After accompanying Shen Anan in the hospital for a while and having dinner with her, Lin Suye set off for Shen Anan's home.

Momo had only been small and cute for a hundred days. Lin Suye carried him into the car before returning the child to Nanny Xu.

Seeing that it was still early, she took Nanny Xu and the baby back to her apartment, showered, and then went to pick up Lin Heqian at Qin Yin's.

It was Lin Suye's first time coming to Qin Yin's house. She didn't know the roads very well and the security system in the residential complex was very high. She called Qin Yin before the security allowed her to enter.

People living in the southern part of the city were either rich or noble. Lin Suye's family background was not bad, and they also had a villa here.

She parked the car and rang the bell, and soon someone came to the door.

The person held the hand and couldn't stand steadily. Lin Suye had just raised her gaze when the other person pounced on her.

Lin Suye was petite, so naturally her strength was also small. The man's heavy body pressed down on her, forcing her to retreat a few steps before she could stabilize herself.

A strong smell of alcohol wafted up from her nose. Lin Suye patted the man's back and asked, "P-Qin Yin?"

The man replied with a grunt, "Alright …"

Lin Suye's ears started to burn. She pushed Qin Yin back with a lot of effort and then changed into a different position to help him walk into the house.

Lin Suye glanced at him and saw that his face was rosy. His dark eyes were misty, and she thought that he must be pretty drunk.

When she walked into the hall, she saw Lin Heqian lying on the sofa with an empty wine bottle in his arms. When she turned around, she saw that the table was filled with wine bottles, lying on the table.

Lin Suye frowned and helped Qin Yin to the other sofa, putting him down carefully.

He lay down, but his arm was still around her shoulders, and when he pulled, she fell uncontrollably into his arms and kissed the man on the neck.

Lin Suye was stunned. When she stood up, she subconsciously looked at the man. Qin Yin's eyes met hers. His eyes were still cloudy, but there was an additional trace of confusion in them.

Lin Suye's face heated up as she coughed twice. "I'll cook some sobering wine for you. Drink it up before you go to sleep."

Then, without waiting for Qin Yin's reply, she went to the kitchen.

The man on the sofa pursed his lips and gently closed his eyes.

The kitchen of Qin Yin's house was very big. Lin Suye had wasted some time in searching for materials, so when she finished cooking the sobering soup, the two men lying on the sofa were already fast asleep.

Lin Suye: "…"

After a moment's thought, she didn't wake them. She simply pushed open a room, took out two blankets, and covered each of them.

She also sat down on the sofa and put one hand on her chin. She looked at Lin Heqian and then at Qin Yin.

These two men were pretty good drinkers, so they didn't act as if they were drunk. She retracted her gaze and closed her eyes as well. After thinking about how she should fight tomorrow's battle, she leaned against the sofa and fell asleep.

Early spring is just a little cold, Lin Suyeguang gave them both blankets, but forgot himself.

She almost woke up from her sleep and curled up into a ball. Not long later, she felt the chill in her body gradually recede. Her forehead turned slightly cool as she fell into a deep sleep.


When Lin Suye woke up, it was already around 9 in the morning.

She opened her eyes and slowly sat up from the bed. When her thoughts cleared, she realized that she had been carried from the sofa to the bed.

Just as Lin Heqian finished washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he saw Lin Suye. "Wash your face, eat breakfast, and then return to Lin Family."

Lin Suye replied obediently.

Qin Yin came out of the kitchen and met her gaze. Lin Suye reflexively avoided his gaze and went to the bathroom to wash up.

The whole breakfast process was very quiet. It was only Lin Heqian who asked Qin Yin if he was free tonight that broke the silence.

Qin Yin said that he had two scenes to shoot today and didn't know if he had time tonight. Lin Heqian made a long "oh" before looking at Lin Suye with a smile. "It seems like my sister's charm is not enough."

Lin Suye stomped on him mercilessly.

Lin Heqian immediately stopped and obediently ate his breakfast.

"It's not her problem," Qin Yin's dark eyes stared straight at Lin Suye, his cold lips moved slightly, "It's my charm that isn't enough."

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