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CEO's Silly Girl/C2 Can You Take Me with You
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C2 Can You Take Me with You

An hour later, the outline of the Su family villa appeared.

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her eyes and restrained the coldness in her eyes.

Back then, after Deng Wan and Little Brother Mo ascended the throne, she and her mother were thrown out like trash.

Her mother had no other choice but to bring her back to her grandmother's house in the countryside. In the following month, she died mysteriously.

Grandma was worried that something bad would happen to her, so she let her pretend to be a fool.

For more than ten years, she had used all kinds of methods, but she only found one useful clue: her mother once had a relationship with the Qi family.

The collapse of the Su's group was the result of her control, but she didn't expect that the Qi family would agree to the marriage alliance with the Su family.

The marriage alliance broke her plan, but it also gave her a new breakthrough.

If it wasn't for this, she would never have stepped into this place and wasted her time with these people.

Recovering her thoughts, Su Xiaoxiao got off the car with Su Haisheng.

Deng Wan was the only one in the living room. When she saw Su Xiaoxiao's face, she could not help but frown. In an instant, she covered it up and smiled gently, "Is this Xiaoxiao? So beautiful!"

Su Xiaoxiao smiled shyly, "Thank you, grandma!"

The smile on Deng Wan's face froze. "Grandma?"

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and looked at her innocently, "Yes, grandma said that we are the same gender. Those who are good to Xiaoxiao and older should call me grandma!"

Su Haisheng coughed and explained, "Wan Er, the countryside is remote and backward. There are no young people. They are all old people."

He glared at Su Xiaoxiao. "Xiaoxiao, she is your aunt. You cannot call her grandma."

Su Xiaoxiao softly muttered, "But she is clearly much older than Xiaoxiao. She looks very old!"

Deng Wan's face distorted as she thought hatefully, she was indeed a fool!

She suppressed her anger and pretended that she did not hear that sentence, "Sister-in-law Zhang, bring her to wash up and change her clothes."

Su Xiaoxiao obediently followed Sister-in-law Zhang upstairs.

When she finished changing her clothes and came down, she saw that Deng Wan had returned to her gentle appearance.

She held the picture of Young Master Qi in her hand. "Xiaoxiao, do you want to see your beautiful husband?"

Su Xiaoxiao nodded happily. "Yes!"

She pointed at the picture with infatuation. "Auntie, Xiaoxiao wants it!"

A trace of disdain flashed across Deng Wan's eyes and passed the photo to her, "Xiaoxiao must not mistake the person for someone else!"

Su Xiaoxiao heavily agreed, "En!"

The two of them came to the side of the car and Su Xiaoxiao's eyes swept past some things that should not be in the car and directly went into the back seat.

She patted the back seat and laughed foolishly, "Big! Comfortable! Xiaoxiao likes it!"

Deng Wan curled her lips slightly and sat in the driver's seat.

Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao was very obedient along the way and obediently sat there without moving, Deng Wan gradually relaxed.

When they were close to the Qi family mansion, Su Xiaoxiao took the opportunity when Deng Wan stopped to pick up an important phone call. In the car, a small object was hidden and quietly got out of the car.

After that, she looked at the speeding Maybach and lightly hooked her lips.

When she opened the car door, she saw Deng Wan and their tricks. They were nothing more than trying to pass through the car accident and make her foolish and foolish.

She knew that thing. Although it would not cause a serious car accident, it was necessary to lie in the hospital for a few days.

She was not willing to hurt her own body because of this kind of thing, but how could she let down Su Haisheng and the others' good intentions?

So, in order to thank them, she had to give them some gifts in return.

For example, letting Deng Wan stay on the bed for half a month or so.

Su Xiaoxiao hummed a small tune and walked in the direction Deng Wan left. Very soon, they met a fork in the road and she randomly picked a direction.

A few minutes later, Su Xiaoxiao broke down.

Why are there so many forks in the road!

She had completely gone around it!

Suddenly, a painful groan could be heard from not far away.

Su Xiaoxiao gently walked closer and observed through the gaps between the branches.

A man's hands and feet were tied and his body was full of scars. He was curled up on the ground and his clothes were soaked in blood. The original color could no longer be seen.

He kept begging, "Eldest Young Master, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I will not dare to do it again in the future! I've said everything I know. I beg you, please spare me... "

His voice was strange. Su Xiaoxiao looked carefully and found that the few teeth in the middle of him were all gone.

The man standing by the side was wearing gold-rimmed glasses. He had a refined and degenerate face and was slowly using a handkerchief to wipe the blood stains on his hands. When he heard this, he used the tip of his shoe to crush his head and clicked impatiently.

"Too late! If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have done it in the first place." As he spoke, he looked at the person sitting on the rattan chair. "Young Master, what do you think we should do? Do you want - - "

He made a cracking gesture.

The man on the rattan chair supported his head with one hand. He did not even lift his eyelids. He only made a sound of mm.

Su Xiaoxiao stared at the perfect side profile of the person that she was somewhat familiar with. Under the sunlight, the skin color was pale to the point of becoming sickly. Combined with the way she addressed him with the gold-rimmed glasses just now, an absurd guess arose in her heart.

Could this person be the Qi family's young master?

The rumored hedonistic and dissolute, ignorant and incompetent hedonistic young master?

Su Xiaoxiao curled her lips with great interest. It seemed like this young master of the Qi family had hidden his true strength!

His acting skills were also on par with hers.

She knew this kind of person very well.

Just like her, she would definitely repay the debt, and would never allow anyone to deceive and toy with her.

However, in the investigation regarding Young Master Qi, it was also mentioned that he regularly donated to poor children every year and even established many homeless animal relief centers.

Then how would he treat a helpless and helpless fool like her?

Instead of waiting for him to find out after marriage, it was better to make it clear now.

She restrained her thoughts and quietly retreated to a place a little further away. Then, she ran over with a huff, running all the way to their front. Her eyes widened as she looked at them in pleasant surprise.

"I finally saw someone! Are you guys playing a game? Can you bring Xiaoxiao along to play?"

Qi Jincheng glanced at her indifferently and frowned. "Who is she?"

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned by his beauty for a second.

Although the photo was beautiful enough, it still reduced his beauty by 50%.

The peach blossom eyes were mesmerizing, but that pair of eyes was not as romantic as the one in the photo. Instead, it was a dark and endless abyss.

A little tear. The corner of his eye was dotted with tears, adding a sense of depression and disgust to the world.

Like a cold and tempting demon!

She liked it!

"Eldest Young Master, I..."

Su Xiaoxiao ran to Qi Jincheng's side and gave him a bright smile. She interrupted the words on her gold-rimmed glasses, "Beautiful big brother, Xiaoxiao is your wife!"

Qi Jincheng frowned even more. His eyes swept across the gold-rimmed glasses.

The gold-rimmed glasses scared him so much that his legs went soft. He scolded sternly, "Where did this crazy woman come from? Nonsense!"

He approached Su Xiaoxiao and wanted to forcefully pull her away.

"Xiaoxiao is not a crazy woman!" Su Xiaoxiao dodged his hand and quickly took out the photo in her pocket. "Beautiful brother, look, this was given to Xiaoxiao by father. He said that this is Xiaoxiao's husband! Xiaoxiao is not talking nonsense!"

It was indeed him in the photo. Qi Jincheng stopped his gold-rimmed glasses movement and looked at Su Xiaoxiao. "Who is your father?"

"Father is..." Su Xiaoxiao pretended to be thinking and after a moment she loudly replied, "Father's name is Su Haisheng!"

She deliberately moved closer to Qi Jincheng. There was a faint cold fragrance coming from her nose, which was very compatible with his fragrance.

Seeing him quietly move away as she wished, Su Xiaoxiao secretly laughed in her heart.

Her eyes curved, and her voice was soft, as if she was talking about a happy little secret. "Xiaoxiao is the young miss of Su family!"

Qi Jincheng's eyes were filled with doubt, the eldest daughter of Su family?

Didn't the Su family only have one daughter?

When did the eldest daughter come?

Just as he was about to ask another question, a violent collision sound came from not far away, followed by thick smoke rising.

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