Lin Suye slept at home. In the afternoon, she went with Sister Su to the hospital for an examination.

The doctor said he would report tomorrow and ask Lin Suye to come and get it tomorrow.

Lin Suye was not feeling well. It was unknown if it was because of the pill, but Sister Su did not harass her. After checking up on her, she sent her home.

It was true that Sister Su felt sorry for her, but there was always someone who liked to provoke Lin Suye.

"I know Miss Lin is very busy the day after tomorrow, but father said he wanted to see you, so I called you out of helplessness. If you want to come and go, I'll let Aunt Wu give you a pair of chopsticks, but if you don't come, father will at most get angry, and I won't blame you."

If it were before, Lin Suye would have hung up without even having the time to listen to these words.

It was not only because of the other party's attitude, but also because the person who said those words was the daughter of her father's lover.

Lin Suye opened her eyes and said calmly, "I will be there."

The person on the other end of the line was silent for a while, perhaps because she was surprised by Lin Suye's attitude, but after a while, she snorted disdainfully at ease, "The sun has risen from the west? Is it because you have no money to spend outside that you think of your father? "

Lin Suye did not even blink. "In my impression, my dad only has me and my brother. Which son of a bitch are you?"

It wasn't her fault that her words were spicy, but rather disgusting.

No matter if she had broken off all relations with Lin Family or not, she was still surnamed Lin, a person surnamed Xu … What right did he have to order her around?

Xu Chenjing was about to curse when Lin Suye hung up the phone.

She lay flat on the bed, her cool eyes serene.

She still remembered that Xiao San had used a way to coerce her out of her Lin Family. Her brother had studied abroad and came back to seek justice for her mother, but her father had kicked him out of the family.

After that, her brother left her angrily in a car accident, causing her to have her right leg amputated. At that time, she took a photo of this ancient costume play, and was in the middle of filming a movie. Her phone was turned off the whole time, and when she found out, the hospital doctor had already been bribed by Xiao San.

His father was not a good husband, but he was kind to the two of them. After his brother's accident, he regretted his decision and died of a heart attack.

Even though she went to the hospital to see her father for the last time, she was stopped by his men outside the door. She also refused to see him, saying that she was heartless and did not know how to be filial.

As a public figure, she was young and incompetent, and naturally had less resources than a strong woman in her forties. Xiao San was a Xiao San, but she was very capable and could manipulate public opinion. Every day, she would be treated like a street rat.

The company finally decided to ban her.

And she knew that behind all of this, there was a Xiao San behind all of this. It was actually many years after her downfall.

The people of the Xu Family had taken over the nest and taken over her Lin Family. Xu Chenjing had stepped on her fingers and pride and had inadvertently said something that had been leaked.

She wanted nothing more than to kill these beasts, push Xu Chenjing when she was angry, and get sent to jail for a few days. She wanted to use the public opinion to report this, but at that time, she wasn't even an artist anymore, and lived at the very bottom, unable to fight without power or influence, and she didn't even believe in words.

The reason why she agreed to marry Chen Pin was because she saw Qin Yin's child and had a bad heart. The second reason was because she wanted to borrow Chen Pin's power to find out the evidence of Little San's crime, but … She was dead.

Lin Suye's fingers were clenching so hard that crackling sounds could be heard. Her quiet eyes were already filled with viciousness. Although she couldn't remember who killed her, she swore to the heavens that she would not let this tragedy happen again!

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