CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C16 I Want to See Her Corpse.
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C16 I Want to See Her Corpse.
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C16 I Want to See Her Corpse.

The General Office on the 10th floor.

Ye Mingchen pushed the door open and entered. What greeted his eyes was not Bai Youyou, but Bai Mo, who looked very similar to her.

Bai Mo was only 20 years old. He looked delicate and pretty, but he was not feminine. He was 1. 83 meters tall and was only slightly shorter than Ye Mingchen.

His skin was fair, and the red circles around his eyes were even more obvious.

Bai Mo sat on the office chair, his eyes bloodshot. "Director Ye. "

"Where's Bai Youyou?. "

Ye Mingchen's Adam's apple rolled. He looked around the big office. Bai Youyou was not there. He frowned and saw Bai Mo, who had tears in his eyes when he heard Bai Youyou's name.

"Oh, Director Ye, you still don't know about this. " Bai Mo sneered. "My sister passed away. She committed suicide. Tell me, why did she do that?"

Ye Mingchen stared at Bai Mo. His chest suddenly hurt, as if it had been pierced by needles. The needles withdrew, leaving a needle hole. It was empty and lonely.

He did not believe it.

Ye Mingchen narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Bai Mo, ask Bai Youyou to come and see me. Otherwise. . . "

"She is dead!"

Bai Mo suddenly stood up with a painful expression. He grabbed Ye Mingchen's collar and looked into his deep eyes. He trembled all over. "If it wasn't for you. If there wasn't a bastard like you! How could she commit suicide!? How could she bear to leave me!?"

Bai Mo's roar echoed in the office.

Ye Mingchen could not hear him clearly. He saw Bai Mo's blood-red eyes and heard his hoarse voice.

"Ye Mingchen! Why are you still alive? A person like you should go to the 18 layers of hell, you deserve to die!" Bai Mo roared.

"Bai Mo!"

Just as Bai Mo's fist was about to hit Ye Mingchen's face, a female voice sounded. Bai Mo's fist was suspended in the air, and he looked at the woman at the door. He withdrew his fist and took two steps back.

Ye Mingchen did not want to dodge, and his mind went blank for a moment. He was thinking, was Bai Youyou really dead?

This thought was quickly dispelled. No matter how similar these people acted, he would not believe it.

Bai Mo had said two years ago that he wanted to enter the drama school. In order to get Bai Youyou's permission, he even specially performed in front of her.

Wait, how did he know?

Ye Mingchen tried hard to recall. At that time, he was in the study, listening to the strange sounds downstairs. He went downstairs to get coffee, saw Bai Mo's exaggerated expression, and Bai Youyou's gentle smile.

It turned out that he remembered it so clearly.

"Director Ye. "

The woman's clear and cold voice pulled Ye Mingchen back to his thoughts. Ning Shu bowed in front of him and apologized, "Bai Mo has been in a bad mood recently because of the passing of his family. I am really sorry for offending you. I apologize to you on his behalf. "

Ning Shu was Bai Youyou's best friend. She was her best friend. She was a strong woman.

Ye Mingchen looked at Ning Shu. When she raised her head, he looked at her face and did not miss any subtle expression.

"Yes. "

Ye Mingchen looked at Bai Mo, who had entered the lounge and used the sound of the door being closed to vent his anger. His tone was low. "Where is Bai Youyou?"

"Director Ye, Yoyo is dead. " Ning Shu replied.

"No matter how you act, I will not believe that she is already dead. I will give you a chance. Now, ask her to come out and see me. Otherwise, I will use other methods to make her come out. "

Ning Shu's body stiffened for a moment. Ye Mingchen looked at her with a dark look in his eyes.

After that, Ning Shu recovered her condition, "No matter what you think, Bai Youyou's death is a fact. I hope you don't be too sad. The person who passed away has already left. Bai Youyou definitely hopes that the person she loves can live a good life. "

Ye Mingchen sneered and said maliciously: "Alright! I'm not sad. Let me tell you, if Bai Youyou is still alive, I will not take any action. But if she is dead, I want to see her corpse!"

" Bai Youyou has been cremated. " Ning Shu replied.

Only Ye Mingchen's cold back responded to Ning Shu.

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