In the evening, Sister Su came to her apartment and said with a serious expression, "I asked someone to check the hotel's surveillance last night, but the surveillance of the floor you mentioned is all gone."

Lin Suye glanced at her. "No more?"

"It was taken care of by someone." Sister Su's face was serious. "My friend said that last night at around 11 am and in the morning at around 6 am, someone came to check the surveillance cameras. They didn't think anything was wrong, but now the surveillance records have been deleted."

Lin Suye lowered her eyes and did not say anything.

Sister Su was afraid that they would chat too late last night, so she rented a room in the hotel for them to stay in.

However, Lin Suye didn't go to that room last night. After Lin Suye disappeared, Sister Su found the room she had rented and didn't find anyone there either.

She thought that Lin Suye wasn't at the hotel, so she went back to look. She didn't think about checking the security cameras, but they couldn't find her. If it wasn't for Lin Suye's identity as an artist, she would have called the police.

He had to send his assistant and bodyguard to look for her for the whole night.

Finally he waited for her to come back to her apartment.

Sister Su also felt that something was amiss. "Looks like someone really wants to mess with us. You must be extra careful when you're talking and going out recently. Don't let anyone catch you red-handed."

Lin Suye acknowledged.

Her face didn't reveal much of a reaction. She was very calm, and Sister Su's heart was somewhat relieved. At the same time, she felt that Lin Suye seemed … Much changed?

She was in the middle of carefully examining Lin Suye when she suddenly raised her head and looked over.

"Tomorrow, when my brother comes back, I need to go to the airport to pick him up. The day after tomorrow, I need to go back to Lin Family. If it's on the other side of the schedule, you should organize it a bit."

Lin Suye actually didn't have a schedule. She was supposed to be there for the audition, so she would definitely be able to get the role. When the role was taken down, Lin Suye would be a bit busy, but she didn't.

Sister Su nodded and asked Lin Suye out for a meal. Sister Su was puzzled. "When did you learn to cook?"

Lin Suye, on the other hand, was Miss Lin. Her fingers did not touch the spring water, but she knew how to cook. It was truly amazing.

Lin Suye didn't tell her about her rebirth and just gave her a perfunctory reply. Seeing that the dishes looked pretty good, Sister Su stayed for dinner. After that, since Lin Suye didn't go to the audition, she had to deal with the producer's problems and went back home.

At night, before going to bed, Lin Suye's WeChat suddenly sent out a new contact. She opened it and saw the other party's message: Qin Yin.

His heart began to race.

Lin Suye added him. Just as she was hesitating to say something, Qin Yin sent a message: "Still awake?"

"I'm going to sleep." Lin Suye replied, but after she replied, she couldn't help cursing herself for being stupid. Wasn't saying these words equivalent to refusing a conversation?

She was uneasy and typed out a few words. Before she sent it out, Qin Yin replied: "Tired?"

Actually, she had been resting all day today. Although she wasn't tired, her body wasn't very comfortable. It was painful everywhere …

Lin Suye puffed up her cheeks and typed a few more words on her phone. Qin Yin sent another message: "Rest early."

She looked at the message on the screen, which had yet to be sent out. She pursed her lips slightly, then deleted those words and replied, "Mhmm, you should rest early as well."

The corner of Qin Yin's lips slightly raised. The assistant beside him walked over with a notebook and said to him, "Brother Qin, Miss Lin doesn't have a flight tomorrow, but her brother has a flight to S City tomorrow. It's her dad's birthday the day after tomorrow."

The man's eyes slightly moved. He first replied to Miss Lin's good night from the assistant's mouth before slowly replying, "Ok."

Assistant Zhang Chenghan asked in confusion, "Why is Brother Qin suddenly looking for Miss Lin?"

Lin Suye was not very famous in their circle and was an artiste under her banner. Although she looked pretty, there was no lack of beauties in the Entertainment Circle … He couldn't figure out why Qin Yin would go to such a great deal of trouble to find such an eighth-rate celebrity.

Before Qin Yin could respond to his question, the agent who had just came over from the production crew suddenly spoke up, "Miss Lin is not an ordinary person." He glanced at the silent man and smiled sinisterly, "She might be the future sister-in-law of Qin, so Brother Qin will definitely have to put in a lot of effort."

Zhang Chenghan's expression froze as he looked at the man sitting beside him blankly. He saw the man put down his phone, stretched out his bony hand, and took the script off the table. He lowered his head, his tone was calm and casual, but he was very confident, "No, maybe she is."

This time it was the manager's turn to stare blankly.

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