CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C5 Do You Really Not Care
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C5 Do You Really Not Care
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C5 Do You Really Not Care

Dong Ming saw Ye Mingchen sitting alone in the office. According to the usual practice, Bai Youyou should have come to deliver food every day, but she had not been seen today.

"Where is Mrs. Ye? Why did I not see her?" Dong Ming sat in front of Ye Mingchen's desk and teased him.

They were deskmates in middle school and childhood friends. The whole company. Only Dong Ming dared to speak like this to Ye Mingchen.

Ye Mingchen never ate anything Bai Youyou made. All of them were eaten by Dong Ming. To be honest, Bai Youyou's cooking skills were really not bad. Dong Ming no longer wanted to eat the company's bento boxes. Only Ye Mingchen did not know how lucky he was.

Ye Mingchen looked up at Dong Ming and said coldly: "We are divorced. "

He said it casually. In Dong Ming's eyes, it was explosive news.

He stood up all of a sudden, "She actually wants to divorce you. You guys must be joking, right?"

Everyone knew how much that woman loved Ye Mingchen. Even if Ye Mingchen did not care about her, But everyone else's worried about her.

Sometimes, he couldn't help but sigh at the fate of this world. Bai Youyou was such a gentle and virtuous woman. Why was she so loyal to Ye Mingchen?

"The agreement is still in my hands. Do you want to take a look?" Ye Mingchen asked expressionlessly.

Dong Ming looked at his cold-blooded look and deeply felt that Bai Youyou was not worth it.

"After all, we have been husband and wife for seven years, and we have been separated just like that. You do not feel that it is a pity at all. She's so good to you, even if you're an iceberg, you should be melted by her. " Dong Ming was indignant.

Ye Mingchen was too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

"What if something happens to her? What if she dies? Don't you care? Don't you care about her life or death at all? " Dong Ming never thought that his words would actually come true.

"It has nothing to do with me. " Ye Mingchen's lips parted slightly, but his face was still cold. "I will not care about her. If you are worried about her, it is your business. It has nothing to do with me. "

Dong Ming was asking for trouble. He knew that Ye Mingchen hated Bai Youyou the most.

"I think Bai Youyou is really good. She is gentle and kind. She can go to the hall and the kitchen. At least you two have been husband and wife for seven years. " Dong Ming wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ye Mingchen before he could finish.

"Gentle? Kindness? She is a bad woman who uses the life of my family to force me. " Ye Mingchen said.

Dong Ming shut his mouth in embarrassment. Others might not know what happened seven years ago, but he knew it clearly.

"I will not have any good words in the future. " Dong Ming put his hands on his waist and shook his head. "Where did Bai Youyou go now? Did she go home?"

Ye Mingchen looked at Dong Ming like he was looking at a thief and asked, "Why did you ask about this? Don't tell me you really want to pursue her! "

"Yeah, why can't I? She has already conquered my stomach!" Dong Ming rolled his eyes as he spoke.

Ye Mingchen only thought that he was joking and muttered, "Why don't you marry a cook?"

Dong Ming continued to speak with confidence, "The food Bai Youyou makes. Although it's not some rare delicacy, the person who eats it is especially heart-warming and happy. It's all the taste of home. You are the only one who does not know how to cherish your fortune. "

Ye Mingchen felt a little stifled in his heart. He said, "What kind of good fortune is this? I'll treat you to some delicacies today and let you enjoy it. " Ye Mingchen stood up and put on his jacket. He said to Dong Ming, "Call a few friends and go to Paradise Club tonight. I'll treat you. "

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