Seeing Xu Chenjing in a sorry state, Zhong Xiuling walked towards them in large strides. Xu Chenjing thought she had someone to rely on, and the more she cried, the more wronged she became.

Xu Chenjing was beaten senseless. "Mom …"

Zhong Xiuling looked at Lin Suye and said, "Suye, this is Mom's fault. Don't take it to heart. I will discipline Jing`er."

She pulled Xu Chenjing in front of Lin Suye. "It doesn't matter if you did something wrong, you have to apologize to elder sister."

Xu Chenjing refused to give up. "I'm not wrong!"

She pointed at Lin Suye, "It's not been a day or two since she bullied me, and now she threw champagne at me in front of so many people and beat me up. Why should I apologize, it's just because I'm stepdaughter from Lin Family, and I still have a surname right now right?!"

Her voice was too loud, and everyone gathered around could hear her. Xu Chenjing's sister group comforted her, and her voice was not small either, "Jingjing, don't be sad, she's your sister after all, it's fine to hit you. Uncle's birthday is today, so don't make things worse. Hurry up and apologize. "

The surrounding crowd also gradually began to chew the root of their tongues.

Especially those who had divorced and married twice.

Originally, they had been neutral. After all, no one knew what had happened. They only saw Xu Chenjing holding a wine cup in one hand and one of Lin Suye's hand in the other, as well as Lin Suye beating someone up …

But for now, it could be Lin Suye who relied on her status as the young miss to bully stepdaughter. stepdaughter couldn't bear the humiliation and tried her best to resist, but it was to no avail. Instead, she was slapped by Lin Suye.

And now his mother slapped him and forced him to apologize to Lin Suye?

It was indeed very tragic.

As for Lin Suye, she did not have any reaction yet, so Zhong Xiuling added fuel to the fire.

She personally bowed to Lili in apology, her manner correct. "Suye, I'm the one who's not very strict about this kind of thing. Please forgive me if I don't have a next time."

Zhong Xiuling was a capable person.

She was the head of the planning department of the Huaxia Group. She was a powerful person with a wide range of connections, and anyone who had worked with her before would admire her greatly.

It's just that her marriage wasn't happy enough. After her ex-husband divorced her, she married Uncle Lin. Just now, she was quite happy, but she didn't expect …

Yet he couldn't even protect his own child, and had to seriously apologize to the child with Lin Family.

Xu Chenjing cried even harder and kept tugging at Zhong Xiuling's arm. "Mom, don't do this, we don't need to apologize!"

Uncle Lin's face was dark and he didn't say anything for a long time.

Lin Heqian had just went to the door to pick up Qin Yin. When he came back, he saw a bunch of people gathered there. He and Qin Yin walked up and heard Zhong Xiuling apologizing as well as the whispers of the people around them.

Ye Zichen frowned, while Qin Yin's gaze also turned a bit colder.

Xu Chenjing had never been a match for her, but Zhong Xiuling, who was standing behind her, had always been a deeply hidden character. The corner of Lin Suye's mouth slightly hooked up as her clear eyes focused on the person apologizing to her.

She actually had a recording pen in her bag. From the moment she went back to Lin Family, this recorder pen had been open the entire time.

Using the harsh words Xu Chenjing had said to her just now, she could prove her innocence. After all, Xu Chenjing wasn't a punching bag, but a heartless stepdaughter who wanted her dead … However, if she exposed her good habit of carrying a recording pen with her for the sake of a mere Xu Chenjing, it would be too much of a loss …

"I don't accept your apology." Lin Suye said in a light tone, "Ms. Zhong is a strong woman after all. She has been cautious for many years, but in a situation that you are not clear about, you still forcefully pulled your daughter to apologize to me. You even insisted that no matter whose fault it is, you want her to apologize to you. What is your intention?"

Zhong Xiuling slowly straightened herself up. "I just …" You didn't return to the Lin Family for a very long time, but I didn't want to make things difficult for your father. "

"What does it have to do with my father?" "Your daughter provoked me in front and bullied me in the back. I'm on my own defense, so how come I've become a bully in the blink of an eye when I'm in your mouths?"

Xu Chenjing bit her lips in anger. "I have traces of you pouring wine on my face. Everyone has seen you hitting me. Who is the one bullying who?"

Some people could not bear to watch any longer and said, "Miss Lin, you're still an artist, it doesn't matter who's in the wrong and who's in the wrong. Hurry up and apologize to your sister, calm the matter down so that it doesn't get on the headlines tomorrow."

"That's right, there's nothing to worry about even if you apologize. Besides, you are family, no one will look good in the face of an accident like this …"

"It's a good birthday feast, and now everything is in chaos. Wealthy families sure have lots of things to do …"

More and more people were questioning Lin Suye. Lin Heqian was just about to step in when he was stopped by Qin Yin.

He was Lin Suye's brother. The current contradiction was that Lin Suye bullied stepdaughter. Now that Lin Heqian had stepped in, they could only add fuel to the fire.

Lin Heqian's expression was cold as Qin Yin said, "Let me do it."

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