CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C14 The Most Wrong Thing.
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C14 The Most Wrong Thing.
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C14 The Most Wrong Thing.

Ye Mingchen was stunned for a moment and then sneered, "Bai Youyou wants you to act with her? Do you think I will have her in my heart when she dies? You tell her not to let her dream!"

" You're too much! "

Bai Zheyu's handsome face suddenly became ferocious. He rushed to Ye Mingchen and started to fight with him.

They were all beating each other up.

Dong Ming tried to pull them away. In the chaos, his nose was punched. He covered his nose and cried out in pain, "Stop hitting! Speak calmly if you have something to say!"

Ye Mingchen and Bai Zheyu did not hear him at all. They were very angry.

Half an hour later, both of them were tired from fighting. Dong Ming took the opportunity to hug Bai Zheyu and pull away from them.

Ye Mingchen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He was very cold.

Bai Zheyu's anger gradually dissipated. Pain appeared in his eyes. He panted as he stared at Ye Mingchen. "Go away! Yoyo fell in love with him. You bastard, this is the most wrong thing she has ever done in her life. "

His voice was hoarse. Seeing that he did not resist, Dong Ming slowly let go of his hand.

Bai Zheyu turned around and limped into the office. He closed the door with a bang.

Dong Ming looked at the door and then looked at Ye Mingchen.

Ye Mingchen walked out with an expressionless face, and Dong Ming followed behind him.

"Are you feeling unwell anywhere? Coincidentally, this was the hospital. Check it out before you go back. "

"Ah Chen?"

Ye Mingchen did not answer him. He walked out of the hospital without looking at him.

Dong Ming quickly walked to him and stopped him. Ye Mingchen frowned. "What happened to you?"

"You still want to ask me what happened? What happened to you? Didn't you hear what I said? " Dong Ming's eyes flashed and he said again: " You said that even if Bai Youyou really died, you wouldn't have her in your heart. What is wrong with you now? "

Ye Mingchen was silent for a second. "Dong Ming, go and find out if Bai Youyou really died or fake. If she faked her death, I won't let her go. "

Ye Mingchen walked down the stairs of the hospital. Dong Ming stood where he was and watched his back.

What if she really died?

Ye Mingchen went to work as usual. There was no one in Dong Ming's seat, so he was a little absent-minded.

The general manager of the sales department knocked on the door and came in. He whispered, "Director Ye, you need to sign this contract. "

Ye Mingchen picked up the pen and casually wrote. He pushed the document in front of the staff.

"Director Ye, you have signed at the wrong place. This is the place where Party B should sign. " The general manager took out a backup document and pointed at the place where the signature was needed. "Here. "

She carefully observed Ye Mingchen and waited for him to sign the document. She quickly took the contract and left.

The president seemed to be in a bad mood.

Ye Mingchen felt very confused and didn't want to care about anything.

This situation continued until Dong Ming called him. On the other end of the phone, Dong Ming slowly said, "Ah Chen, Bai Youyou really died. . . She cut her wrist and committed suicide. "

Ye Mingchen opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he found that there was no sound coming from his throat. In the end, he snorted softly and hung up the phone.

He looked at the countless contract documents on the table, and his mood was in chaos.

Ye Mingchen put on the suit jacket on the side and walked out of the company with the car keys. This was the first time he got off work early in seven years.

He went to Lin'An Residence. The house was filled with furniture, but it gave people the illusion that there was no one there.

Dong Ming called again and asked worriedly, "Are you alright?"

"What can happen to me? It's good that she's dead. That way, she won't come and disturb me. "

"You. . . "

Ye Mingchen didn't give Dong Ming a chance to speak. After he hung up the phone, he placed it at the entrance.

There was only a pair of men's slippers left at the entrance. The pair of pink slippers that Bai Youyou often wore had also disappeared.

Ye Mingchen raised the corner of his mouth and sneered. He felt that he had played too much this time.

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