CEO's Silly Girl/C8 I'll Take You out to Play
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CEO's Silly Girl/C8 I'll Take You out to Play
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C8 I'll Take You out to Play


Qi Jincheng was a little surprised. He did not expect Su Xiaoxiao to take the initiative to see her father.

Su Xiaoxiao held Qi Jincheng's big hand like she was holding some fun toy. She was still smiling foolishly.

"No, there are many bad people outside. Xiaoxiao will be bullied if she goes out."

Qi Jincheng thought about it and shook his head. He used a comforting tone to comfort Su Xiaoxiao.

This was a silly girl. The old man did not know about her. If he brought her there, there might be some accident.

Especially the current Qi family. He wasn't as powerful as before, and no one would take care of this silly girl for his sake.

Qi Jincheng was still worried about Su Xiaoxiao. She was only a five-year-old child. If she entered that wolf's den, she would only end up being eaten by others, and she would still smile and thank them.

"I'm not afraid! The beautiful big brother will protect Xiaoxiao!"

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and replied with a serious face.

She did not know how piercing her silly and serious look was.

After saying that, she felt a little uneasy and went into Qi Jincheng's arms. She rubbed hard and asked, "Beautiful brother, you said you would protect Xiaoxiao. Right? "

She must go to Qi family's old residence. Su Xiaoxiao already knew Deng Wan's next step in her plan, although she was not afraid of the Su family.

But since Su Miaomiao wanted to start with Old Master Qi, she had to cut off this possibility first and anger that old vixen Deng Wan to death.

Now, the only chance to get in touch with Old Master Qi was the family feast of the Qi family. Thus, she could only work with Qi Jincheng.

Qi Jincheng stared at Su Xiaoxiao for a while. The clear eyes of the person in front of him carried a strong sense of hope, which made him unconsciously nod his head.

However, nodding did not mean that he agreed.

Su Xiaoxiao's situation was very unstable. She did not know when the crazy smashing of things a few days ago would happen again.

Qi Jincheng was currently in hibernation and did not want to attract too much attention. He also did not want to deal with the problems that could be avoided.

"Beautiful brother, I will listen to you. I will only listen to you. I will not cause trouble!"

Su Xiaoxiao saw that Qi Jincheng was indifferent and launched another attack. She shook his arm crazily and said coquettishly, "Beautiful husband, take Xiaoxiao out with you! Xiaoxiao wants to go out and take a look!"

This was an excuse that would not be suspected. She had been in Qi family for a while and had never gone out.

As expected, Qi Jincheng's face softened when he heard this.

However, he didn't agree immediately, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Su Xiaoxiao had some confidence in her heart but she still added some firewood. She deliberately pretended that her wish was not fulfilled and looked disappointed. She sat to the side and muttered softly, "It's okay. Xiaoxiao does not want to go out to play at all!"

As she spoke, she also picked up the new painting brush that Qi Jincheng had bought on the coffee table and hugged the box of painting brush tightly as if to comfort him.

Qi Jincheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. He did not say that he would not take her out. Looking at her appearance, it seemed that she was starting to heal herself.

In the end, he still could not resist the guilt he felt when he saw Su Xiaoxiao's disappointed appearance. He said, "Don't play that anymore. Come with me, girl!"

"Where are you going? Are we not going to draw anymore?"

Su Xiaoxiao pretended to panic.

"Don't you want to go out and play?"

Qi Jincheng stopped and turned around to look at Su Xiaoxiao. He raised his eyebrows and asked.

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment before she reacted. An excited smile quickly spread across her face. She asked excitedly and anxiously, "Do we really want to go out and play? Are we going to play with the grandfather of the beautiful big brother now?"

"We are going on the weekend."

Qi Jincheng continued to pull people out of the villa.

"Where are we going now?"

Su Xiaoxiao hugged the man's arm, her face full of curiosity.

"I'll take you to eat something delicious."

Qi Jincheng unconsciously raised his hand and gently scratched Su Xiaoxiao's nose, replying.


Su Xiaoxiao immediately reacted happily when she heard there was delicious food. She hugged Qi Jincheng's arm and said, "There's delicious food. Beautiful brother, you are the best! Xiaoxiao really likes you!"

Qi Jincheng's lips curled into an unnoticeable smile, but Su Xiaoxiao, who was the closest to him, caught it.

As expected, such words and actions could easily please him!

The moment Su Xiaoxiao lowered her gaze, a curious look flashed across the bottom of her eyes.

She was indeed very curious, curious about what this man in front of her had experienced and what he lacked.

Why was it that such ordinary words and actions could please him?

It was rumored that Qi Jincheng was violent and outgoing, dissolute and inept at the same time.

As the legitimate bloodline of the Qi family, he couldn't even defeat an illegitimate child.

However, according to the information Su Xiaoxiao had gathered, Qi Jincheng was not such a person.

He was a dormant tiger, a hidden poisonous snake. All the humiliation he endured was for the sake of his future rise.

Such a person was the most terrifying and the most powerful. No one could match him!

Similarly, there would never be a lack of like-minded people around them.

Who would dare to be inferior to his intentions?

It was precisely because of this that they should not be so easily coaxed.

Why was Qi Jincheng different?

Su Xiaoxiao temporarily could not think of the reason. She decided to play dumb and increase the investigation strength when there was a chance.

The man with gold-rimmed glasses was also Qi Jincheng's right-hand man - Hsing Li.

This time, he was the driver.

The car stopped at the entrance of a high-end restaurant. Hsing Li opened the door for Qi Jincheng and drove for Su Xiaoxiao.

The two of them stood at the entrance of the restaurant. Qi Jincheng was about to bring people in when he found Su Xiaoxiao staring unblinkingly at the hamburger store next door.

Qi Jincheng saw that the manager had already walked to the door and waved his hand. He was a regular customer, so the manager understood and immediately retreated.

Hsing Li also tactfully retreated into the car and drove the car to the parking lot.

"Let's go eat hamburgers."

Qi Jincheng did not plan to delay and directly led his people to change directions.


Su Xiaoxiao didn't know why Qi Jincheng suddenly changed direction to the hamburger shop, but she responded subconsciously.

She was tripped by her memory just now.

When her mother was still alive, the family was not rich, and she only brought her to eat once in a while.

There were too many people in the burger shop, and the queue almost went outside.

Qi Jincheng was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would be squeezed, so he left her in the children's area outside to wait for him.

Su Xiaoxiao was naturally happy to be idle. She sat on the beach in the children's area and waited to eat.

"Go away, you are not allowed to sit in my territory. Go away quickly! You stinky woman!"

Just as Su Xiaoxiao sat down, she heard a scolding sound from behind her that had not taken off her milk. Her arm was also hit by a toy shovel.

"You child..."

Su Xiaoxiao frowned and just wanted to ask why that child hit people.

A fat woman immediately rushed out from the side and pushed her away. She picked up the child with a heartache and coaxed, "My baby, are you alright? Are you hurt?"

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