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C7 Stay here baby

I jumped at the sound. I turned around and saw Phoenix standing by the door, his eyebrows creased that looks like he’s surprised to see me here.

"This was my room last time when this house was still ours,” I informed him. “I just want to take a look, see if it has changed. Then I’ll leave now.” Walking to the door to get out, I gasped as Phoenix quickly closed it and locked it.

I gulped, feeling a bit nervous now. Damn, was it this man planning on doing now?

Phoenix sent me a smile as he approached me."Well, you can look around more. I don’t mind.” He said, then curled his eyebrows questioningly. “Do you still want me to sell this land to you?"

"Yeah." Why am I nervous? Sereia Philomena Hudson Isolde should not be nervous!

"You won't give up?" He asked again, now crossing his arms in front of him as if testing me.

"No." I firmly said, standing my ground.

It’s almost like it was the answer he was waiting for as a smirk escaped his lips now, "Then I came up with a plan. If you cooperate….”

I hissed, “I’ll only cooperate if it's something I can do. Something bearable for me. Now tell me what it is.”

“Oh, trust me, it’s more than bearable.” Placing his hands beside my head, he pushed me in the wall, sealing me in a cage as his hand was beside my head, my back pressing the wall.

My breath hitched.

It seemed like he noticed the nervousness I was feeling so his smirk grew even more, "You have to show me that you really want this land. Show it to me that you can manage it."

I frowned at him, I mean, I already complied with his “condition” earlier and kissed him. Isn’t that enough?

"What kind of plan is that Phoenix?” I can’t help but comment. “Plus, I already kissed you earlier. Do you still want more than that?”

“Darling, it’s my precious land we’re talking about. Did you really think It would only take a kiss for me to sell it?” He said.

I scoffed at that, really. I thought we had come to an agreement now. “Fine, then what is it now?”

"Stay here, baby."

I laugh at that. "You seem to be mistaken about me, Phoenix Mason Hill," I said when I regained my confidence and removed his hands from caging me. "Stay here? What are you saying?"

"What are you referring to my stay? Can’t you see? I'm staying for the night." I said, laughing at the thought.

He shook his head. "No. What I mean is for a long time. For days."

I snorted. "And what? What do you want me to do by proving myself to you? Like ordering me around? Is that so?"

Something in his eyes lit up at that, "Well, I wasn't thinking about that but if you want to order you around then I would love." He winked and I gagged at the sight.

This guy!

Breathing in, I bared my teeth and I instantly said the most famous line I had told to men. "You know what, let me clear something up for you. I am Sereia Philomena Hudson Isolde and many men are tripping over me."

"And I am the heir of a billionaire. A bachelor. I can do anything you know. I can take any girl I want, Sereia. Even you.”

He retorted and I grinded my teeth, "For your information, You’re not my type. I like shy guys."

"Awe shy guys? Baby, I can be anything you want.” He caged me on the wall. again. I rolled my eyes. I've had enough with guys like him back in my school. He then continued, "Trust me, sweetheart. You have more good qualities to see in me."

Leaning into me, he whispered in my ear, "If you live here and prove yourself, then you can take the land from me."

I looked on the ground, deciding what to do now and chewing on my lip. I mean, his plan seems tempting…but I have to consider my work. The clinic won’t run without me at the city.

But if I leave now…

“Then deal. I just have to prove myself, right?” The words came out of my mouth without thinking twice.

With that, Phoenix’s eyes narrowed slightly and he had this lopsided grin now, "Damn, woman. I'm getting more and more excited. I'll change that heart of yours and make you fall for me.”

Does this man want to challenge me? I scoffed at the idea. "Try me."

Offering his hands to me, he then introduced himself, "I'm Phoenix Mason Hill. Nice to finally officially meet you. "

I nodded, accepting his hands and meeting him in the eyes, "I’m Sereia Philomena Hudson Isolde. Nice to meet you too, Phoenix."

"How many days do you need for me to prove myself?" I asked, remembering it as the most important question now. I have to consider this and my set aside work for now.

An evil grin on his face started to appear now, "No. Your question is wrong. You should be asking me this. How many days will you fall for me?” He replied, before continuing, “The answer is In one week."


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked him.

“I want to be a pilot!” He replied, laughing as he grabbed his little plane toy.

Just then the setting changed, and I watched as he fell from the cliff.

“Sereia!” He called out. I wanted to reach his hands, but my feet stayed rooted from the ground. “No!” I yelled in frustration.

My eyes flickered open from that. I looked around, feeling sweat forming in my forehead from the dream. It has been years now and I’m still dreaming about him...

My thoughts were cut off with another phone call, with my father's name on the caller ID.

"Hi, Sereia my darling." He greeted me as soon as I answered the phone call.

"Hello, dad,” I replied, biting the inside of my cheek out of nervousness.

"How are you there?" He asked and I halted at that.

"Wait dad, I thought you were mad at me? Mom told me yesterday you are…for how I treated my grandfather?"

I heard him sigh on the other line of the phone, "Well, yes baby. But you know me, I can't get mad at you for so long.”

I can’t help but smile at that. I knew it. Dad is really that type of person. Good thing I’m his favorite. Well, I’m his only child, of course, I would be his favorite.

Dad continued, “But what you did was so disrespectful. We didn't raise you like that." Actually, my dad is now in Canada with his friend, Tito Samuel. He had a business there so daddy already works there.

I winced at what he said. I may be his favorite, but he always lectures me whenever he’s on the phone. It kind of stressed me out. I messaged my forehead, "I know. I'll just ask for forgiveness from my grandfather when I come back."

My dad’s own parents were dead when they were young, and he’s an only child. And with that, I only have Eion as my cousin.

Father had sacrificed a lot just to be approved by grandpa, who is the father of mom since he wasn’t that financially capable at that time.

I still had a bit of hatred for grandpa but I don’t have to stay this way forever. Soon, this will subside and when that happens, I have to say sorry to him.

“But Sereia…” He trailed off, his tone changing into sullen. “Are you sure about this? After what happened to your…brother?” He asked unsurely.

I feel a lump starting to form in my throat when I hear the word brother. I swallowed, “I’m fine, dad.”

I heard him sigh, "Good, then take care, my dear. Love you." Dad said and I answered with,

"Love you."

Ending the call, I dialed another number.

“Goodmorning boss.” I greeted my boss, Theon, as I made a phone call to him.

“Hello, Sereia. How is your vacation there?” He answered, his tone happy. Good. I need to test the waters first before asking him about it. Well, looks like he’s happy so I think that I can proceed.

“Well, I’m enjoying it. Also, I’m going to ask you something.” I said.

“Sure, anything, dear,” He responded and I drew a breath before continuing.

“Can I have two weeks' leave?”

There was a pause and my heartbeat quickened, feeling nervous all of a sudden. Just then, I heard him chuckling“Oh, is that all? Sure. You know you’re my favorite employee.”

Thank goodness I’m close to him so I managed to persuade him. I have to thank him and work hard when I come back.

I typed in a message for mom.

“Can you bring me some clothes enough for two weeks mom?” - Sereia

It didn’t take long for her to reply. “Why? I’m coming this afternoon there.” - Mom

Oh, how should I explain this to mom? I bit my lip and typed in, “I figured I have to stay here for one week. I’ll explain the details later when you’re here.” -Sereia

“Okay then. See you later, sweetheart.” -Mom

Just in time, Lola Nanding was standing by the door. “Sereia, dear?"

I didn't hear her enter the door earlier. "Oh, sorry, were you standing there for a while now, Lola Nanding?"

She shook her head and gently smiled at me, "Oh no, I just came here actually... Come on my dear. I came here to invite you for breakfast. Let’s eat."

I nodded. "All right, Lola Nanding."

We went to the dining table together and I helped her serve the table for three people.

“Is Phoenix eating with us?” I asked.

“Yes, he’s just taking a shower, let’s wait for a bit.” She replied and instantly, Phoenix’s figure came from the stairs.

He was not wearing anything except a towel on his waist and I gulped at the sight, seeing him shaking his wet hair as droplets of water were still on his chest.

He then went his way towards the refrigerator to grab some water like I wasn’t even there.

“Phoenix, go change. We have a guest here if you forgot.” Lola Nanding said, scolding him.

Phoenix turned to look at us, blinking at me as his gaze landed on me. I avoided my eyes from him, focusing on the food.

“Oh, sorry about that, Lola Nanding. I forgot Sereia is still here.” He said, and I looked up to see a coy smile on his face.

“Careful, drool is coming out of your mouth.”

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