CEO's Silly Girl/C3 Car Accident
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CEO's Silly Girl/C3 Car Accident
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C3 Car Accident

Qi Jincheng swallowed his original question and said plainly, "Drive over here."

The gold-rimmed glasses answered and a car quickly drove over, preparing to bring Qi Jincheng over to check on the situation.

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly got into the back row. "Xiaoxiao wants to go too!"

The gold-rimmed glasses looked at Qi Jincheng and saw him nod before starting the car.

Along the way, the trees were lush and verdant. Occasionally, there were lakes and pavilions, winding corridors, and exquisite middle-style buildings.

Su Xiaoxiao stuck to the car window and curiously admired the surrounding scenery. From time to time, she would let out a wow, and play the role of a little fool who had never seen the world.

The gold-rimmed glasses were very disdainful, but because the Eldest Young Master did not say anything, he could only shut his mouth and allow this crazy woman to be noisy.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed in her heart. It turned out that when she got off the car, she had already arrived at the Qi family!

This vast land belonged to the Qi family, and with the addition of all kinds of leading enterprises, their assets were so rich. No wonder Su Haisheng risked his life to hug her leg!

However, why did the Qi family agree to the marriage alliance with the Su family?

Even if Qi Jincheng was an unfavoured young master, he was still a genuine member of the Qi family.

Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and stared at the beautiful man who was sleeping with his eyes closed.

The man had thick and long eyelashes that looked like peach blossom eyes, casting a faint shadow on his eyelids.

Unfortunately, if it was not for the fact that he was injured and unconscious for an entire year three years ago, how could he have been taken advantage of by that bastard from the Qi family?

But now, he should be silently consuming the power in other people's hands and seizing back what belonged to him.

A vengeful wolf.

Just like her.

Su Xiaoxiao's gaze swept past his straight, slightly humpbacked nose, cherry pink lips, and finally landed on the man's fair skin.

Her heart became narrower. She leaned closer to the man and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Beautiful brother, are you Snow White?"

The man opened his eyes and swept his cold gaze over.

Su Xiaoxiao was not afraid at all and still looked at him with a silly smile.

"Mom said that only Snow White has such white skin."

"Stay away from me."

Qi Jincheng said in a deep voice.


Su Xiaoxiao sat down weakly.

For some reason, Qi Jincheng felt that she was like a dejected kitten with its ears hanging down.

He hated it when others approached, but when it came to her, he could not bring himself to hate her.

"Young master, we're here."

After saying that, he got out of the car and opened the door for Qi Jincheng.

Su Xiaoxiao followed Qi Jincheng out and saw that the scene of the car accident was very tragic.

The front of the car had been deformed from the collision and Deng Wan was struggling to squeeze out of the driver's seat.

Seeing Deng Wan's miserable condition, Su Xiaoxiao was delighted in her heart.

If it was not for the timing being wrong, she simply wanted to eat melon seeds while watching the show.

She walked to Qi Jincheng's side and boldly grabbed his hand, afraid that Deng Wan would not be able to see, and waved it at her again and again.

Then she turned to look at Qi Jincheng with a big smile on her face. "Beautiful brother, this is Xiaoxiao's aunt!"

Qi Jincheng froze. He hooked his soft and soft hand like a kitten's paw.

But no one had ever dared to hold his hand.

This was the first time.

Deng Wan's current mood was even more complicated than his.

She looked at Su Xiaoxiao, who was standing hand in hand with Qi Jincheng, and could no longer maintain her gentle appearance.

It was destroyed, everything was destroyed.

It was only a second before the car accident that she realized Su Xiaoxiao had disappeared.

And now, not only was Su Xiaoxiao not injured, she had even met Young Master Qi in advance!

Then could the matter of her being a fool still be concealed?

Would the Qi family reject the marriage alliance in a fit of anger?

How could she explain this to Su Haisheng?

Deng Wan was so angry that her heart was pounding. Her face was ashen, and her eyes looked like they were about to spit fire.

Su Xiaoxiao let go of Qi Jincheng's hand and skipped to Deng Wan's side. Ignoring her anger, she smiled and added oil to the fire, "Auntie, Xiaoxiao found a beautiful husband!"

She pulled Deng Wan's arm and shook it vigorously, "Is Xiaoxiao very powerful?"

"You, you!"

Deng Wan was dizzy from the shaking and blood flowed down her forehead.

Su Xiaoxiao seemed to have just realized that she was injured and quickly let go of her hand and cried out loudly, "Bleed! Auntie, you are bleeding!"

"Wuwu, it is all Xiaoxiao's fault..."

Deng Wan wished she could slap her to shut her mouth, this mourning star!

She was so angry that her body trembled, and her head and feet lightly fell backwards.

"Ah! Auntie!"

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly dodged, wanting to let Deng Wan's upper body land on the ground freely.

Unfortunately, she was caught by the gold-rimmed glasses midway.

"Eldest Young Master?"

Qi Jincheng glanced at Deng Wan. He had seen this woman before. She was Su Haisheng's wife.

"Take her to the hospital."

"Yes. Do you need someone to pick you up?"

"No need."

The gold-rimmed glasses brought Deng Wan into the car and left.

Qi Jincheng turned around and walked on a different path from when he came.

Su Xiaoxiao followed him closely and would choke from time to time.

"Why are you crying?"

Qi Jincheng stopped.

Su Xiaoxiao's red eyes met his. "Because Auntie is injured and has lost a lot of blood. Xiaoxiao's mother disappeared just like that..."

"Since you are worried about her, why don't you go to the hospital with her?"

" Because she is the auntie and you are Xiaoxiao's husband. " Su Xiaoxiao's eyes were sincere and serious. "Mother told Xiaoxiao that husband will always be good to Xiaoxiao. He is the only person that mother loves Xiaoxiao the most."

She lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, "It is Xiaoxiao's family."


Qi Jincheng's heart felt like it had been scratched by a feather. It was itchy. Damn it.

He lowered his voice. "Your aunt, isn't she your family?"

"No, auntie is Xiaoxiao's auntie, just like father is Xiaoxiao's father, but they are not Xiaoxiao's family." Su Xiaoxiao's tone gradually became downcast, "Xiaoxiao knows that they do not love Xiaoxiao."

Qi Jincheng frowned. She was the daughter of Su Haisheng's ex-wife?

But in Binhai, Su Haisheng claimed that Deng Wan was the only wife.

"Beautiful brother, will you love Xiaoxiao? Will you treat Xiaoxiao well?"

Qi Jincheng could not say no to those clear and expectant eyes.

He slightly turned his head and was about to deny it when his right hand was held by a soft and warm hand.

"Ever since mother left, Xiaoxiao did not have a home. But now, Xiaoxiao finally has a home! The beautiful big brother is Xiaoxiao's family!"

Her voice was mixed with sweetness, softness and expectation. It was like thick and excessive sugar, so sweet that the tip of his tongue felt bitter.

The painful memories of his childhood wrapped around him like vines, choking him until he could not breathe.

His father cheated on him during the marriage, and his mother cried day after day. He could only watch his mother slowly lose her soul and life in vain.

Ever since his mother left, he had no family or home.

He could not help but clench his hand.

"It hurts!"

Qi Jincheng came back to his senses and suddenly let go of her hand. His deep eyes stared at the woman who was crying out in pain with a frown.

Why was she able to move his heartstrings so easily?

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