Lin Suye didn't have any scruples as she laughed out loud on the spot.

Seeing this, Xu Chenjing almost exploded in anger. Just as she was about to flare up, Uncle Lin, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said: "Don't say anymore."

She looked at Uncle Lin with an aggrieved expression, "Dad, look at my brother and sister, they are always bullying me —"

"You better shut up." Uncle Lin had a serious expression on his face, "Your sister is not feeling well. It's not like you didn't see it. You didn't ask for her opinion when helping other people with their food. You should be scolded."

Xu Chenjing's pupils constricted. Her coquettish aura immediately weakened greatly. "Dad …"

Uncle Lin ignored her.

He was very clear about Lin Suye's personality. If Xu Chenjing didn't provoke her, she wouldn't refuse to let her off the hook.

After so many years, it was rare for the brother and sister pair to come back. Uncle Lin didn't say anything on the surface, but he was still happy inside.

Yet, Xu Chenjing still didn't know anything … Uncle Lin's face was sullen as Zhong Xiuling soothed his emotions, "My child, I haven't seen Suye and Heqian in a long time. I was quite happy and forgot to pay attention to etiquette. Calm down, I will teach her a good lesson later."

Seeing that Zhong Xiuling, Uncle Lin, and her sister were unhappy, Xu Chenqing looked pitifully at Uncle Lin, "Dad, today is your birthday, so please don't punish your sister. Your sister did it unintentionally."

Xu Chenqing's ability to act like a spoiled child was much better than Xu Chenjing's. Plus, she was a bit young and Uncle Lin was used to it. He still kept a straight face, but just made Xu Chenjing and Lin Suye apologize.

Unwillingly, Xu Chenjing bit her lips and apologized to Lin Suye.

Lin Suye didn't respond. She looked at Lin Heqian and sighed, "A woman who acts like a spoiled child is truly lucky …" Blame me for not being able to act coquettishly. "

"It's alright," Lin Heqian helped Lin Suye to scoop up a bowl of soup. "And there's also Brother to take care of you."

Uncle Lin's expression became awkward again.

Was she blaming him for not taking care of the two siblings?

The two Lin Family siblings were singing the same tune, it was purely because they wanted to make things difficult for the two of them.

However, he couldn't say anything. After all, he was the one who started his daughter's life.

After the family dinner, Uncle Lin said that he wanted to talk to Lin Heqian, so the two went to the study room.

The trio of Zhong Xiuling's mother and daughter did not come to find trouble. Lin Suye was bored and returned to her room, browsing through Weibo's headlines to pass the time.

She didn't have the time to watch the news yesterday, but today she realized that Qin Yin's airport photo was on the headlines.

The title was: Mysterious woman appeared beside Qin Yin.

A picture of her head wrapped in a silk scarf is attached.

Lin Suye opened the website and looked at the comments from the netizens. Most of them said that they were very emotional or sad. There were also people who mentioned who the mysterious woman was. The netizens' replies surprised Lin Suye.

None of them guessed that she was a fan, but said that she might be someone Qin Yin liked, or a girlfriend, or someone he was very familiar with.


She continued scrubbing down until she saw one of the netizens say: At that time, I thought this woman was a fan and wanted to hit her, but Brother Qin suddenly hugged her, and I accidentally … But from the looks of it, that woman seemed to be someone that Brother Qin liked, which was why he wanted to protect her.

Lin Suye's heart suddenly shook. Yesterday, Qin Yin … She had thought that he was lucky that he hadn't been attacked by the fans, but she hadn't thought that he had helped her block it.

However …

He already had someone he liked.

In the last 17 years, in May, he even had a child, let alone a lover.

Lin Suye's eyes dimmed a little before she left the page to look at criminal psychology.

She shouldn't have thought about so many things. What she needed to do now was to find out who killed her in her previous life.

Zhong Xiuling was suspicious. This woman had killed her brother, killed her father indirectly, destroyed their Lin Family. Although at that time, she had already fallen to the point where she needed to earn a living and was no longer someone Zhong Xiuling needed to fear, she still had a major suspicion.

In her career, there had been some people who had disliked her. They had framed, persecuted, and added insult to injury, resulting in her being banned by the company. Those people also had the suspicion that they were trying to kill her.

Thinking about it this way, there were too many people who had the motive to kill her.

Lin Suye felt like her head was about to explode, but she still thought of Chen Pin.

What was that person's purpose in deceiving her?

If she agreed to marry him in her previous life and died at their wedding, then this person … Was there a suspicion as well?

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