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C19 You Should Pull Yourself Together

"Beautiful brother!"

Su Xiaoxiao happily jumped to Qi Jincheng's side and held his hand as she stood still.

The beautiful temperament just now was instantly broken by her childish silly smile.

Yuri and the others came back to their senses at the same time. He could not help but praise.

"If Miss Su was not like this, also..."

Yuri wanted to say that if Su Xiaoxiao was not a fool, she would definitely be able to dominate the crowd!

But he didn't manage to say the second half of his sentence.

Qi Jincheng protected his son. He couldn't say anything bad about what he liked.

Qi Jincheng only retracted his gaze when he saw that Yuri had stopped halfway through his sentence.

Su Xiaoxiao's intelligence had only stopped at five years old. She was not a real fool.

This was her injury. Qi Jincheng did not want her to be criticized because of this.

"Young Master, it's getting late. We can leave now!"

Hsing Li saw that the atmosphere was gradually getting heavier and heavier, so he hurriedly came out to smooth things over.

Yuri looked at Hsing Li gratefully and quickly found an excuse to escape.

Hsing Li withdrew his gaze from Yuri's back in a panic and looked at his young master again.

At this time, Su Xiaoxiao had already taken the initiative to hug Qi Jincheng's arm. The two of them walking together actually did not have any sense of discord!

Previously, it was his poor eyesight that did not allow him to see Young Madam's beauty.

With just a glance, Hsing Li quickly retracted his gaze and opened the car door for the two of them.

That was the future Eldest Young Madam, and he could not allow him to blaspheme her.


The Qi family's family feast this month was grander than the past.

Old Master Qi personally brought people to host it. It was said that it was to welcome his eldest grandson and wife.

The servants of Qi family's old residence had been busy for more than a week.

Finally, it was the day. Everyone gathered at the entrance to welcome the C figure who was about to arrive.

The first to arrive was Qi Hanyi. After he walked out of the car, the driver drove the car away.

He didn't even bring a female companion for this family banquet!

Qi Hanyi naturally wouldn't come alone.

Su Miaomiao was his female companion for this match, but before leaving, her clothes were dirty, and now she was looking for a replacement.

Su Miaomiao choosing was too much of a waste of time. Qi Hanyi was too lazy to wait and found an excuse to come over first.

The people of Qi family's old residence were filled with enthusiasm towards the true leader of Qi's.

Qi Hanyi's car had just arrived, and he quickly surrounded it.

A large group of people followed him, asking him about his well-being and flattering him.

Not long after he arrived, Qi Jincheng's car also arrived.

Qi Jincheng's authority had been taken away, and everyone knew about it.

However, no one could replace the identity of the eldest son of the Qi family.

Of course, no one dared to offend him.

However, even if they didn't offend him, there were very few people who tried to please him.

Most of them did things according to the orders of the higher-ups.

Qi Jincheng had a bad temper and a bad reputation. Although he was welcomed by many people when he arrived, he couldn't be compared to Qi Hanyi's group.

A small welcome had fully displayed the human nature of Qi family's old residence.

It was no wonder Qi Jincheng was worried that Su Xiaoxiao would be bullied if she came.

"Young Master, the old man has been waiting for you in the backyard for a long time!"

The Qi Family's old butler stood out and led the way for Qi Jincheng.

Qi Jincheng nodded slightly and walked over.

This was Su Xiaoxiao's first time coming to Qi family's old residence.

She was not familiar with any of the plants here, but she could see the word "reality" in the eyes of these welcoming servants.

She did not know if it was because she was afraid of Qi Jincheng or something else, but other than the old butler and a few older servants, no one dared to go forward.

Su Xiaoxiao saw with her own eyes that the man who came before them was escorted in when she got off the car.

Su Xiaoxiao had never dealt with that man face to face before, but she had heard of him.

Qi Hanyi, the illegitimate son of the Qi family, had defeated the illegitimate son of the crown prince. He was not a simple man.

When he had just ascended the throne, Su Xiaoxiao had already sent people to investigate him.

Qi Jincheng followed the old butler into the backyard and saw Old Master Qi.

The old man was sitting under the umbrella drinking tea and playing chess alone.

The old butler stopped after he brought him in. It seemed like he did not intend to go there again.

Qi Jincheng's eyes darkened and he walked back to the garden.

Su Xiaoxiao also wanted to follow him but was stopped by the old butler.

"Eldest Young Madam, the old man and Eldest Young Master have some matters to discuss. Please rest over there for a while!"

"Oh, oh."

Su Xiaoxiao nodded obediently.

If he didn't let her go, it wouldn't be good for her to force her way in, right?

After all, she was here this time to gain some goodwill. She couldn't offend him without even seeing him face to face.

"Thank you for understanding!"

The old butler bowed and thanked him. Then, he left to settle his own matters.

At the same time, Qi Jincheng had already sat opposite of Old Master Qi.

On Old Master Qi's chessboard, there was an extremely difficult to solve game.

It seemed like the old man had been trapped to this extent.

Qi Jincheng lowered his eyes and silently took a black piece and placed it on the chessboard.

The game that had troubled Old Master Qi for the entire morning had been resolved so easily.

"Wonderful! Why didn't I think that the black chess piece would have such a step!"

Old Master Qi slapped his thigh and said with some regret.

Qi Jincheng did not even raise his eyelids before speaking in a calm voice.

"The person has been brought here. I will take him away after looking at him."

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

Old Master Qi's face darkened when he heard what Qi Jincheng said.

"You're not married yet, and you're planning to hide your pride in the Golden House. Did that little girl take your soul away?"

Qi Jincheng shut his mouth and did not answer. He knew that the old man was joking.

There were some words that could only be ignored.

Old Master Qi did not tease him anymore. He straightened his face and asked, "How have you been recently?"

"It's the same as always. I won't die."

Qi Jincheng responded faintly. He raised his head and looked towards the hall in the distance.

There, a little girl was sitting on the sofa obediently. Her big eyes looked around curiously. When she noticed his gaze, she immediately turned around and looked at him with a silly smile.

"It's still that bad temper! How can my granddaughter-in-law tolerate you!?"

Old Master Qi was so angry that he pushed his crutch to the ground twice.

He looked at Qi Jincheng's indifferent expression and felt helpless.

"You should pull yourself together!"

Old Master Qi lowered his eyes and suddenly became earnest and earnest.

"During the time you were unconscious, Qi's was very difficult. Grandpa had no choice but to ask Little Yi to stand out."

Qi Jincheng furrowed his brows. Obviously, he didn't want to get entangled in this topic.

Old Master Qi knew that this was his fault, so he quickly said, "But he did not do it right..."

Because of her mother, Qi Jincheng had become a lot more distant from her. Because of this matter, Qi Jincheng had almost cut off all contact with the Qi family.

He had not even attended the family banquet for a while.

The father and son relationship had fallen into a deadlock. This was also the pain in the old man's heart.

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