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CEO's Silly Girl/C6 Are You Angry?
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C6 Are You Angry?

Deng Wan got off the bed and wanted to walk out.

The nurse quickly stopped her. "You can't walk around freely in your current condition. Otherwise, it will affect your wound. It will be troublesome if you get infected!"

"Mom, where are you going?"

Su Miaomiao also quickly followed and stopped Deng Wan.

"That wretched girl is still by Qi Jincheng's side. If the Qi family finds out, it will all be over!"

Deng Wan shook off the nurse's hand and urgently said, "I have to go and bring her back."

"Ah!" Su Miaomiao suddenly understood and immediately nodded her head and said, "That wretched girl is indeed a disaster! The car going out of control for no reason might also be because she was infected by her bad luck!"

Deng Wan naturally knew why the car went out of control but it was not convenient to say it out loud so she could only eat without saying anything. She wanted to quickly bring Su Xiaoxiao back so as to relieve the hatred in her heart!

" I have nothing else to do now. Go home and wait for me. "

Deng Wan's face was pale and her lips were also bloodless.

Su Miaomiao frowned slightly and chose to turn a blind eye in front of the big picture. She nodded and said, "Mom, go quickly! Bring him back and teach him a lesson."

Deng Wan nodded and got into the taxi with Su Miaomiao's help.

Little did she know that their words and whereabouts were transmitted into Su Xiaoxiao's ears through the micromonitoring device on her body.

Now, she was sitting in the hall of Qi family's villa with an invisible listening device.

Since Deng Wan was already on the way, he couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and looked around. She looked at the neat furniture and the neatly arranged decorations. The painting rack on the balcony caught her attention and a smile appeared on her lips.

Very quickly, there was a sound of ping-pong in the villa.

When Qi Jincheng heard the sound and walked in, Su Xiaoxiao was kneeling on the side of the tea table. One hand was holding a brush and the other hand was wiping her face.

There were already two lines on her face, one red and one green, but now there was another, like a little cat.

"What's going on?"

Qi Jincheng could not get angry when he saw her like this. He walked quickly and was ready to pull her up from the ground.

Su Xiaoxiao immediately showed a frightened look. Her body could not help but tremble. She hid in a corner and kept muttering.

"Don't hit Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao, listen to me. Don't hit Xiaoxiao..."

Qi Jincheng narrowed his eyes and his deep eyes revealed a cold look.

The little girl's trembling appearance was in stark contrast to her lively and cute appearance from before. It also heavily struck his heart.

She had actually been hit before!

"Don't be afraid. No one here dares to hit you."

Qi Jincheng walked towards Su Xiaoxiao and said, "Come out."

Perhaps it was Su Xiaoxiao's current delicate appearance that made his words soften the moment he opened his mouth.

"Beautiful brother did not hit Xiaoxiao?"

Su Xiaoxiao subconsciously looked at the coffee table. Although her actions were obscure, Qi Jincheng saw it.

Because of her brain, her mind was only about five years old. It was inevitable that she would do childish things, which would make people more frustrated. In addition to her identity as not being favoured, she should have suffered a lot of abuse in the Su family.

After thinking this through, Qi Jincheng's movements became much gentler. He pulled Su Xiaoxiao up from the ground.

He then patiently wiped the stains on her knees.

"I won't hit her."

This could be considered as answering her question just now.

Su Xiaoxiao hid the smile of success in the depths of her eyes and squeezed out her tears. Slowly, she moved into Qi Jincheng's arms and cried pitifully, "That beautiful brother protects Xiaoxiao! Don't leave Xiaoxiao!"

A person slid into her arms. Qi Jincheng was clearly stunned for a moment. After a long time, he put his hands on Su Xiaoxiao's back that had nowhere to place, "En," but he did not hear any joy or anger.

He felt that the person in his arms was gradually calming down. Qi Jincheng put her aside and Su Xiaoxiao touched the drawing board and started painting.

She really looked like a child. She forgot why she was crying in the next second.

Su Xiaoxiao quietly drew by the side. She grabbed the brush in the middle and her expression was serious. Qi Jincheng looked at her a few times and could not shift his gaze away. He simply stayed by her side.


Su Xiaoxiao very quickly completed a big piece that made people not know whether to laugh or cry. She raised it up for the people behind to see.

Qi Jincheng put down the document in his hand and looked at the abstract scribbles. He frowned and asked, "What is this?"

That painting was very abstract. Only two black matchmakers were more obvious. The first one was tall and long. It was true that apart from the neck, it was also a leg.

"This is a pretty big brother!" Su Xiaoxiao blinked and explained seriously, "Beautiful big brother's legs are very long!"

Qi Jincheng felt helpless in his heart, but when he saw her smiling brightly, he could not bear to hurt her.

He turned his eyes and pointed to the side, "What is this?"

"This is Xiaoxiao! Xiaoxiao and the beautiful brother are family." Su Xiaoxiao smiled with curved eyes and said naturally, "The beautiful big brother protects Xiaoxiao and Xiaoxiao also protects the beautiful big brother."

Xiaoxiao also protects the pretty big brother.

Qi Jincheng chewed on these words and the corner of his mouth slightly raised to an unnoticeable arc.

He did not answer, but spread the blanket on the ground and let Su Xiaoxiao sit on it. He also sat on the side and drew with her.

The butler hurriedly walked into the door. Seeing the scene in front of him, he could not help but be shocked.

Young Master was painting with that silly girl?

"What is it?"

Seeing Qi Dong stunned by the door, Qi Jincheng asked.

Maybe he was in a good mood, but his voice was not cold and hard. Xiaoxiao looked up at him strangely, then lowered her head and continued to draw.

"Young master, Miss Su's mother is here!"

Qi Dong immediately withdrew his gaze and answered respectfully.

Qi Jincheng guessed Deng Wan's intentions and nodded, indicating that he should bring her in.

Su Wanwan heard the conversation between the two and stared at Qi Jincheng's side profile.

"Haha, Big Flower Cat!"

Suddenly, she touched the paint on Qi Jincheng's face and laughed without restraint.

This scene happened to be seen by Deng Wan and her legs almost went limp. She immediately stepped forward and scolded angrily, "Su Xiaoxiao, you are simply lawless and lawless. How can you..."

Before she finished speaking, she saw Qi Jincheng's long and slender hands tapping on the painting book.

"Continue painting."

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and started to draw obediently.

Qi Jincheng took the handkerchief from the butler and wiped the paint off his face. He ignored Deng Wan's existence.

Deng Wan's body was weak. She stood in the living room of Qi family and felt dizzy.

But she carefully observed Qi Jincheng and found that he was very tolerant of that silly girl. He did not care even if the paint dirtied his clothes.

He must have taken a fancy to Su Xiaoxiao's face.

Deng Wan thought of the rumors about Qi Jincheng and was certain of this in her heart.

He had a lot of personal relationships with many young models and celebrities, so Qi Jincheng did not care if his brain was healthy or not.

It was just that he realized there was something wrong with Su Xiaoxiao's brain. Would she still be willing to marry him?

Deng Wan was not sure what to do.

"What is it?"

Seeing Deng Wan standing in front of him without saying anything, Qi Jincheng reminded her.

Deng Wan had been ignored by Qi Jincheng, and there was anger in her heart. But she did not dare to flare up in front of him, so she could only smile and say, "Young Master Qi, actually I came this time to bring Xiaoxiao home first. After all, the wedding hasn't been held yet. It's not good to disturb you here!"

It was not easy to clean up here. He would definitely teach Su Xiaoxiao a lesson when he brought her home!

When he returned to get the shares, he would send her back. Anyway, this fool wouldn't dare to say anything.

"Beautiful brother, I don't want to leave."

When she heard Deng Wan's words, Su Xiaoxiao immediately pulled his sleeve and looked at him pitifully with her big eyes that even carried a bit of fear.

"In my opinion, there is nothing bad about it."

Qi Jincheng's thin lips parted slightly as he sized Su Xiaoxiao up and down.

"The wedding day has not been decided yet. Xiaoxiao and you are still..."

"The one who brought her here is you. Now, the one who wants to take her away is also you. Don't tell me that after marrying a daughter, your Su family will be able to tell us what to do in the territory of the Qi family?"

Qi Jincheng's eyelashes slightly drooped, and a cold and ruthless aura instantly erupted.

"Young Master Qi, you have misunderstood me. I really didn't mean that. I just wanted to..."

Deng Wan hurriedly explained when she saw Qi Jincheng getting angry, but Qi Jincheng was not interested in listening. He waved his hand to send the guest away, "Chase him out."

The butler asked someone to drag Deng Wan out. Qi Jincheng looked up, "In the future, without my orders, the people of Su family are not allowed to step in!"

"Yes, Eldest Young Master!"

The butler hurriedly nodded his head and replied respectfully.

After that, he silently retreated.

When everyone had disappeared, Su Xiaoxiao pulled Qi Jincheng's sleeve and pretended to be cautious and curious. She asked tentatively, "Beautiful brother, are you angry?"


Qi Jincheng shook his head and raised his chin, indicating, "Continue painting."

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