CEO's Silly Girl/C7 The Qi Family Feast
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CEO's Silly Girl/C7 The Qi Family Feast
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C7 The Qi Family Feast

"All right!"

Su Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and continued to climb onto the coffee table to work.

Where Qi Jincheng could not see, Su Xiaoxiao could not hide the smile in her eyes anymore.

This young master of Qi family was completely different from the rumors in the outside world!

When Su Xiaoxiao put on a show for him to see, he squatted down and gently comforted her.

After that, when he chased Deng Wan away, he was also very domineering. Even Su Xiaoxiao could not help but be moved.

Such a good man really could not see the slightest trace of a dissolute young master's aura.

Qi Jincheng didn't know what the girl in front of him was thinking. He just stared at her back.

Although she was a bit silly, she was cute. Especially the way she had crawled into his arms and begged for protection just now, he really didn't want to let go.

"I have been holding you. We will never separate!"

Su Xiaoxiao's words flashed in Qi Jincheng's mind again. The corners of his eyes were no longer cold and hard, and there was a warmth in his eyes.

If there were people who were familiar with Qi Jincheng standing by the side at this moment, they would definitely be so shocked that their eyeballs would pop out.

There was no other reason. Qi Jincheng's coffin face seemed to be born with no changes. Even the smallest change today could be considered as a miracle.

Su Xiaoxiao did not look at Qi Jincheng. Naturally, she could not catch the change in the man at this moment, and she also did not know how difficult it was for a man to have such a change.


Deng Wan was thrown out of Qi Jincheng's private villa, and her face turned green with anger. She did not even go back to the hospital and went straight back to the Su family.

The servants in the house consciously avoided her. They did not want to provoke bad luck, but they were all in the same villa. They could not escape no matter what.

Not long after, someone was caught by Deng Wan. She scolded them in a melodramatic way and their loud voices could be heard upstairs.

Su Miaomiao quickly walked down, "Mom, you came back so soon?"

She looked behind Deng Wan and after searching for a long time, she did not see anyone. She could not help but ask curiously, "Where is that fool?"

Deng Wan snorted coldly and sat on the sofa. She said eccentrically, "I have a backer now. Young Master Qi is not willing to let him go!"

"What?" Su Miaomiao could not help but be surprised, "Even you can't bring him back?"

Deng Wan did not answer. Clearly, she was very angry. The anger and humiliation she suffered in Qi Jincheng's villa was more than what she had suffered in the past half of her life.

Su Miaomiao seemed to have seen that her mother was unhappy. She sat over and comforted, "It's fine, Mom. You can't get through here. When the time comes, let Dad go. I don't believe that that abnormal person from the Qi family will not give face to Dad!"

"I don't think so."

Deng Wan shook her head and denied it.

Su Miaomiao was still too inexperienced in the world. She had seen too many things on the surface. The gap between the Qi family and the Su family was too great. It was enough to give them face by being willing to marry.

But this was the face given by the Qi family, not Qi Jincheng.

That master was the king of hell who would lose face no matter who he was.

"Then what should we do? Should we just let that fool run to the Qi family? What if he disturbs our plan? "

Su Miaomiao did not have any ideas. She would only worry and force Deng Wan to think of a way.

Deng Wan had a headache and did not want to talk to her. She was afraid that it would hurt her daughter's heart and could only frown and think hard.

Just as the two of them were worrying, a maid came in with a dress.

Su Miaomiao saw the dress and even forgot about Qi Jincheng's matter. She immediately got up and walked over.

Deng Wan's gaze also shifted over. Su Miaomiao had already unfolded the dress. It was a dress with a very good style. It was pure white and it was obvious that it was a brand new style.

"This dress is not bad!" Deng Wan could not help but praise.

"Right? This is the dress that my daughter is going to wear next week to see Old Master Qi in Qi family's old residence!"

Su Miaomiao compared the dress to her body with a smile on her face.

"What did you say? "

Deng Wan's attention was no longer on the skirt.

"I said, this is the skirt that I am wearing on Old Master Qi's side! What is it?"

Su Miaomiao did not understand why her mother had such a big reaction.

Deng Wan suddenly laughed, "This is a good idea!"

"Ah?" Su Miaomiao still did not understand.

Deng Wan directly smiled and said, "You are just in time. When you see Old Master Qi, beg him to let Su Xiaoxiao go home."

Qi Jincheng did not give face to anyone, but in the Qi family, he was nothing.

The only reason he could still have all of this was because of Old Master Qi.

If the old man had spoken, he wouldn't dare disobey him.

As long as they could take Old Master Qi down, they wouldn't have to worry about Qi Jincheng disobeying them!

Deng Wan had already said so much, how could Su Miaomiao not understand? She could not help but praise, "Mommy is still the best!"

Deng Wan was very pleased and took the initiative to ask Su Miaomiao to go upstairs to try her clothes for her to see.

Qi family was a traditional Chinese family and there were old people who liked to be lively at home, so every month they would gather at a family gathering.

In the past, the family gathering was always full. In the recent few years, the old man had more and more authority and the younger generation in the family had also grown up. They spread out from all over the world and slowly, they could not gather many people.

However, Old Master Qi still insisted on this habit. As long as they were by his side, they would go back to accompany him.

Next weekend, it was the monthly family gathering day. Old Master Qi got someone to call Qi Jincheng in advance.

"I'm not going."

Qi Jincheng had no reason to. He hung up the phone.

The butler of Qi family's old residence looked at Old Master Qi with a bitter face.

"Let me call!"

Old Master Qi's face turned cold. He took the phone and dialed the number.

Before Qi Jincheng could hang up, Su Xiaoxiao jumped out from behind him and accidentally pressed the answer button.

Old Master Qi's voice came from the phone. It was old but dignified.

Su Xiaoxiao immediately sat on the side and did not move. She pretended to be very obedient.

Qi Jincheng picked up the phone helplessly. The old man's tone was not good, but there was only one important point - he hoped that he would go back and take a look and bring his granddaughter-in-law back.

"You are quite well-informed."

Qi Jincheng raised his hand and stroked the hair of the little person beside him as he spoke in a light voice.

"Qi Dong already told me. Are you still planning to hide it from me?"

The person Old Master Qi was talking about was Qi Jincheng's current butler. "Quickly bring him back for me to see!"

The person was the old man's, but he was very loyal to Qi Jincheng. He was not allowed to say anything. Qi Dong's mouth was very tight, so he was kept by his side.

Qi Jincheng's finger paused for a moment, and then it was quickly withdrawn. He still refused.

"Grandfather, she recognizes strangers. Let's forget about this matter!"

"Stinking brat, don't talk nonsense with me. Next weekend, when I can't see anyone, I'll personally go to your place to see if you can carry her away overnight!"

Old Master Qi's last sentence was shouted with anger, and Su Xiaoxiao also heard it.

After hanging up the phone, Qi Jincheng frowned and was speechless. Just as he was vexed, his palms were suddenly wrapped by two soft little hands.

He raised his eyes and Su Xiaoxiao was blinking her big watery eyes at him. She tilted her head and said with a smile, "Is that person the grandfather of the beautiful big brother? That is also Xiaoxiao's grandfather! He won't give birth. The beautiful big brother will bring me there, okay?"

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