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C7 The Mastermind

YuZhen wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ye Mingchen impatiently, "This is my own matter. "

His tone could be considered gentle, but Ye Mingchen's originally expressionless face was already as cold as ice.

He did not know where the feeling of irritation came from. He had already gotten rid of this annoying Bai Youyou, so why was she constantly mentioned? Furthermore, when he heard Bai Youyou's name, he could not help but feel restless.

YuZhen heard what Ye Mingchen said and was really anxious. She said in a panic, "Big Brother Chen. I did not do it on purpose. I just feel sorry for you. Don't be angry. "

Hearing what she said, Ye Mingchen became more and more impatient. As he spoke, he wanted to hang up.

"No. " YuZhen stopped him, "Big Brother Chen, listen to me. Can't you forget your sister? Sister has been dead for eight years. Why don't you look at the person in front of you more? Older sister is already dead, she can't possibly come back to life again. "

The person beside him?

Speaking of the person in front of him, Bai Youyou should be the person in front of him. Unfortunately, he really hated that woman.

"I don't need you to remind me. What exactly do you mean?" Ye Mingchen asked.

"Big Brother Chen, I like you. I want to take care of you on behalf of my sister. In the past, it was because of Bai Youyou. Now, you are divorced. I really want to be with you. " YuZhen spoke excitedly," I am not inferior to Big Sister at all. I even love you more than Big Sister loves you. Give me some time. Can you look at me a few more times and accept me?"

"You're different. " Ye Mingchen impatiently interrupted her, "Yuge is Yuge, and you are you. I only took care of you because of your sister's entrustment. I have no other intentions. Don't think too much about it. I only have your sister in my heart, this is a fact that can never be changed. "

After Ye Mingchen finished speaking, he did not care about YuZhen's feelings and forcefully cut off the phone.


A delicate and pretty young woman held the phone that still had some warmth in her hand and was unable to come back to her senses for a long time. The unwillingness and jealousy in her eyes seemed to be overflowing. . .

Why? Why did Ye Mingchen like her elder sister so much? She was also the daughter of Lin Family. She was not any worse than her elder sister. She didn't believe that Ye Mingchen had no feelings for her at all.

In the past, she was too naive. She always wanted to wait for Ye Mingchen to forget about the past. When he no longer loved her elder sister, she would come to his side. But Bai Youyou clearly knew that Ye Mingchen hated her, but she still did not let go of him.

Mrs. Ye's position should originally belong to Lin Yuzhen.

But at least Bai Youyou was easy to deceive and still had some conscience. Bai Youyou believed all of her words.

Lin Yuzhen put down the phone in her hand and revealed a confident smile. She slowly raised her pale hand and placed it on her chest.

Her heart beat strongly.

Her pure and beautiful face suddenly distorted.

"Sister, you have been smart for a lifetime, but you are as stupid as Bai Youyou. Why would a good car flip sideways? However, I will not let you die in vain. I will use your heart to obtain your lover, and then happily and happily be with him!"

Her eyes were filled with jealousy and anger.

"Lin, book me a plane ticket back to Capital. " Lin Yuzhen ordered the housekeeper.

Lin Yuzhen thought, "Big Brother Chen, I am coming back. I want to see if you will still ignore me without Bai Youyou and Big Sister. "

As long as she had enough time and patience, she would definitely be able to replace Big Sister and obtain his love.

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