CEO's Silly Girl/C20 Is This My Granddaughter-in-law?
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CEO's Silly Girl/C20 Is This My Granddaughter-in-law?
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C20 Is This My Granddaughter-in-law?

The reason Qi Hanyi was able to succeed was because of Qi Jincheng's accident.

However, who could guarantee that Qi Hanyi would be able to provide him with a lot of help in this accident?

In Old Master Qi's heart, Qi Jincheng's downfall was all because of the decision he made in the past.

He felt guilty in his heart. He had never thought of giving up on Qi Jincheng, and had always wanted to help him.

However, Qi Jincheng's reputation had been ruined in the past few years, and Old Master Qi had more than enough strength.

He wanted to scold Qi Jincheng more, but every time he saw this big grandson, he didn't know how to speak.

Most of the time, Qi Jincheng didn't want to listen to him nag, and it was the same this time.

Old Master Qi was about to give a long speech when Qi Jincheng stood up and found an excuse to leave.

He walked back to the hall, and the little girl who was sitting on the sofa had disappeared.

Qi Jincheng frowned and could not hide his worry.

If that silly girl ran around in this wolf's den and ran into someone, she would be at a disadvantage.

"Hsing Li!"

Qi Jincheng quickly walked to the door and called Hsing Li to find someone.

He did not stay idle either, so he split up.

When Old Master Qi chased after him from the back garden, he had already disappeared.

Qi Jincheng didn't say anything about Su Xiaoxiao's disappearance. He just brought his people to search for her at the banquet.

Su Xiaoxiao's mind was not complete. It would be best if she left, but it was inevitable that someone would deliberately lure her away.

Those who could participate in the Qi family's banquet were not simple people.

This time, Old Master Qi publicly announced that the purpose of the family banquet was to meet his granddaughter-in-law. This also caused some of the people who came here to have other motives.

For Su Xiaoxiao's safety, Qi Jincheng did not dare to make a sound, afraid that he would alert those people.

In the Qi family, who would dare to make a move so brazenly?

Who would dare to make a move in front of the old man?

The first person Qi Jincheng suspected was Qi Hanyi!

After thinking for a moment, he walked straight to Qi Hanyi's room.

At the same time, Su Xiaoxiao came out of the bathroom in the guest room on the second floor.

She smiled and thanked the maid who led the way, then skipped away by herself.

Old Master Qi had a lot to say to Qi Jincheng.

She had planned to sit there and wait for them to come out.

However, she had drunk too much water in the morning. She couldn't help but want to go to the bathroom. Coincidentally, a maid passed by and brought her a way.

After thanking the maid, Su Xiaoxiao walked around the villa by herself.

The Qi family's old residence was of great significance. Unless it was a family banquet, she couldn't think of any way to move around freely here.

This was a rare opportunity, she needed to familiarize herself with this place.

The guest room was facing the study room.

The door was half open, and there was nothing to guard against.

Su Xiaoxiao flashed into the study room and looked around.

The moment she entered, a heavy and ancient aura came straight at her.

Various types of tall, short, and different classic bookshelves were carefully distributed throughout the room.

In the center of the room was a large study table made of yellow pears.

On the study table were the four treasures of the literary house, as well as an incomplete ink painting.

This place was filled with the fragrance of ink and water. It was fresh and charming.

With just a glance, he could no longer shift his gaze away.

Out of the blue, she went around to the back of the desk.

The two ends of the paper were held down by the ink table. One end of the paper was covered with a peach tree.

Under the peach tree were a few ducks playing with water. Not far away, there were also slanted reeds.

The wind blew past, and the reeds were slightly tilted. The painter's skill was profound, and he was able to depict the moving scene. He was an expert.

"This Spring Scene painting is really good!"

Su Xiaoxiao could not help but praise.

But she felt that there were still many things missing from the painting.

She picked up the brush on the table and went to the ink pool to lick the brush. Then, she filled a few strokes on it.

Just as she was in the midst of drawing, the door to the book was suddenly opened.

At the door stood an old man with graying hair and overage armor.

When Su Xiaoxiao looked up and saw the person in front of the door, she suddenly woke up.

Under her infatuation, she actually did not notice that someone was approaching.

She was caught red-handed and now she could not stop herself.

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her eyes to look at the brush in her hand and continued to draw.

"Stop right now!"

Old Master Qi saw that he had already come in, but Su Xiaoxiao still did not stop. He was so angry that his eyes turned red.

He held his walking stick and quickly walked over. He grabbed the brush in Su Xiaoxiao's hand.

"Where did you come from? How dare you enter the study privately and touch the old man's painting!"

Old Master Qi was extremely dissatisfied with Su Xiaoxiao. He blew his beard and glared at her. "Do you know this painting? Just casually ruin other people's paintings..."

He originally wanted to scold Su Xiaoxiao for ruining his own painstaking efforts.

But when Old Master Qi's gaze landed on the painting, he was stunned.

The children who were running and joking around in the spring water, the kite that was flying high in the sky, and the butterflies that were dancing in the flowers.

All of them were talking about the vitality of spring.

Old Master Qi sat in front of this painting for an entire afternoon, but he did not know how to express his vitality.

Su Xiaoxiao's few moves could be said to be a stroke of god!

If this painting was to be auctioned off as a piece of art, it would at least cost a million.

"I'm sorry grandpa, I didn't know this was your study!"

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her head. Tears of self-blame began to flow in her eyes.

"Xiaoxiao only felt that this painting was missing something and couldn't help but want to add it. I'm sorry, grandpa..."

As she spoke, the golden beans had already fallen.

Old Master Qi was admiring that piece of art and was so excited that he couldn't help but tremble.

He saw that Su Xiaoxiao had cried out of self-blame because of his scolding and was immediately somewhat flustered.

"Little girl, don't cry! It's all my fault, I shouldn't have said that to you!"

The old man had no choice but to put down the painting. He patted Su Xiaoxiao's shoulder and softly coaxed her.

Su Xiaoxiao's acting skills exploded and golden beans flowed down uncontrollably as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Just as Old Master Qi was at a loss, Qi Jincheng's voice sounded.


This voice suddenly came in with some urgency.

"Beautiful brother, you are finally here!"

Su Xiaoxiao's lips curled up and she hugged Qi Jincheng's waist in a flash.

"Beautiful brother, Xiaoxiao just went to the bathroom and could not find her way back. She accidentally touched this grandpa's painting again..."

"Grandpa seems to be angry! But pretty big brother, Xiaoxiao didn't do it on purpose..."

She hid in Qi Jincheng's arms, her voice blaming herself made people's heart ache.

"Come out first."

Qi Jincheng held Su Xiaoxiao's arm and asked her to stand up.

She still had injuries on her hand.

Su Xiaoxiao obediently stood up, then lowered her head and hid behind Qi Jincheng.

"She is my granddaughter-in-law?"

Old Master Qi had seen the interaction just now.

This girl with great talent in painting was actually his granddaughter-in-law.

Old Master Qi's eyes were filled with surprise. He looked at Qi Jincheng with anticipation.


Qi Jincheng nodded and looked at the table.

The old man seemed to know what he meant and waved his hand.

"The painting is fine. It has nothing to do with the granddaughter-in-law! She didn't do anything wrong. I still have to thank her! "

Qi Jincheng didn't understand what his grandfather meant.

"Oh, it's so lively here?"

Before Old Master Qi could explain, a mocking voice came from outside the door.

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