CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C11 A Tooth for a Tooth.
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C11 A Tooth for a Tooth.
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C11 A Tooth for a Tooth.

Night was the beginning of life in Capital.

When they walked into the hall on the first floor of Paradise Club, explosive music came from all directions. Usually, Ye Mingchen and the others would go straight to the top floor through the VIP channel. This was the first time they had come to the hall on the first floor. The scene was very shocking.

The colorful lights hit the twisted limbs of the men and women on the dance floor, and they enjoyed it.

As soon as Ye Mingchen walked in, he attracted the attention of countless people.

After all, he was an influential figure in Capital. Countless women went crazy for him.

Dong Ming was really excited. He kept sighing, "This place is really not bad! These women are staring at you as if they want to eat you. "

Ye Mingchen smiled and looked at Dong Ming. He said, "The boy at the door is not bad. Ever since you came in, his eyes have never left you. How about it? Do you want to have some fun?"

The two of them joked with each other. They did not want to go to the room they had booked, so they ordered two glasses of wine at the bar.

The bar was usually used to entertain ordinary people. The two of them, who were rich, were sitting there, and it was very abrupt.

When some people saw that the two of them were paying a lot of money, they took the initiative to come over and chat with them. There were also quite a few coquettish looking boys among them.

"Can you treat me to a drink?" A slender hand touched Ye Mingchen's shoulder.

Ye Mingchen had a slight mysophobia. He never liked people touching him. Dong Ming was waiting to see how Ye Mingchen would reject this woman.

"It's an honor. " Ye Mingchen raised his head and looked at the woman. She actually agreed.

He had always been generous. His noble temperament made those women go crazy for him.

The woman sat in Ye Mingchen's arms and said sweetly, "I'm a little tired. You don't mind if I sit here. "

Dong Ming secretly praised her from the side.

"Of course I don't mind. " Although Ye Mingchen's tone was cold, he did not push that woman away and let her sit on his lap.

What would Bai Youyou think when she saw this scene? Dong Ming thought that Ye Mingchen had never been so close to anyone, except Lin Yuge who had passed away. It was as if Ye Mingchen had always been alone after what happened eight years ago.

When did he become abnormal?

After his divorce with Bai Youyou, Ye Mingchen, who had always been cold, had become like this.

Thinking of this, the smile in Dong Ming's eyes became even wider. He felt that Ye Mingchen loved Bai Youyou in his heart. One day, Ye Mingchen would regret it.

Ye Mingchen's character was famous for his stubbornness. Unless he thought it through himself, no matter who tried to persuade him, it would be useless.

The two of them had drunk a lot because they were busy dealing with the girls around them.

Ye Mingchen glanced at his phone and the smile on his face suddenly disappeared. He said seriously, "Dong Ming, take me home. It's almost dawn. "

He promised Bai Youyou that he would not spend the night outside.

"Are you alright?" Dong Ming looked at him. "You came home so early. I haven't had enough fun yet!"

Ye Mingchen said hatefully, "It's still Bai Youyou, that woman. She asked me to. . . "

Halfway through his words, he remembered that he and Bai Youyou had already divorced.

Dong Ming was very speechless. He looked at Ye Mingchen. He suddenly had no interest and could only bring him out to enjoy the cold wind.

"Admit it. You are still very used to Bai Youyou being around. You are also not willing to admit the fact that you have divorced. "

The cold wind blew and Ye Mingchen immediately woke up. He thought about Dong Ming's words and had mixed feelings in his heart. However, he still refused to admit it.

"It's just that I drank too much and was unable to react in time. "

After saying that, Ye Mingchen sat in the car that had been waiting for a long time.

Dong Ming looked at the disappearing car and felt very helpless.

"President, where are we going today?" Ye Mingchen did not say anything after getting into the car. The driver did not know where to send him, so he could only ask.

"Bright Pearl Estate. "

"Okay. " The driver was about to turn. Ye Mingchen changed his mind.

"I think I should go to Lin'An Residence. "

Ye Mingchen closed his eyes as he spoke. Dong Ming was right. He could not always avoid those things.

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