hearted towards love rivals.

Su Xiaoxiao grabbed Qi Jincheng's hand and hid behind him.

Following his gaze, he saw that Chung Xinran did not have time to withdraw her gaze.

Qi Jincheng's expression gradually turned cold, and his voice also became a bit heavier, "Hsing Li!"

This already had the intention of urging her.

Hsing Li saw this and urged again, "Miss Cheng, I'll send the two of you to the hospital now."


Seeing Chung Xinran still sitting still, the manager's words were forceful.

A lean camel was still bigger than a horse. No matter what status Qi Jincheng had in the Qi family, he was still a member of the Qi family.

Chung Xinran bit her lips and compromised.

She was supported by her manager and left the workshop in a sorry state.

Qi Jincheng was not interested in how Chung Xinran left. He looked at Yuri and looked tired. "Is the shape confirmed?"

He was going to bring people back.

Under Qi Jincheng's gaze, the tools in Yuri's hands flew backward quickly and outlined Su Xiaoxiao's face.

Just a few lines were enough to show the advantage on her face.

However, Su Xiaoxiao used the mirror to secretly observe Qi Jincheng on the sofa.

Young Master Qi, who did not show his emotions on his face, actually had emotional ups and downs after meeting Chung Xinran.

It seemed that the two of them had a rather unusual past.

"It's done."

Yuri threw the powder on the table and looked down at Su Xiaoxiao.

In his opinion, Su Xiaoxiao's beauty was simply a slap to the faces of those small celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Qi Jincheng only turned his head when he heard the voice.

His originally tired expression gradually turned to surprise when he saw Su Xiaoxiao.

Usually at home, Su Xiaoxiao would sketch the sky.

And he also treated Su Xiaoxiao as a child and never thought about other things.

Under Yuri's few strokes, the little clear face was hooked in another direction.

That lively deer eye's tail was extended by him. It was slightly raised up and down, and its eyes were elongated. It actually carried the charm of a mature woman, making one's heart flutter.

Unfortunately, this seductive eyes did not last for long. Su Xiaoxiao jumped and ran over. Her small hand took the initiative to grab Qi Jincheng's big hand and said happily, "Beautiful big brother, is Xiaoxiao beautiful?"

Qi Jincheng rubbed Su Xiaoxiao's head with his big hand as a response.

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