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C3 The news

I told them my nearby address, afraid they would track me down later on. The ride was awkward for me but good thing I held up. It took us half an hour to arrive here.

"It was nice meeting you, Sereia," Phoenix said as they finally dropped me off. When I made sure that their car was far away, I walked towards our house since it was just a minute walk away.

I googled his name and found his pictures all over the internet. Damn, so they really are rich.

Gosh, out of the billions of people in the world, I happened to talk with an heir to a multi-billionaire company? Is everything alright with the universe?

When I arrived at our house, everything was silent. Tension filled the air, and it was suffocating.

Since I don't have any siblings, it was only me, my parents, and my grandparents. I saw my Uncle Adam looking at me grimly. He's probably also called here, hearing the news.

"What happened, Uncle?" I asked, but he just quietly motioned for me to come to the dining room where my grandfather was waiting. I did as he told and saw my grandfather waiting for me.

He had a cup of coffee in his hands and looked at me with gentle eyes. He was calm, but something was wrong with the way he was holding the mug.

He was sitting in the chair in front of me, looking at me with a saddened expression. Then he opened his mouth to say something, "I sold it."

It took me a moment to realize what he said. He just sold...what?

"Sold what, grandpa?" I asked.

"Our land, back in our hometown." He answered, sipping in his cup of coffee. I blinked, realizing it. Oh...before I knew it, I could feel tears running down my cheeks.

My grandfather stood up, seeing my reaction to what he said. "My dear, I just bought it because ..."

"But you didn't tell me before that." I raged, gritting my teeth. I was fuming mad, so mad. I bit my lip and breathed deeply to control myself.

To control my temper. Don’t get me wrong. I love my grandfather and I don't want to leave hurtful words to him. Just because I'm mad doesn't mean I have to disrespect him.

But right at this moment, all rational thoughts left me. "Grandpa, you know how much I love that land. And just like that? You just sold it to someone else?"

"It's not like that, my dear. I also love it from the bottom of my heart but we need the money to treat your grandmother."

Yes, money....everything is all about money. Of course, it would be. Why the hell is everything about money? Does he value that more than our land?

Yes I know he loves that land too. At the mansion there, he said it was important because of the woman he loved the most, grandma. He always tells me that he met the woman he loves there. I took a deep breath.

"But what about me, grandpa? You should have told me beforehand! I could have offered help! For goodness sake, I have a job, and I have my savings, grandpa."

And it's true. I had already finished my studies and even got my own job. I am a Veterinarian for goodness sake, even though I did not become that rich, my clinic is doing well.

I earned enough money to support them. But is it not enough? I swore to help my family in all aspects of life.

Silence hangs in the air. Grandpa couldn't argue with me knowing I was right.

He then opened his mouth again and broke the silence, "Sereia, just please understand me-" My grandfather tried to reason out again but I had enough. I cut his sentence off.

"All right, I understand. But I hope you also understand what I'm going to do." I said, and with that, I stormed out of the house.

I remember when I was still in college, my grandfather promised me himself that I would inherit our land in the province. And now that I'm here, I just found out that he sold it to someone else?

I feel betrayed, I had my hopes up for nothing. Despite my busy schedule, I had already made plans for that land. I will never let them sell it. And it's not just that, I value the memories we had there.

Is it that easy for grandpa to sell it to others?

I sighed. I know what I did was disrespectful. But I can't help it. I need to find a solution to this.

I heard Uncle Adam calling me from the door so I stopped, glaring at him, "What?" I asked.

He wiped the tears on my eyes that I didn't know were still flowing. He looked at me in pity.

I breathed in, "I don't need your pity, uncle." I snapped.

He looked at me in shock, not expecting me to say it. But then he sighed, "I know it's hard for you but-"

I shushed him, "Stop, I don't need your reason anymore. I heard it enough." And I turned around to end the conversation but he stopped me, "Where are you going?"

I chuckled bitterly, "I don't know. But I'll find a way to recover that land!"

I caught sight of my grandmother from the window, looking at me with a small sad smile. I gulped, feeling the lump in my throat.

She was sitting in a wheelchair, with her pale skin and white hair showing. She looked weak.

But I couldn't notice the smile she had looking at me. I turned away, not wanting to cry more. Dammit, why does it have to be this way!

Why can't I have that land and at the same time, have money to treat my grandmother? If only I was born rich....then things wouldn't have to be this way.

Hopping on a taxi, I dialed my mother's number.

"Mom?" I called out.

"Yes, baby?" I heard my mom's voice from the other line of the phone.

I hiccuped, and asked, "Where are you?" Was she aware of it? Why is she not in the house? "Do you know about it? About the land?"

There was a pause before she replied, "I'm here with your cousin’s house. And yes...I know it, Sereia." She said, calling me with my name.

"Right, you should have told me earlier," I said, feeling sad.

She sighed, "Well, we were scared to break it to you. We know how much you are attached to that land. You'll never let go of that for sure. And I'm just in time, I'll be visiting our land tomorrow."

My ears perked at that, and suddenly, I had a plan. I'll go with mom tomorrow! This is it. "Then let's go together, mom," I said.

"Why?" She asked.

Now I feel a bit better with a plan in mind. "I'll be discussing with the new owner and find a way to recover that land. I have to get that back, one way or another."

Mom chuckled from the phone, and commented, "I knew you would do this. All right. Get ready. Tomorrow at seven in the morning so we can leave."

"Okay, mom."

Pursing my lips, I dialed another number. I have to call my cousin, Eion.

I waited for a few minutes as the phone kept on ringing but he’s still not answering. I sighed, dammit. What is that idiot doing?

On my 10th dial to his number, he finally answered my call.

“Stop calling me, Sereia. I’m on a date with my girl now. Just call me back later if that’s important.” My cousin, Eion said from the other line without even greeting me. He was clearly irritated, I could feel it, judging from the tone in his voice.

“Cuz, this is important-”

“Who is that Eion?” I heard the voice of the girl asking him, cutting my sentence off.

“What? Who?” He asked, he then hung up the phone and I cursed under my breath.

I called him again in annoyance and this time, he instantly answered. “Hello? This is Snow, I just want to say that the man you are flirting with is Eion’s girlfriend.”

It was a girl’s voice. I blinked, my head processing this. Oh, so he’s with his girlfriend right now? Haha. So that is why it took him that long to answer, I should have known.

I released a nervous chuckle, “Oh, hello Snow! Of course, I know that! Wait, am I interrupting something?”

“Yeah, you interrupted our date,” I heard my cousin answering. “You just made my girl mad, Sereia. Tell her everything.” He demanded and I sighed. Really, he’s not changing.

Well, it’s partly my fault, I have to apologize. This is the first time I have talked with her. He already mentioned her name before and I thought he was not really serious at that time…but I heard many great things about her.

I gulped, “Oh, I really am sorry, Snow! Please don’t get mad at me! I’m a harmless creature!” I said, trying to sound as sincere as possible. For sure, if they suddenly fight now, Eion would blame this all on me. No, we should prevent that from happening. I cleared my throat, “I’m actually Eion’s cousin!”

“Cousin?” She repeated, still not believing what I just said.

“Yep, he didn’t mention me?”I asked, feeling betrayed by my cousin. “I’m hurt Eion!” I yelled in pain, cleared my throat, “I’m his cousin on his father’s side if you're curious.”

Silence fell from the other line and I heard Eion agreeing to me, “Yes, I forgot to tell you about it, babe.”

“Really? I don’t believe you.” Snow said, disbelief lacing in her voice. “Incest is common these days.”

Incest? I scrunch my nose in disgust. Ew. Just thinking about it makes me vomit. “Ewww, incest? How did you even think of that? I swear, I only see him as my older brother, Ms. Snow. I just called to request some help from Kuya Eion, that's why I called.” I explained.

“You look cute when you’re angry, babe,” Eion said. “Really, she’s my cousin. Why would I even cheat on you? I’m all yours, Snow. and you're the only one for me.”

I blinked at that, not used to hearing my cousin say sweet words. He was known as the robot in town. He’s expressionless, stiff, and really. When was he this lovey-dovey?

“ I really was jealous..” I heard Snow saying to him and my cousin laughed, “For a minute I was scared you’ll kill me, babe.”

And at that moment, I never felt so the third wheel. Goodness, this is why I don't like to stay with couples. They make the third person feel worse. They hung up now and called again to apologize to me, which I just accepted.

“Why were you even calling? What do you need, Sereia?” Eion asked, the sweet tone that he was using when talking with Snow changing into his usual tone that he uses when he talks to me. Psh, this guy.

“Your father, Uncle Adam, and Grandpa, came here earlier to tell me about the hand I was supposed to be having is now sold to another person. Great. Did you know this?” I asked.

“What? I don't know anything about that land for all I care.” He answered rudely.

I sighed. “You’re really not helpful, you know that? Fine, that’s all. I won’t disturb your little date anymore.”

And with that, I ended the phone call.

I went to my room to prepare. Tomorrow morning I will go to that land. We will be going early, so I have to sleep early tonight. I ended up falling asleep forming the plan in my mind.


When morning came, mom came to my room, woke me up, and waited for me to get ready. It was still 6 in the morning when I was already ready.

"Let's go, mom," I said, picking up the suitcase that I packed last night.

Mom paused, shaking her head.

"Oh, I forgot to tell your sweetie...your grandmother called for me earlier. She's experiencing pains so she wanted me to give her a headache, you know the old woman."

"Then what about the plan we talked about yesterday?" Gosh, I was so excited about reclaiming our land that I think I didn't sleep that much last night.

Mom pinched me on the cheek and I rolled my eyes at her. She still treats me like a kid, even though I'm already 24 years old.

She offered me her gentle smile, "Don't be too dramatic my dear. We'll still go, Sereia. Our plan is still going to continue. However, you'll just have to go there first today. I'll follow you tomorrow."

I sighed. "Fine."

"But are you sure about this?" She tilted her head in curiosity.

"With what?"

"Reclaiming our land."

"Yes, I'm sure," I said confidently.

"Is there no other way to stop you?" She asked.

I shook my head, "Nope."

"You're just like your dad. Once you make your decision, no one else can stop it, not even me." She chuckled at that before kissing me on the cheek. "All right then, be careful on your trip. Text me when you arrive there."

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