There was a pharmacy in the district. Lin Suye went in to buy an emergency contraceptive pill and then returned to her apartment.

She had no key and was about to press the doorbell when the door was suddenly opened.

Lin Suye, who was caught off guard, jumped in fright. Sister Su's chubby face was revealed, and she was pulled into the apartment by Sister Su.

Seeing that nothing had happened to Lin Suye, Sister Su closed the door and started scolding, "Where did you go? Do you know that I looked for you last night? If you tell me, your bag is still in my hands and your phone is also here, what are you doing outside without money? "Even if it's not, your face is still seductive. Don't you know that you're not afraid of being forced to sleep?"

Last night, she and Lin Suye were together, but at the back, she went to the washroom. There were a lot of people queuing up in the washroom, so it was a waste of time.

The main reason was that this girl didn't bring her phone with her when she was about to leave …

Lin Suye was amazed by her manager's acumen and imagination. She was indeed...

She pulled Sister Su along and sat on the sofa. Sister Su snorted disdainfully. "If I wasn't smart and knew I would be here waiting, do you think you'd be able to come in?"

Lin Suye had always lost track of the password and couldn't remember the password, so she didn't get it. She was afraid that she wouldn't even be able to enter the door, so she gave Sister Su a spare key.

"I didn't do it on purpose." Lin Suye looked at Sister Su and said in a low voice, "Last night, something happened to me."

Sister Su looked back at her, and Lin Suye told her what she remembered from last night.

In her previous life, Sister Su had treated her very well. During her most difficult period, Sister Su had provided a lot of help. This person, Lin Suye was grateful and trusting.

Now that she knew Chen Pin wasn't the one to sleep with her, the most important thing for her to do was to find out what happened last night at that time when she had no memory of it.

The more Sister Su heard, the more confused she became. The more she heard, the more shocked she became. "You mean that someone is deliberately trying to destroy you?"

Lin Suye poured a glass of water for herself, "I don't know. "But the person who sleeps with me is definitely not Chen Pin."

However, Chen Pin also told her that it was because of their drunken sexual disorder … She didn't know what kind of plot was hidden in these circles, but ever since she was reborn, she understood one thing very clearly —

Her black February was coming.

Sister Su frowned as if she was thinking about something. Lin Suye took the pill and looked at Sister Su. "It's not convenient for me to investigate the hotel's surveillance, so I can only rely on you, Sister Su."

Originally, he had planned to investigate it himself, but considering her identity as an artist and Miss Lin's identity, he definitely couldn't tell others about her loss and also couldn't publicly investigate it. That was why she didn't refuse when Qin Yin told her to get on the car.

Sister Su's business ability is very strong, she immediately said, "I will take care of the hotel's matters. I'll take you to have a look later. In the afternoon, go to the audition for the third female lead. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. "

Lin Suye smiled faintly at Sister Su. "Thank you, Sister Su."

She suddenly said, "I'm not going to the audition this afternoon. I'm not taking up this movie."

Sister Su frowned. "But didn't you always want to film this movie?"

"I'm not going to continue filming. That character can't be set up well. I'm afraid that I'll attract attention after filming."

Sister Su invited a lot of people to have a meal and build relations with the movie's resources in exchange for Lin Suye's meeting with the producer last night.

Now that Lin Suye said that she wouldn't take the photo, Sister Su was naturally angry. However, seeing that Lin Suye had closed her eyes and looked quite tired, then thinking back to what happened to her last night, it probably had something to do with the meal, Sister Su didn't say anything more.

It was a pity that the script for that movie was really good. It was definitely a costumed old drama that was going to go on a windfall …

Lin Suye said she was going to take a bath and take a nap. Sister Su didn't stop her. She told Lin Suye that her things were in the bedroom and went out to take care of the hotel's matters.

Lin Suye took a pajamas to change herself. Her whole body was sore and uncomfortable. Previously, she was trying her best to resist in front of Qin Yin, but now, she didn't need to worry about it after returning home.

She hadn't even looked at it in the morning. She had casually put on her clothes and now that she had taken them off, she could see that her body was covered in scars.

Lin Suye's face was filled with rage. This pervert must be a dog, right?!

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