CEO's Silly Girl/C9 If I Come They Won't be Able to Escape
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CEO's Silly Girl/C9 If I Come They Won't be Able to Escape
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C9 If I Come They Won't be Able to Escape

"Boohoo, Mom, that bad woman, she hit me. Mom, go beat her to death! Wuwu... "

The culprit originally did not have any sh * t matters. Seeing that his backer came, he directly squeezed out tears and pointed at Su Xiaoxiao to complain first.

..." "

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned when she saw this. She had never seen such a child who could distort right and wrong!

"Okay, okay. Mommy will help you beat her to death. Baby, don't cry! Mommy will go and take revenge for you now!"

The fat woman had no idea what the truth was.

When she heard her son's words, she turned around with a fierce expression and wanted to settle the score with Su Xiaoxiao.

"It was you who hit my son?"

The fat woman brought the child to Su Xiaoxiao and asked with widened eyes.

Su Xiaoxiao was angry in her heart and wanted to stand up and argue.

But thinking of her current identity as a fool, her eyes rolled and she just sat on the ground and did not move.

Her skin was very delicate and fragile, just a little touch and it would turn red.

Just now, she had been touched by a shovel by the child and fell to the ground. This time, her skin had been scratched and blood was flowing out.

Not far away, Qi Jincheng, who had finished buying the hamburger, was walking over.

Su Xiaoxiao did not plan to deal with this matter by herself. She directly hugged her wound and began to sob.

"You b * tch, you hit my son and you still cry? What face do you have to cry!"

The fat woman seemed to be angered by Su Xiaoxiao's appearance. She looked around and found the shovel from before and handed it to the child.

"Son, where did she hit you? Go and call her back! Mommy is here. Don't be afraid!"

The child quickly took the shovel and nodded heavily before walking towards Su Xiaoxiao.

The commotion here was not small and very soon, it attracted the attention of a group of people.

Su Xiaoxiao, the fat woman, and his child were surrounded in the middle.

Qi Jincheng also saw it and had a premonition that something was wrong. He quickened his pace.

It was September now, and the autumn air was fresh and refreshing. The cold air around the man made people shiver.

Sensing Qi Jincheng's presence, the surrounding crowd quickly made way for him, not daring to touch his brows.

The child was holding a toy shovel and preparing to hit Su Xiaoxiao.

The silly girl was hugging her injured arm and eating the golden beans.

The blood on Su Xiaoxiao's arm was bright red, but in Qi Jincheng's eyes, it was as if a switch had suddenly been turned on.

His aura became even more sinister. He took three steps forward and lifted the child up.

"Oh wow, mom, I'm afraid of mom..."

The child who was lifted in the air immediately lost his composure and cried.

The fat woman did not expect the man who suddenly appeared to directly mention her son.

"Put him down, quickly put my son down!"

The fat woman wanted to get closer, but she was afraid that Qi Jincheng would suddenly let go, so she could only stand by the side and threaten him.

"Do you know who we are? If you touch my son today, I will make you suffer!"


Qi Jincheng found it interesting. He wanted to throw the ignorant child out.

He changed his mind after the fat woman said it.

"How do you want me to bear the consequences?"

The child was lifted up and put down by Qi Jincheng. He was so scared that he could not say a word.

The fat woman rolled her eyes angrily and almost fainted.

"My husband is the right-hand man of the president of Qi's. Do you know about Qi's? That is not an existence that a gigolo like you can offend!"

Hsing Li squeezed in from the crowd and broke out in a cold sweat.

He had followed Qi Jincheng for quite some time and naturally knew that his master was angry now.

Su Xiaoxiao was still sitting on the ground and there was blood on her arm. Hsing Li felt that it was even more difficult to handle.

"Young master, it was my negligence. Please punish me!"

Hsing Li quickly walked forward and lowered his head to ask for punishment. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

"We'll talk about your matter when we get back."

Qi Jincheng only glanced at Hsing Li and threw the child to him.

"Yes, young master!"

Hsing Li did not dare to say anything and immediately lifted the child up.

Qi Jincheng ignored the fat woman and bent down to support the sobbing little person on the ground.

Su Xiaoxiao used his strength to stand up and pointed at the wound on her arm. Her eyes were moist and her voice was aggrieved.

"Beautiful brother, Xiaoxiao is in pain! They hit Xiaoxiao!"

"Oh, so you are still a fool! No wonder you are so uncultured. You can even hit a child!"

Before Qi Jincheng could open his mouth, the fat woman seemed to have found an opportunity to vent her anger. She immediately took advantage of the opportunity and mocked him.

"Xiaoxiao is not a fool and has never hit him. It was he who kept hitting me. Beautiful brother, you have to believe in Xiaoxiao!"

The moisture in Su Xiaoxiao's eyes became heavier and heavier. Her voice was filled with stubbornness and anxiety. She felt wronged and had tears in her eyes.

It was as if she was really anxious to explain this matter clearly.

"Okay, I believe you."

Qi Jincheng nodded his head lightly.

He turned around, and a malicious aura immediately appeared on his body. His voice was so cold that it pierced the bone, "Hsing Li."

"Yes, young master!"

Without needing Qi Jincheng to say anything, Hsing Li went forward and slapped the fat woman to the ground.

"You dare hit me?! You know who my husband is..."

"Pa! Pa!"

Another two crisp slapping sounds rang out. The woman's already fat face was now swollen like a pig's head.

Su Xiaoxiao coldly snorted in her heart. This kind of person should really be taught a lesson.

"Go to the hospital."

Qi Jincheng did not care about the fat woman. Instead, he supported Su Xiaoxiao and prepared to take her people away.

Su Xiaoxiao immediately entered her role. She shrank her head and nodded. She carefully looked towards the fat woman with eyes full of fear.

This was indeed in line with her current weak and timid image.

"Move aside, move aside!"

The person who was about to go to the hospital had yet to walk out of the crowd when he heard a voice full of energy and panic.

Qi Jincheng stopped where he was and smiled.

Su Xiaoxiao saw the deep ridicule in his eyes and could not help but follow his gaze.

The middle-aged man who suddenly rushed in had a straight suit and walked straight towards the fat woman.

"Chunhua, are you alright?"

The man helped the fat woman up and asked with concern.

"Wuwu, Hubby, you're finally here. If you don't come, my son and I will be beaten to death!"

Seeing the man, the fat woman was considered to have found her savior.

Even though her face was swollen from the beating, she still struggled to get up from the ground and quickly found Qi Jincheng and Su Xiaoxiao.

"Hubby, that woman hit our son. I just wanted her to apologize, but that man rushed out and hit me again!"

"Hubby, you have to teach them a lesson. Otherwise, I won't have the face to live anymore!"

The fat woman's crying irritated the man, but he still coaxed her. "Don't worry. They won't be able to escape if I come!"

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