When she finally reacted and tried to push him away, he grabbed her even harder. Lin Suye couldn't bear it any longer, so she took the opportunity to kick him.

As expected, the man who looked like Qin Yin stopped his actions.

He raised his head to look at her. His handsome face had a hint of a dilemma on it. Lin Suye couldn't help but mock him, "Who told you to bully me?"

It was a pity that her eyelids were too heavy. She didn't even have time to laugh at him before she quickly fell asleep.


Lin Family.

The banquet dispersed.

Xu Chenjing was slapped twice. The fingerprints on her face gradually became clear. Xu Chenqing used an egg to heat her up. Zhong Xiuling sat quietly beside her.

Everyone knew what happened tonight. They all said that she was not good. Even Uncle Lin was angry, so he didn't say anything to comfort her. He just quickly dismissed the banquet and went to the study room, never to come out again.

Xu Chenjing didn't dare to say anything and could only look at her mother with a delicate and touching expression. After mulling over for a long time, she finally opened her mouth and shouted bitterly, "Mom …"

Zhong Xiuling looked at her expressionlessly. Xu Chenjing felt pressured. She timidly looked away and lowered her gaze. "I, I just want to punish her. I can't touch Lin Heqian, nor can I touch her. I'm so frustrated …"

Zhong Xiuling remained silent while Xu Chenqing applied the medicine on Xu Chenjing. She pursed her lips and did not say anything.

Xu Chenjing still felt wronged. "Look, in the afternoon, they even bullied you. I was just anxious. They rarely go home, so when they leave, we won't be able to touch them. That's why I …"

Zhong Xiuling interrupted her with an indifferent tone, "Who told you that you can't touch them after they leave?"

"How can we move …" Xu Chenjing subconsciously retorted. After she recovered from her shock, she turned to look at Zhong Xiuling who was sitting there like a clock. "Mom, what do you mean?"

Logically speaking, there shouldn't be any problems.

Lin Heqian was so far away and didn't know when he was going to leave the country. How was he going to deal with him?

As for Lin Suye, with her career in the country, she had used her own Lin Family's power to cause quite a bit of trouble for her. At the very most, he was only able to keep her calm and wasn't able to destroy her.

But listening to her mother's words, it seemed like there were other methods?

Zhong Xiuling's face was solemn. "If you don't cause trouble, I can deal with Lin Heqian in a few days."

"Deal with it?" Xu Chenjing was slightly startled. She didn't know that her mother wanted to help. These past few years, the two siblings had been acting arrogantly in front of them. She only saw her mother enduring and thought that her mother was a soft persimmon.

Xu Chenjing asked, "Mom, what do you want to do with them?"

Zhong Xiuling gave her a sidelong glance. "Do you think that there's still time?"

Originally, he wanted to make a move on Lin Heqian. He was at the very root of Lin Family.

The problem was that after what had happened today, even though she had tried her best to salvage the situation, she was still beaten into a pulp by Xu Chenjing.

Now, everyone in the circle knew that she was not a good stepmother and had indulged her daughter to bully her current child.

If Lin Heqian or Lin Suye was in an accident, what would others think?

Xu Chenjing's brain was spinning very slowly, but Xu Chenqing was very smart. "Mom, what do we do now?" We're not older than them, so we can't help Mom with anything. But we can't let them bully us, right? "

"You guys are young, but you have the benefits of being young." The corner of Zhong Xiuling's mouth curled up into a smile, but that smile didn't reach her eyes. "Alright, don't create any trouble for me during this period of time. When the time is right, I will naturally deal with them." If anyone else continues to cause trouble for me, then stop calling me mom and get out of the house. "

She couldn't afford to change her plans over and over again.

She would never allow anyone to spoil her plans again.

However …

Xu Chenqing suddenly asked, "Mom, I feel that Lin Suye is not the same today as before."

But she couldn't tell which was the difference.

However, Zhong Xiuling nodded. "She's different."

Comparatively, he should not be overbearing.

Lin Suye would never let herself be wronged, but she had already noticed it at noon. Lin Suye could accept it whenever she wanted to, including tonight's proof of her innocence.

With Lin Suye like this, it wasn't so easy for her to attract notoriety.

Xu Chenjing scoffed. "She was just lucky that someone took a video of us pinching each other. Don't think that she won and say that she's different."

"What do you know?" Zhong Xiuling asked with a stern look on her face. "That reporter is one of my men."

There must be a reason why Wu Xiaohua suddenly turned her back on him.

But tonight, after the banquet, she called Wu Xiaohua, but she didn't pick up. Maybe something really had happened.

Xu Chenjing opened her mouth but did not dare to say anything.

Zhong Xiuling warned her again, "I don't care who the person who gave you this advice is, but if you are so stupid as to be used by others, then you can forget about being my daughter …"

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