Lin Suye's heart skipped a beat as she raised her eyes to look at him.

What did Qin Yin mean by this?

Lin Heqian understood tacitly. He turned to Lin Suye and said, "Qin Yin means that he is lacking a position. Why don't you give him one …"

Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Heqian was kicked by Lin Suye again. His handsome face immediately turned dark, but Lin Suye glared at him. "If you continue talking nonsense, I'll slit your mouth."

Lin Heqian shook his head and didn't say anything else. He looked at Qin Yin with interest in his eyes.

Lin Suye originally wanted to apologize, but upon thinking about Lin Heqian's relationship with Qin Yin, it was obvious that their relationship was much better than hers. It was the same whether she apologized or not, so she didn't say anything more.

Qin Yin did not make a sound either. The atmosphere was tense until Lin Suye drove away.

Lin Suye kept a straight face. Lin Heqian didn't understand why she was so angry. "Are you angry with me, or with Qin Yin?"

Lin Suye cast a sidelong glance at him. "What do you think?"

Lin Heqian's eyes twitched, "Me?"

"Of course it's you." Lin Suye's gaze shifted to the front. "She doesn't even have the intention to attend the banquet, so why are you talking about her like this? She's a good person who takes good care of others, considering how I put myself in her place and demoted him, yet you insist on this. Furthermore, you say that he lacks a position …" How can I not be angry with you? "

There was someone in Qin Yin's heart. She didn't have any intention to kiss him before, and now that she accidentally kissed him last night, she felt very apologetic. There was no reason for him to attend some banquet with her, indicating that there was some ambiguous relationship between them.

If she wasn't Little San, she would hate him to death.

Lin Heqian was silent for a moment. Finally, he glanced at her and said, "Do you really think that Qin Yin is a good person?"

Lin Suye: "…"

Was this the main point?


The birthday party was held in the evening, but that was purely social. Their family's birthdays were usually at noon.

Lin Suye and Lin Heqian returned to the Lin Family. Aunt Wu made up a bed for them and even prepared toiletries.

Because they rarely came back, Xu Chenjing and Xu Chenqing took up their positions first at lunch time, so Uncle Lin didn't say anything.

Lin Heqian's expression was indifferent. Lin Suye also sat down quietly, not saying a word.

Xu Chenjing didn't dare to provoke Lin Heqian in front of Uncle Lin. After all, Uncle Lin often talked about Lin Heqian at home.

She looked at Lin Suye and said with a fake smile, "It's rare for big sister to come back. This is my mom's special dish. Try it."

After she finished speaking, she was about to give Lin Suye a piece of Red Braised Fish. Lin Suye held the bowl and calmly moved away from the table. The fish that Xu Chenjing gave her fell onto the table as expected.

Xu Chenjing was immediately angered. "Sis, why are you doing this?"

Aunt Wu stepped forward to help clean the table.

"Should I ask you that?" Lin Suye looked at her coldly. "You don't want to give me food, so why are you helping me with the dishes?"

She did have such intentions, but she would definitely not admit it. Xu Chenjing looked towards Uncle Lin, seeing that he was eating, but did not seem like he wanted to control the situation, she suddenly felt reassured, "No way, I just thought you would like it. Who knows if you would be willing to do that to me?"

"I threw your face away?" Xu Chenjing wanted to show her that they were sisters, but Lin Suye thought that she should treat him with courtesy, so she first picked up a chopstick of Red Braised Meat for her and then said indifferently, "Since you said I'm wrong, then I'll treat it as me being wrong. After all, today is father's birthday, we should coexist peacefully. "

Xu Chenjing hated Red Braised Meat the most. Lin Suye even picked up three pieces of meat and stuffed them into the bowl. She was extremely disgusted and shouted for Aunt Wu to change the bowl of rice.

"It seems that you don't want to live in peace with me."

Xu Chenjing was about to retort, but Zhong Xiuling, who was sitting beside Uncle Lin, suddenly laughed, "Nothing."

She also glanced at Xu Chenjing. "After you finish your meal, change another bowl. As your younger sister, how can you be angry with your sister?"

Xu Chenjing was reluctant. Lin Heqian opened his mouth slowly and said, "Suye, some people shouldn't be so easily associated with each other. They're really out of standard."

Lin Suye obediently replied, "I understand."

Zhong Xiuling's expression changed slightly. Xu Chenjing couldn't stand Lin Heqian's sarcasm and ridicule, "What are you talking about? What's wrong with me? I just don't like red braised pork. Can't I exchange a bowl of rice?"

"My sister still has a bad cold, so she can't eat meat and meat. You are like a blind person, giving her food while cooking. You are also noisy like a shrew." Lin Heqian glanced at her with a cold expression. "Now that my sister is kind enough to give you food, you are still noisy. Do you have a manic illness?

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