CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C8 Don't Bother about the White Hair
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C8 Don't Bother about the White Hair
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C8 Don't Bother about the White Hair

Ye Mingchen had been in a good mood recently. Not only did his friends around him think so, but even the employees in the company also realized that the CEO's face was no longer gloomy.

Bai Youyou did not come to bother him, so he was naturally in a good mood.

"Without Bai Youyou, you will be free. " Dong Ming teased him.

"I don't think so. " Ye Mingchen corrected him, then put down the red wine cup in his hand and said meaningfully, "You should have known. "

Ye Mingchen mocked Dong Ming for asking a question that he knew the answer to, but Dong Ming did not care about it. He only said faintly, "What do you think Bai Youyou is doing now?"

"She? Who knows? This has nothing to do with me. " Ye Mingchen said casually.

"According to reliable information, Bai Youyou hasn't been on the Bai Family Consortium's board of directors for a long time. Ning Shu is now in charge of the Bai Family Consortium. Even Bai Youyou's younger brother, Bai Mo, who went to school in Australia, was brought back. " Dong Ming looked up at Ye Mingchen and continued, "Bai Youyou's parents spent a lot of effort and energy to develop the Bai Family Consortium. Bai Mo was also her treasure. The situation back then was so difficult, Bai Youyou did not give up on them. But now, she did not care at all. I think if Bai Youyou did not have an accident. . . It's just that you've hurt her too deeply. "

"Don't worry about her. " Ye Mingchen put down the wine glass in his hand. "I know what kind of woman she is. We have seen her means. These seven years of marriage only existed in name. She knew it in her heart. Bai Youyou's vitality was even more tenacious than cockroaches. As long as Bai's and Bai Mo existed for a day, She will come back one day. "

"Who knows if she will intentionally distance herself from me and achieve her goal? If you are worried for her, she will mock your stupidity sooner or later. "

Dong Ming helplessly nodded his head, expressing his agreement. "You are right. Bai Youyou is famous for being a strong woman. She is probably not a very stubborn person to be able to manage the Bai Family Consortium so well. Perhaps she has been hurt by you for the past seven years and has given up on you. She wants to get a divorce, change the environment, and change her mood. "

Ye Mingchen thought about Dong Ming's words. His face was indifferent, and no one could tell whether he was happy or sad.

Dong Ming continued, "Yuge has been away for eight years. Even if Bai Youyou was with you for seven years, she did not warm your heart. You should also start a new relationship. How about I introduce you to a few women?"

Ye Mingchen glared at Dong Ming and said sarcastically, "Have you changed your career and started the Marriage Introduction Center?"

"To be honest, I think Bai Youyou is actually quite suitable for you. She took good care of Bai Family Consortium and her family. Shouldn't a business celebrity like you marry someone so capable and care about your woman? If it wasn't for the fact that there was a problem between the two of you, you would have been happier. Perhaps she was just expressing her love in the wrong way. "

" That's enough. " Ye Mingchen impatiently interrupted Dong Ming's nagging.

Dong Ming had no other choice. It seemed like he could not help Bai Youyou.

After that, they talked about some business matters and did not mention Bai Youyou again.

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