CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C12 Did She Really Leave
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C12 Did She Really Leave
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C12 Did She Really Leave

Ye Mingchen opened the door and stepped into the mansion that he had not seen for many months. He looked at the strange and familiar things in front of him and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

In the past, whenever he returned here, no matter how late it was, Bai Youyou would always turn on the lights and wait for him.

Later on, no matter how long he went on a business trip, the house would always be spotless. The house would not be covered in dust like now.

Maybe he really drank too much today, or else why would he be so sentimental?

It was all Bai Youyou's fault. Who asked her to do so many puzzling things?

And that Qi guy, who asked him to reveal Bai Youyou's information to him.

Ye Mingchen stood in the living room. The house was so quiet that it was scary. It couldn't be helped. The layout of the house was like this. The house was located in the dark, and it was very quiet at night. It wouldn't be able to stop the cold.

Although "Lin'An Residence" was also one of the richest districts in Capital, this house was indeed a failure in the design of "Lin'An Residence. "

Back then he deliberately wanted to buy this house. He wanted Bai Youyou to understand that even if she became Mrs. Ye, she was not worthy.

But Bai Youyou was willing to endure all of his teasing and even humiliation. She had never complained about anything and happily moved in.

Bai Youyou, what kind of woman are you?

Ye Mingchen took a deep breath. He found that the air in the house seemed to be different. It no longer had the faint fragrance of flowers, only a lifeless atmosphere.

Ye Mingchen was not used to it. He was not used to this house that had lost Bai Youyou.

When he thought of this, he felt a little irritated. He left the living room that made him uncomfortable and walked straight up to the second floor.

When he went to the bedroom, there was nothing different. The air was the same as the air downstairs. It was suffocating.

Ye Mingchen took a shower expressionlessly and prepared to go to the closet to get a change of clothes.

However, the moment he opened the closet door, he was stunned. Only his clothes were neatly arranged inside, but Bai Youyou's clothes were all gone.

He still remembered that when they just moved in, Bai Youyou insisted on putting their clothes together. She thought that this could nurture feelings. She was really funny.

At that time, he looked at her coldly. She was weaving her beautiful dream of marriage and happiness.

He did not know when it started, but he had gotten used to Bai Youyou. He felt that her taste was so comfortable and familiar.

The cold reality pulled Ye Mingchen back to his thoughts. He seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly opened all the cabinets, including Bai Youyou's dressing table.

Whether it was the clothes in the cabinets or the bottles and cans in the dressing cabinets, They were all gone.

All the facts proved that Bai Youyou really left.

Ye Mingchen was not willing to believe it. How could Bai Youyou bear to leave!

He quickly ran downstairs and searched all the places he could see. He did not find any trace of Bai Youyou.

Bai Youyou left so thoroughly that she did not leave anything behind. It was her who kept pestering him back then, and now it was also her who suddenly left.

"Bai Youyou, you are really good!" Ye Mingchen felt a stifled and indescribable sense of loss in his chest.

At that moment, he truly felt his loneliness. This feeling made his chest feel stuffy, uncomfortable, and even dull pain.

It seemed like he had to pay attention to his body in the future and not stay up all day to play. Ye Mingchen thought this way, but he was still unwilling to admit that he cared about Bai Youyou.

"Help me make an appointment with Director Qiu tomorrow. I want to do a physical examination. " He called Dong Ming.

"Where do you feel uncomfortable?" Dong Ming asked curiously.

"Maybe I have been playing too much lately. My heart is not feeling well. I always feel a stuffy feeling in my chest. "

"Alright, I'll go with you. " Dong Ming did not have the slightest doubt. "You should also pay attention to your body. "

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