In the blink of an eye, more than half an hour had passed. The two of them were having fun when Lin Heqian suddenly called.

Qin Yin handed the phone to Lin Suye, who answered directly, "Bro?"

Lin Heqian said he went to the parking lot and asked Lin Suye to come out and pick him up.

Lin Suye agreed.

After receiving Lin Heqian, he originally wanted to sit in the passenger seat, but he was surprised to see Qin Yin. "Qin Yin?"

Qin Yin pursed his lips and smiled, "You actually used a rhetorical question."

Lin Heqian immediately laughed. His fist landed on Qin Yin's shoulder, "Brat, I haven't seen you in so many years. You are still a virtuous person."

Lin Heqian and Qin Yin were university classmates.

They were in the same dorm, so their relationship was very good.

Lin Suye was also the Qin Yin she had met in Lin Heqian's freshman year. If they had not met at that time, she might not have been so moved that she would not have let go of him even now.

Lin Suye drove, Lin Heqian insisted on dragging Qin Yin to the back seat to chat.

After so many years of meeting up as brothers, they naturally had a lot to talk about. When they reached the east district, Lin Heqian said to Qin Yin, "After you finish the promotional video, we should get together."

"It's not convenient for me to go out now," Qin Yin looked at Lin Heqian and said, "Come to my house tonight."

Lin Heqian laughed. "Then you have to prepare the wine."

Just as Lin Suye wanted to ask if it would be troublesome for Qin Yin, the man turned his gaze towards her and asked, "Are you coming?"


Lin Suye had bought an apartment outside a long time ago. Although Lin Heqian had stayed abroad for the past few years, he had already bought a house before leaving the country.

Lin Suye took him home and asked him, "Why do you want me to go to his house?"

Just then, Qin Yin asked her if she wanted to go tonight. Just when she was about to say no, her brother answered on her behalf, "Of course my sister will. I have to drink. If she doesn't come, I can't go home. "

His words sounded normal, but Lin Suye understood Lin Heqian's personality. His alcohol tolerance was so good that he couldn't say anything, and as the young master of the Lin Family, why should he be afraid of no one sending him home?

She only came to pick him up because she missed him, not because there was no one behind him.

"I heard Xu Chenjing found a boyfriend, tomorrow she will definitely make a report on this matter. Qin Yin is my brother, if he can come with us, it will save a lot of gossip about you."

Lin Suye frowned slightly. "You want to use him?"

Lin Heqian cast a glance at her and suddenly said in a weird tone, "It's not certain who will take advantage of whom."

Lin Suye didn't take his words to heart and shook her head. "I will solve the problem of my boyfriend myself. I don't need anyone else's help."

She didn't want to use Qin Yin.

And Qin Yin might not be willing to be used by them.

After all, he had kept himself clean for so many years that he already had someone he liked hidden in his heart. It wouldn't be good for him if he were to go along with them and create a scandal or other negative news with her.

Lin Heqian spread his hands and didn't refute Lin Suye's thoughts. He only said: "It doesn't matter if he goes to Lin Family or not, you have to accompany me to his house tonight."

Lin Suye: "…"

Lin Suye sent Lin Heqian home.

In his previous life, his brother also applied for a month's leave.

She did not attend her father's birthday party, but her brother did.

On the day after his father's birthday, he stayed at the Lin Family. Because the mistress was very infuriating, and because stepdaughter was so arrogant and despotic, the next day, he moved back into his own house.

But in less than half a month, something had happened to him …

He was only twenty-eight years old.

Lin Heqian was carrying his luggage while Lin Suye helped out. After she was done, she leaned against the door and looked deeply at Lin Heqian.

Lin Heqian got goosebumps from her stare, "Why are you looking at me?"

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