CEO's Silly Girl/C4 She's a Fool?
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CEO's Silly Girl/C4 She's a Fool?
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C4 She's a Fool?

Qi Jincheng calmed down and recalled the scene after he met Su Xiaoxiao. He could clearly sense the source of the strange feeling.

Her mind was not like a mature adult, but more like a child.

Qi Jincheng asked, "How much is fifteen plus fifteen?"

Su Xiaoxiao started counting with her fingers, counting until the chaos started again. Finally, she looked at him pitifully, "Beautiful brother, Xiaoxiao doesn't know."

Qi Jincheng's face became darker and darker.

What a good Su family, to actually dare to use a silly girl to fool him!

They wanted to get benefits, but they were also unwilling to pay the price. How could there be such a good thing in the world?

Instead of saying that the Su family did not put the Qi family in their eyes, it was better to say that they did not put him, the young master of the Qi family, in their eyes.

Ever since the power in his hands had been taken over by Qi Hanyi, there were many people who admired him, but no one had ever lied to him so openly.

Dark clouds filled Qi Jincheng's eyes, and the temperature around his body dropped to the freezing point.

He wished he could rush to the front of the old man and put everything before his eyes, rejecting this ridiculous marriage.

However, he knew very well that the Su family must have taken out a bargaining chip that could satisfy the old man.

It was absolutely impossible to break off the engagement.

His marriage and his reputation were not worth mentioning in the face of the family's interests.

He had no other choice.

Su Haisheng, Su family...

Once he took back the Qi family's power, he would make the Su family pay the price!

A ruthless look flashed across Qi Jincheng's eyes as he strode forward.

Su Xiaoxiao curled her lips. Su Haisheng had calculated everything, but he never expected that he would provoke a hidden devil.

She quickly caught up to Qi Jincheng and followed behind him like a little wife.

When they finally reached the living room and saw that Qi Jincheng was about to return to his room, Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly reached out and pulled his sleeve, "Beautiful brother, Xiaoxiao is so hungry."

As she spoke, she patted her stomach with her other hand, "Her stomach is growling."

Qi Jincheng wanted to push her hand away but when he saw her pitiful eyes, he could not help but stop his movements.

Forget it, she was just a fool. Like him, she could not control herself, so why should he take his anger out on her?

Just treat her as a stray cat that he adopted!

He ordered the maid to bring the food that he had prepared.

Four dishes and a soup, emitting steaming hot steam, the fragrance hooked his nose.

As soon as Qi Jincheng sat down, Su Xiaoxiao sat beside him and grinned at him. "Beautiful brother, you are so nice. Xiaoxiao likes you the most!"

After saying that, she did not wait for him to reply. She hurriedly grabbed the steaming hot vegetables and refused to let go even if it was scalded. She directly stuffed it into her mouth, and it was so hot that she opened her mouth and breathed continuously. Her small hands fanned at the side.

Qi Jincheng had just recovered from that sentence of" I like you the most "when he was shocked by the way she used her hands to grab the dishes and wolfed them down.

He could not help but frown. "Don't eat with your hands."

Su Xiaoxiao chewed as she replied, "Then what do you use?"

"Don't talk when you have food in your mouth."

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly shut her mouth and puffed up her cheeks like a little hamster until she swallowed all the food before saying, "Xiaoxiao is the most obedient!"

Seeing her begging for praise, Qi Jincheng's heart softened, "I will teach you how to use chopsticks."

"No, no, no ~" Su Xiaoxiao shook her head like a rattle drum. She pouted her red and moist mouth and said in a sweet and soft voice, "Xiaoxiao wants to let the beautiful brother feed me."

Caught off guard and being spoiled, Qi Jincheng's expression froze and a touch of pink spread to the tip of his ear.

He coughed awkwardly, "No."

Su Xiaoxiao shouted in her heart, He is too easily shy!

Wasn't he known as a dissolute young master?

This was all he could do!

She coyly increased her firepower. "Beautiful brother, just once! Xiaoxiao will definitely learn to eat with chopsticks in the future ~"

Qi Jincheng's heart wavered.

Forget it, she was not mature enough, so he just treated it as feeding a stray cat.

He raised his solemn expression and said, "Just this one time."

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly nodded and looked at him eagerly.

Qi Jincheng took a wet towel to wipe her hands before he picked up the chopsticks to feed her.

He had never done such a thing before. His movements were rusty, like a rusty machine.

In order to cover up his embarrassment, he said, "Don't stuff the food into your mouth when it's hot."

Su Xiaoxiao nodded like a chick pecking at rice. Her watery deer eyes stared at him without blinking.

It was as if he was her whole world.

When this idea popped up in his mind, Qi Jincheng felt that the chopsticks in his hands were like a scalding iron.

His emotions became subtle.

No one had ever thought of him as such an important person, even his mother.

He then shook his head and dispelled this thought.

She was just an idiot. She would do the same to anyone who treated her well.

In her heart, he was nothing special.

After finishing all the dishes and drinking the bowl of soup in one gulp, Su Xiaoxiao wiped her mouth with her hand and let out a long breath, "Beautiful big brother, Xiaoxiao is full!"

She looked at Qi Jincheng with a silly smile and patted her stomach, "Belly, round."

Qi Jincheng saw that she ate so many things because she was hungry and could not help feeling a little heartache.

What kind of life did she live in the Su family in the past?

A fool, and he was even the child of his ex-wife. His father did not dote on his mother, but he did not love his mother. He must have suffered a lot of abuse.

Qi Jincheng slightly curled his lips and smiled at her as if he was comforting her. He used a tissue to wipe her mouth and hands gently. "Don't use your hands to wipe your mouth in the future."

Su Xiaoxiao was captivated by the smile on his lips and blurted out, "You are so beautiful."

When she first saw him in the garden, his beauty was gloomy and sickly.

At this moment, it was like a gentle breeze brushing past the lake in her heart, leaving behind some gentle ripples.

When he fell in love with someone, what kind of beauty would he have?

Su Xiaoxiao's heart itched.

However, they still had a long time to spend with each other, so they could slowly dig it out.

She yawned and changed the topic. "Xiaoxiao is tired."

Then she walked to the sofa very naturally and laid down.

"Beautiful brother, Xiaoxiao is sleeping!"

After saying that, she closed her eyes.

Qi Jincheng was stunned.

Did she always sleep on the sofa in Su family?

His eyes unconsciously focused on her.

Her sleeping face was very quiet. Her curly eyelashes trembled along with her shallow breathing. The tip of her nose was slightly wrinkled, and there was even a light brown mole on it. It was very cute.

It made him want to pinch her nose and watch her wake up from her sleep. When he saw her open her dazed and wet eyes that were suffused with the feeling of awakening, her crimson red cherry lips would slightly open, and she would spit out a soft "Beautiful Big Brother."


Qi Jincheng suddenly withdrew his gaze. What was he thinking just now?!

She did have a face that was blessed by the heavens and she relied on him a lot. She was indeed the first person who disturbed his mind, but...

She was an immature fool, and he could not just randomly think like this.

She was a homeless stray cat, and he had temporarily adopted her. That was all.

Qi Jincheng took a deep breath, took out his phone, and sent a message to Bai Han.

"Have you found any information about Su Xiaoxiao?"

"I can only find out that she is Su Haisheng's daughter. I can't find anything else. Her information has been deliberately hidden."

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