CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C9 A Tooth for a Tooth
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CEO Spoils His Little Ex-wife/C9 A Tooth for a Tooth
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C9 A Tooth for a Tooth

Although Ye Mingchen didn't want to go, he still had to go to that extremely boring high school reunion.

His high school was at Capital's private high school. Those who could come here to study and attend school had families similar to Ye Mingchen. Although most of the companies in their family were not as famous as the Ye Family Group, they were still considered decent in Capital.

The relationships in the business world were complicated. Ye Mingchen knew that these people were just using the excuse of the reunion to seek cooperation opportunities, but he could only sit here and listen to their business flattery.

Luckily, Dong Ming was with him.

The reunion was set in the Imperial Authority Hall on the top floor of the Capital Hotel. In the beginning, everyone only greeted each other when they saw each other. Because they hadn't seen each other for many years, they were very reserved. But not long after, they drank too much. Then, the topic of conversation changed.

Suddenly, a fat man walked over and put his arm on his shoulder and loudly asked:

"Director Ye, I heard you are divorced?"

That fat man's surname was Qi. He had a family business that was neither big nor small. Recently, he seemed to be working with Ye Family Group's business.

Ye Mingchen narrowed his eyes and looked at him. He seemed to be a little unhappy.

The fat man was obviously drunk and reeked of alcohol. With his roar, everyone quieted down. Someone was afraid that Ye Mingchen would get angry, so he tugged at the corner of the fat man's shirt. The fat man did not appreciate it and continued to speak.

"Director Ye, it's great that you get a divorce! Your ex-wife is too overbearing. No man can bear living with her. "

The others could not stop him either. They could only watch him dig his own grave.

"Bai Youyou is indeed amazing. It's a pity that she is a woman. That year, the Bai's couple died in a car accident, so they were left behind. The older one was only 18 years old, while the younger one was only over 10 years old.

Many people in this shopping mall were waiting for something to happen to the Bai's, and then they could divide the business of the Bai's. Who knew that Bai Youyou would invite us out and ask for our help.

Knowing that everyone was waiting to see her make a fool of herself, she pretended to be stupid and toasted one by one. She begged everyone to cooperate with Bai's. At that time, I was just joking with her. "

As the man spoke, he picked up the wine glass in his hand and said," It's just such a big wine glass. I said that if she can drink one cup per person and toast everyone in the hall, I will believe her sincerity. The Qi's Group will be the first to cooperate with her.

There were more than twenty people present, and even a man wouldn't be able to do it. I thought she would give up, but who would have thought that she would toast me first and drink three cups in a row? She's really strong.

We didn't know that she was allergic to alcohol. After the twenty or so people finished toasting her, her entire body was covered in red bumps, and she was directly pulled away by the ambulance. If it wasn't for the timely rescue, her life would have been lost.

For the sake of a chance to cooperate. . . She didn't even want her life. Do you think this woman is funny? " The fatty said.

Ye Mingchen was lost in thought for a moment. That woman was allergic to alcohol. What was even more ridiculous was that even after seven years, he still did not know.

Every time he went back in the middle of the night, he always reeked of alcohol and pulled Bai Youyou to kiss her forcefully. Bai Youyou resisted every time. He thought that she was pretending to reject, but he did not expect her to be allergic to alcohol. But why did she not explain?

"Come, let's congratulate Director Ye for getting rid of his tough wife!" The fat man raised his glass to signal.

Ye Mingchen suddenly felt that the fat man was very hateful, especially his comments about Bai Youyou, which made him very unhappy.

Ye Mingchen picked up a goblet next to his hand and said with a smile that looked like a smile but not like a smile, "Director Qi, I heard that your company really wants to cooperate with Ye Family Group in the project of the Southern Fourth Loop. How about this, you take this goblet today and give a toast to every student here. I'll sign the contract with you on the spot, how about it? "

The fat man looked at the large goblet in Ye Mingchen's hand and was stunned. "Director Ye, he said. What do you mean? I, I. . . "

With so many people, one cup per person, he didn't even know if he would live after drinking it.

" If you don't drink, then forget it. " Ye Mingchen saw that Fatty didn't reply and expressed his regret. He opened his mouth and said, "Looks like our two companies can't cooperate. "

"No, no, I'll drink, I'll drink. " If he lost such a big project because of him, the board of directors would not forgive him. When Fatty thought of this, he took the cup from Ye Mingchen's hand while trembling.

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