CEO's Silly Girl/C5 I Don't Know Who's Going to Die!
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CEO's Silly Girl/C5 I Don't Know Who's Going to Die!
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C5 I Don't Know Who's Going to Die!

Bai Han felt helpless. He initially thought that it would be such a simple matter, but Qi Jincheng actually asked him to do it. This was really a drop in the price!

He did not expect that he would encounter the first time in his hacking career.

Even if he modestly said it, he was also a famous big shot in the hacking world. The number of people who were stronger than him could be counted on one hand.

Su family was just a small family that couldn't be ranked in Binhai. A daughter who wasn't favoured was actually able to startle the top experts in the hacking world.

If there was no secret in this, Bai Han would never believe it.

Qi Jincheng had the same thought as him.

He did not expect that Su Xiaoxiao's information would be deliberately hidden. The identity of the hidden person was not small.

According to his observation, Su Xiaoxiao was indeed a fool. There would not be any problem with this.

Then what kind of secret was hidden on her?

Was she really Su Haisheng's daughter?

Qi Jincheng thought of the mother Su Xiaoxiao mentioned. Previously, he subconsciously thought Su Xiaoxiao was the daughter of Su Haisheng's ex-wife. Now that he thought about it, could it be that she was his illegitimate daughter?

He reminded Bai Han, "Investigate if Su Haisheng has an ex-wife, or if he had other women. Maybe there will be clues. Regarding Su Xiaoxiao's information, think of another way."

Bai Han agreed, "Okay, I will give you the results tonight."

In fact, Qi Jincheng did not ask for it. He would continue to crack Su Xiaoxiao's information.

To him, this was a long-awaited challenge that made his blood boil.

At the same time, in the city center hospital.

Deng Wan was pushed out of the emergency room. Other than the severe concussion and many abrasions on her body, her life was not in danger.

Along the way, she followed Deng Wan to the ward. Su Miaomiao and the other nurses left and slammed the door heavily with a bang.

Deng Wan's head was shaken until it hurt. She sighed, "Miaomiao, mother's head is injured. Close the door slightly."

"Mom!" Su Miaomiao sat on the chair beside the bed and pouted as she shouted.

She said angrily, "It is all that fool's fault. She must have done it on purpose. Mom, is she pretending to be stupid? Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence?"

" Lower your voice. " Deng Wan rubbed her head and said softly," She is not playing dumb. She is a genuine fool. "

"No!" Su Miaomiao stood up and kicked the chair away. "No matter if she is really stupid or fake, I will find her to settle the score!"

She shouted loudly, "Why are you injured and she is still intact?"

The veins on Deng Wan's forehead jumped and she said in a deep voice, "Shut up."

Su Miaomiao had an expression of disbelief and grievance, "Mom, you are shouting at me? Didn't I do it all for you?"

Deng Wan's heart was in a mess and she wished she could kick her out of the ward.

Unfortunately, it was her own daughter, so she could only silently swallow this bitter water.

She restrained her anger and pulled Su Miaomiao's hand to let her sit beside the bed.

"Miaomiao, mother knows that you are doing this for mother, but you cannot go. Letting that fool go over is to replace you. If you go over now, wouldn't everything be over?"

Su Miaomiao suddenly understood and nodded her head heavily.

"Don't worry. The most important thing right now is to stabilize the Qi family." Deng Wan's face darkened, "Before I fainted, I saw Su Xiaoxiao and Young Master Qi standing together. I don't know if Young Master Qi already knew that she was an idiot. If he knew... "

Su Miaomiao interrupted her without a care, "Mom, even if he knew, it doesn't matter. At most, Su Xiaoxiao would just die. The young master of Qi family only had a face that he could see, and what he wanted was nothing. Old Master Qi has already agreed, how can he overturn the heavens?"

" If you want me to say it, you all think too highly of that Young Master Qi. " Su Miaomiao's expression gradually became excited." Compared to him, Qi Hanyi is the person we should value. He is more capable than Qi Jincheng, and he is clean and self-disciplined. He never goes to places like chaos."

Su Miaomiao happily imagined, "When I marry him, I will become the mistress of Qi family. Young Master Qi, Su Xiaoxiao, all of you, get lost!"

Deng Wan was not as naive as she thought. Qi Hanyi being able to climb from a nameless illegitimate child to his current position, he must be a ruthless character.

But men were most afraid of being gentle and petty.

His heart was tied, and the Hundred Refined Steel easily turned into a gentle circle around his fingers.

If Miaomiao wanted to do as she wished, it would be difficult, but also not difficult.

As long as she knew Qi Hanyi's temperament, she would follow his wishes and knead him. Why would she worry that she would not be able to do as she wished?

As for now, the most important thing was to get through the difficult situation in front of her and let Su Xiaoxiao successfully marry Young Master Qi on his behalf.

But Miaomiao was right. Whether Young Master Qi was willing or not, it could not stir up any waves.

Deng Wan's head finally did not hurt that much. She smiled and pinched Su Miaomiao's cheek, "Indeed. Everything is still under our control. Today was just an accident. When we meet again, mother will definitely make Su Xiaoxiao listen obediently. "

" It's just a fool. Mom, aren't you able to capture him easily? " Su Miaomiao teased.

The atmosphere in the ward was warm, and the mother and daughter were happy and harmonious.

The two of them never would have thought that their plan would be heard by Su Xiaoxiao.

On the way to the Qi family, Su Xiaoxiao installed a miniature eavesdropper on Deng Wan's body.

She turned over on the sofa and continued to sleep facing the inside.

Dream on, these four words could not be more appropriate to describe the mother and daughter pair.

Putting aside the fact that Qi Jincheng, who appeared to be a lascivious young master, was a ruthless character who would seek revenge at any cost, they were already in his notebook of holding grudges.

Just talking about Qi Hanyi, the best target they had mentioned was actually a real pervert.

Su Xiaoxiao's mind could not help but recall the information she had found, and her body trembled.

Whether it was her sending herself to death or Su Miaomiao sending herself to death, it was still uncertain!

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