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The area occupied by the city lord of the city was quite large. Li Xingyun followed Ding Bao and walked for about an hour before they arrived in front of a large hall.

This hall should be used for the City Lord's Guest Hall. It took up quite a bit of land, and had green and black walls with high eaves, as well as a grand and imposing atmosphere. Just from this, one could see some of the City Lord's personality.

There weren't any guards here, which made sense. The city lord was already a Cloud Realm expert, so he probably wouldn't need any guards.

As Ding Bao was leading them, they directly entered the main hall.

After entering the main hall, Li Xingyun saw City Lord An Yuanshan sitting on a large chair.

The main reason was because the aura this person gave was too eye-catching, like a general galloping through an army of thousands. He had an aura that was completely different from that of Venerable Lord Sheng Yan, who was even stronger.

Judging from his appearance and stature, his eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were like the stars. When he was young, he was clearly a beautiful man.

While he was sizing up An Yuanshan, An Yuanshan was also sizing him up.

"This child's temperament is gentle, his gaze is reserved, and his gaze is like the stars. He is clearly a wise and calm person. Even at his age, this is rare!"

Ding Bao saw that the two of them had finished probing each other, so he stepped forward and said, "Sir, this is the person I brought back from the Green Smoke World last night. Please inquire, sir!"


An Yuanshan indifferently nodded and said to Li Xingyun, "Sit! "Don't be nervous. I only called you here to ask a few questions!"

"I don't dare to!" Hearing that, Li Xingyun also responded courteously. At the same time, he directly found a place to sit down.

Li Xingyun's performance once again caused An Yuanshan to secretly nod his head. Unknowingly, he had already sent out the aura of someone who had always been in a high position. Ding Bao was already somewhat restricted, but this youngster in front of him was as calm as ever.

An Yuanshan was slightly surprised, but he still sat down. He tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair, seemingly considering something. After a long while ?

"I believe you already know that I am the city's lord, An Yuanshan. I only called you here to ask you about what happened last night. After all, the city is on the edge of the Azure Mist World, so you can't be careless!"

"I understand!" Li Xingyun nodded in understanding.

Then, without waiting for An Yuanshan to ask, he slowly told him what had happened earlier. Of course, the people from the Violent Wolf Gang and the dragon aura didn't mention anything about it, and regarding the Swallowing Cloud Python, they only said that it was killed by the two of them.

Even after listening to Li Xingyun's explanation, An Yuanshan remained unmoved. It was as if his expression had already become so fixed.

After a while, An Yuanshan suddenly asked, "I still don't know your name and place of birth. Is it convenient to tell you?"

An Yuanshan's sudden question seemed to be unintentional. However, with his aura of the Cloud Realm at his peak, it made people think more about it.

However, Li Xingyun was different. At the very least, he had seen great scenes before. Moreover, his own master was a person who was countless times stronger than those at the pinnacle of the Cloud Realm. Just think about it, how could he be affected by this?

His face was slightly pale, and he hurriedly replied, "Boy Li Xingyun, I'm from the River Luo Country, I lost my way outside the River Styx's Green Smoke World. After a few twists and turns, I finally landed here!"

Jingzhou was a neighbor of the Yan Province, but it was thousands of miles away from the Crippling Sun City. However, there was a small number of people that would occasionally enter the two cities. This situation wasn't common, but it did exist.

Perhaps even Li Xingyun didn't think that his unintentional answer would cause An Yuanshan to be confused.

Regarding the entire Ancient Desolation, he only knew that there were three levels in the Nine Prefectures and a few huge ancient cities. As for the rest, they were all in the wrong.

At this moment, An Yuanshan was frowning slightly. He tapped his fingers even more frequently.

Ding Bao, from start to finish, looked at the two of them, but did not say anything. For some reason, he felt that the atmosphere was strange. He did not know why the City Lord would care so much about such a weak kid.

It wasn't just him. Li Xingyun was also extremely puzzled. An Yuanshan's attitude was even more like a side question. This was truly intriguing.

After a while, An Yuanshan recovered from his deep thoughts. His aura also slowly faded away, as if nothing had happened.

"Haha ?" Suddenly, An Yuanshan laughed heartily and said to Ding Bao, "Ding Bao, since this little brother is from Jingzhou, it will be very difficult to return in a short period of time. Bring him along and familiarize yourself with this Crippling Sun City so that you can see the difference between Yangzhou and Jingzhou!"

"Yes sir!"

Ding Bao bowed in response.

After receiving the orders, Ding Bao didn't stay any longer and led Li Xingyun out of the main hall.

After the two of them left, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the hall. This person was slender, not tall, and his black robe looked even more solemn. What made people puzzled was that they couldn't even see where he came from.

"Brother Ying, what do you think of this kid?" An Yuanshan didn't seem to care about the man's appearance. He just asked casually.

When the black-clothed man heard this, his expression was relaxed. He didn't answer and instead asked, "I heard that your Iron Guard mission wasn't very good last night. Why didn't you let the shadow guard take action?"

An Yuanshan's calm old face couldn't help but turn black when he heard this. He bitterly smiled and said, "Brother, you don't know, the Iron Guards are only suited for those kind of head-on battles. Unlike you Shadow Guards, they are good at roundabout assassinations. I have indeed overlooked something last night, but I have already arranged for someone to take care of it!"

"En!" Jiang Ying did not have much of an expression as he softly replied, "What do you think of this kid? He looks quite pleasing to my eyes. If possible, I would even like to accept a disciple!"


An Yuanshan, who usually did not have much of an expression on his face, suddenly turned around and stared at the figure in disbelief. After a long while, he said with a strange look, "I say, brother. You don't know what I'm worried about, do you?"

If one was not aware of their conversation, they would not have been able to hear it. It was as if they were both in a stupor. Fortunately, the two of them understood each other's intentions.

The figure ignored An Yuanshan's surprise and continued, "I know that the Ancient Desolate Land is getting more and more chaotic. That power is getting more and more unbridled. However, I don't need to worry about that kid!"

"Oh? "Why is that?" An Yuanshan stared at General Ying, as if he was trying to read something from his eyes.

"Don't look at me like that!" He sat Shadow down on his butt and twitched his mouth. "This kid is a reliable person. I owe a favor to his master. A month ago, he specifically came over to exhort me!"

It turned out that a month ago, after Venerable Lord Sheng Yan and Li Xingyun had separated, he wasn't very confident about his disciple, so he had come alone to specially entrust him with this task.

Hearing this, An Yuanshan's lips twitched as he hatefully said, "This bastard actually made a fool out of me!" After saying that, he paused for a while and continued, "I really want to see what kind of place the place you mentioned is!"

"Hng hng!" He rolled his eyes, whimpered, and didn't reply.

Seeing that Jiang Ying did not intend to reveal anything, An Yuanshan could only helplessly say, "Relax, since you have already said so, I will not make things difficult for him. As for how to arrange it, perhaps you have an idea yourself. Don't bother me with this matter, sigh!"

After sighing, he clasped his hands behind his back and left. However, he did not care about the arrangements for General Ying.

Li Xingyun himself didn't know about these things, and he didn't know that his master would know anyone here.

After leaving the hall with Ding Bao, he had taken the lead to return to his residence. The woman had left him a piece of jade before he left, so he hadn't had the time to inspect her!

Now that he had the time, he naturally plunged his head into a room and took out that piece of warm jade. His heart was slightly moved.

Warm jade was only an inch in size and was a precious jade that nourished the soul. Generally speaking, besides nourishing the soul, this kind of warm jade was used for storing information. Moreover, the information stored would usually be relatively valuable.

To record a message with one's soul, one had to have a soul consciousness. And a soul consciousness was a symbol of the peak cloud realm and above.

Below the peak of the Cloud Realm, the Spirit Realm nourished the flesh and blood, cleared spirit energy, opened the void and turned the spirit realm into spirit, tempered the muscles and bones, refined one's own body, strengthened one's mind and mind, opened up the sea of consciousness, and when the sea of consciousness was fully formed, soul consciousness would become the peak of the Cloud Realm.

The peak of the Cloud Realm was the first watershed for cultivators. It was different from advancing to the Spirit Opening Realm. After advancing to the peak of the Cloud Realm, a cultivator's lifespan would increase by 200 years. This way, the first stage of cultivation would become even more distinct.

Li Xingyun quickly calmed himself down as his thoughts churned. He held the jade in his hand and used his spiritual sense to sense it.

Spirit sense is just an empty thought. There is a fundamental difference between a spirit sense and it. For example, if we can feel the wind blowing against us, then we can use it.

After communicating with his spiritual sense, a bright yellow ball of light quickly entered his Niwan Palace and disappeared. At the same time, a wave of vast information instantly dispersed into his mind.

Li Xingyun had a strange expression on his face when he received the message. He only came back to his senses after a long while.

It turned out that it wasn't some kind of technique or technique, nor was it some hidden treasure map. It was just an introduction to the Ancient Desolation. It was very detailed and even had food and clothing. It seemed to be a shallow level of knowledge that was taught to children.

Although its value was not high, it was indeed what he needed the most right now.

From this, it could be seen that the masked woman's identity was indeed extraordinary. If the most basic knowledge of a family was engraved with warm jade, would her overall strength be ordinary?

After he recovered from his deep thoughts, Li Xingyun felt slightly satisfied. After putting Wen Yu away, he also had the intention of going out to take a look. Previously, he had been blinded by fear of others seeing through him, but now, he didn't need to be afraid anymore.

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