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"The Empyrean Furnace, capable of nurturing a heart, the mortal world, cannot escape from the bitter grudges of heaven and earth." The Empyrean Furnace, rich in heart, the mortal world, cannot escape the bitter grudges of heaven and earth. "The greater the gains and losses, the greater the benefits, the greater the rewards!"

"Xingyun!" I'm leaving now, remember this! The reason I sent you to the Ancient Desolation was because I had no other choice. This trip will not go smoothly for you, and Mu Tian Si has already noticed our whereabouts.

On the desolate riverbed, an old man dressed like an ascetic was holding a Jin'ling Scepter in his hand. Behind him was a fifteen to sixteen year old youth, who was quickly walking and talking to him. The speed of the two was extremely fast. Their footsteps could not leave even the slightest mark on the ancient ground. The wind had started to blow, and the swaying withered grass was telling of the powerlessness of living beings!

The young man was called Li Xingyun, someone from outside the Ancient Desolation. He wore a tattered, plain robe, and his handsome face had clear lines on it, showing the unswerving determination that should not have appeared on him! And the old man in front of him was his master, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan!

"Master, please be at ease. I have remembered the three realms of the Ancient Wastelands and Nine Prefectures by heart. I will take my leave this time and first go to Yanzhou and enter the Dao Pagoda!"

Li Xingyun quickly followed with a worn out stone book in his hands. The stone book was only the size of a palm and emitted a green glow, and from the way he was holding it, it was obvious that the stone book was very heavy. His bones were covered with white marks, and there were fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

At this moment, the riverbed of the Ancient Desolation was riddled with thousands of holes. There was not the slightest trace of water, and the wide crevices were like the chapped skin of winter, depicting the decline of time.


After walking 50 miles, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan suddenly stopped. His defeated eyes revealed a trace of gratification.

"Xingyun, your master has left. Your ability to escape is almost gone. Remember what your master said, in this Ancient Wasteland you are a demon that eats people, and you will always protect your own life. Remember to be frivolous and impatient.

There were praises and criticism from Venerable Lord Shengyan, but it didn't matter whether Li Xingyun liked it or not. With just a few sentences, he disappeared among the trees and grasses.

Looking at the empty land in front of him, Li Xingyun was momentarily at a loss.

The world was vast, but this was a strange place. He had fallen into the Infernal domain, the place where many devils ate humans in ancient times. He had to be careful.

His thoughts instantly turned to nothingness!

Soon enough, Li Xingyun retracted his confused look. With a resolute and sharp gaze, he bowed towards the sky!

"Master, don't worry. Everything will be lost!"

One month later...

In the great ancient desert, sand filled the sky. A young man in a simple robe dashed forward and surveyed his surroundings, only a few dozen feet away.

"A Green Smoke World is about to leave the wasteland ?"

Li Xingyun softly muttered to himself as he looked at the faint wall that was like a smokescreen hundreds of miles away.

He had traveled with his master for a year. Because there were too many strange and unpredictable dire beasts, demonic cultivators, and foreign races in the wasteland, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan had escorted them all the way here. He had been travelling by himself for a month now, and only now did he arrive at the first Green Smoke World!

The Green Smoke World was the only place in the Ancient Desolation that was not corroded by time. Currently, the entire Ancient Desolation had nine Green Smoke Worlds protecting the nine lands. This was the Nine Prefectures!

And at the head of the Eastern Wastelands, the green smoke world was his destination ? the Yan Province!

It was said that even a normal person would have to spend their entire life walking around. There was no absolute ruler here, as long as you had the ability and the fist strength, you would have the authority to speak. However, compared to the wilderness, this place was much better.

In the Wasteland, there was no reason nor humanity. There were only benefits, greed, bloodlust, filth, and at that place, one could face death at any time. Even with the protection of Venerable Lord Sheng, they had been in danger many times, all thanks to the palm-sized stone book in his hands.

The Nine Prefectures had slightly improved as well. Here, the Demonic Cultivator race would be restricted by some of the major powers and would not dare to act recklessly in public. The dire beasts were outside of the Green Smoke Realm, which Li Xingyun viewed as a paradise compared to the wasteland.

With these thoughts in mind, he quickly put down the huge rock in his heart and walked towards the Green Smoke World.

"Kid, where did you come from?"

Suddenly, an ethereal voice came from somewhere in front of him. There was no sound of joy, anger, or sorrow, but only a heartfelt sense of oppression.

"Spirit Transformation Stage ?"

Li Xingyun immediately revealed the other party's strength and didn't answer his question. In this wasteland, it wasn't the place to act honest. At the same time, he was also weighing the differences between the two of them.

Right now, he was only at the Spirit Channeling realm and belonged to the peak level, but his opponent was at the middle level Spirit Channeling stage. The difference in strength was too great, and he could not be a match for his opponent.


The person's soft exclamations came from the surrounding withered grass. It was obvious that he was surprised that a youngster could guess his cultivation level!

"Little doll, seeing that you have extraordinary roots, let me remind you that 50 miles ahead, there are demonic cultivators working here. You should just wait for half a day!"

The voice continued. From start to finish, Li Xingyun had only heard the voice and had yet to see the person. Li Xingyun wasn't surprised at all by this point. He would have been surprised if the other party had shown up.

In the Wasteland, if the two sides were to meet, the difference in strength wouldn't be too great, and everyone would be able to maintain their original state. Just like the situation now, the people in the dark didn't want to provoke the people in the open, and the people in the open didn't want to offend the people in the dark either.

The corner of Li Xingyun's mouth raised imperceptibly after he finished listening, as he thought to himself, "This person should be young and deliberately pretended to be an old man. In addition, when he speaks, his breath is erratic and there are signs of suppression. He should be injured. Hehe! In the Wasteland, there are no kind-hearted people to remind you of any dangers! "

After thinking it through, Li Xingyun relaxed and said to the darkness, "Senior! "Brat, my strength is low, I'm afraid of encountering dire beasts while I travel at night, so I need to hurry to Yanzhou. I will take a detour, and then, I will not disturb you!"

With that, Li Xingyun ignored the person in the dark and walked straight ahead.

He was confident that the other party wouldn't jump out to cause trouble for him. Now that the other party was too busy, how could he possibly cause trouble for him? As for the Demonic Cultivator up ahead, hehe ? He actually wanted to take a look.

"Bastard!" "Cough, cough ?"

After Li Xingyun left, an angry female voice came from the withered grass. It was completely different from the old man's voice before. It was obvious that this person was pretending. However, Li Xingyun never would have thought that the person he was talking to was a woman.

The woman coughed violently for a while before stopping and saying anxiously, "No! "It's rare for the Blood Mist Flower to appear. We can't let him go ?"

Li Xingyun traveled alone. Although he didn't seem to care much about that person's warning, he had already secretly made his preparations. The so-called, one shouldn't have any intentions of harming others. One shouldn't be on guard against others! He knew how to protect himself, and even a false piece of information revealed a lot of information.

The person who said that there was a Demonic cultivator ahead was clearly trying to intimidate him. In other words, although he wasn't sure if there was a Demonic cultivator ahead, it was still a good opportunity.

Rustle ?

In the wilderness, the wind was blowing harder. It was almost dusk, and the sun was setting in the sky and the air was getting colder. The eagle was circling above the sky!

Li Xingyun had only used a single set of the [Cloud Shadow Technique] for less than a quarter of an hour before he was already fifty kilometers away.

Although it wasn't emerald green, it was still a rare and tall species. After looking at the endless stretch of withered grass, he suddenly saw some trees. It was truly a different taste. Li Xingyun gradually began to immerse himself in it.

After a long time ?

"Sigh!" It has already been five years since I left the Sacred Region. These five years have been thousands of years, but I actually almost forgot about the true color of the world, hehe! "

Li Xingyun gave a self-deprecating laugh. When he thought back to his years of life, he felt like he had been separated from another world.

Five years ago, when the Saint realm was in turmoil and Mu Tianzhi was in power, more than half of the Saint realm had fallen. His own sect was also overwhelmed and shattered, forced to enter the Ancient Wastelands with his master, Venerable Lord Shengyan.

In these five years, he had experienced many, many things, including savagery, schemes, and betrayals. He had experienced all sorts of things in the Wasteland, and it would be hard for him not to grow.

Fallen Leaf Shang, Flowery Dream...

A single leaf fell, and the heavens and earth rose and fell. Gradually, he started to regain his senses, and coincidentally, a withered leaf fell before him. It was as if an invisible hand was fiddling with it, as if it was about to descend upon him.


Li Xingyun suddenly moved. He stretched out his hand and circled around the dried up leaves in the air. Then, the dried up leaves suddenly stopped and floated in front of his eyes. He had neither strength nor direction to go!

"Originally, everything in the world had its own trajectory. I changed the trajectory of a fallen leaf, but did I change it? Or was it supposed to? Was my change its fate?"

Li Xingyun frowned as he stared at the withered leaf in front of him. Slowly, he closed his eyes and sat down.

The dried up leaf seemed to have sensed something as it happily followed his descent, floating before his eyes. At this moment, it seemed to have come to life, glowing red under the setting sun.

The wind howled! It was like a sorrowful song of the heaven and earth, the desolate wilderness, the green smoke world that stood for a long time like a savage warrior guarding the pure land of the mortal world, isolating the wasteland. It was silent, solemn, ancient, melodious ?

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