Lin Suye didn't say anything, but her eyes gradually turned red.

Lin Heqian was a bit shocked. Lin Suye's personality was very strong. Even though he was her brother, he had never seen her so angry before.

He found some tissues from his luggage and gave them to her. "What's the matter? Why are you crying?"

However, Lin Suye suddenly walked over and hugged him. She said with a lot of force, "Bro."

"Hmm?" Lin Heqian subconsciously responded, "I'm here."

Lin Suye buried her face in his chest. "You can go back to America after his birthday."

Lin Heqian didn't understand, "Isn't it good for me to come back and accompany you?"

"All right," she said, "but I'd rather you were alive."

Lin Heqian naturally wouldn't go back and even insulted Lin Suye, saying what was on her mind.

With regards to Lin Heqian, Lin Suye was afraid that he would be worried about her after she told him about her, so she decided to keep it a secret.

Lin Heqian's opinion was very strong. Seeing that she couldn't persuade him, Lin Suye didn't try to persuade him anymore.

However, those from the Xu Family … She had to keep an eye on them more closely. She absolutely couldn't let them have the chance to commit murder.


In the evening, he was supposed to accompany Lin Heqian to Qin Yin's home, but Lin Suye received a call from him before she left, so he could only put Qin Yin on the pigeon.

Lin Heqian grabbed her hand, "What are you doing in such a hurry?"

Lin Suye looked anxious. "Something has happened to An An. I need to go to the hospital. Don't drink too much tonight. I'll come pick you up."

Shen Anan was Lin Suye's best friend. Since Lin Suye had matters to attend to at the moment, Lin Heqian would naturally not stop her.

However, on Qin Yin's side... He frowned. Since they had already ordered, Qin Yin would have definitely prepared Lin Suye's dishes.

However, Lin Suye merely said to him, "Please apologize to Qin Yin on my behalf. I'll treat him to a meal next time."

Then she drove away.

Lin Heqian was a bit helpless. Without Lin Suye, who knows how Qin Yan would drink his wine, how could he drink less?

Lin Suye drove to a hospital, asked the nurse at the front desk where Shen Anan's ward was, and headed straight for it.

When he opened the door, he saw Shen Anan lying on the bed. Her lips were pale and she looked very haggard.

Lin Suye walked to the bedside. Shen Anan glanced at her and smiled weakly. "You're here."

Lin Suye frowned as she sat on the edge of the bed. She reached out her hand to check Shen Anan's forehead, but the temperature had already dropped. "What happened?"

"Maybe it was raining, but I didn't care. Then I had a fever." Shen Anan looked at her. "I heard that Brother Heqian is back?"

"Yeah, he came back to celebrate that person's birthday." Lin Suye looked at her. "If you want to work and take care of your children, you can't leave them all. You should take more care of yourself."

Shen Anan pursed her lips and smiled. "I know."

She said, "I called you here because I wanted you to bring Momo with me for a few days. That person … They seem to know of his existence. "

Lin Suye knew very well who the person Shen Anan was referring to.

To others, that person might be a good person, a famous lawyer who would help the common people, but to Lin Suye, that person was just a bastard who would deceive and toy with Shen Anan.

Lin Suye's heart was blocked by a ball of fire. She patted Shen Anan's hand soothingly. "Don't worry, I won't let him find Momo."

Shen Anan smiled and said, "Ye-zi, thank you for staying by my side."

Back then, she wanted to get rid of Momo, but her father said that he had hurt a lot of people in his life and told her to stop adding to her karma. In addition, she was not in good health, and the doctor said that it hurt her body to get rid of her child, as well as the uncontrollable desire deep inside her heart.

As for Lin Suye, she accompanied her and helped her cover up the entire time. Only then was she able to successfully conceal the existence of the child from him.

Lin Suye tapped her forehead. "What nonsense are you talking about? We're sisters."

Shen Anan also raised her hand and pinched her cheek. "You really are worthy of being my woman. You're really loyal."

Lin Suye glanced at her, but couldn't help smiling. "How shameless of you."

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