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Jing Mo Xun's voice was calm as he said this, he looked calm, neither happy nor sad. However, when the crowd heard this, they could not help but feel a chill rising up their spines!

This kind of feeling was akin to being targeted by the most vicious thing in the world. It was unfathomable for no reason at all.

Fortunately, Jing Mo Xun did not target them and quickly withdrew his aura.

He then instructed, "Xie Ying, this time, you two are not reliable. I will hand the Ghost General over to you two. This time, don't let me down!"

"Yes, young master!"

Upon hearing this, the falcons and bulls immediately reacted, answering in a low voice.

"And ?"

After speaking, Jing Mo Xun thought for a moment before saying, "Spread the news for me!"

In the endless forest.

"Li Xingyun, put me down. I'm fine now!"

Although Yun Su's tone was still cold, it was clear that she now had more emotions. She was no longer as emotionless as she was before!

At this moment, Li Xingyun was carrying her as he quickly made his way through the forest. As he walked, he paid careful attention to his surroundings.

After he heard this, he paused for a moment before immediately rejecting, "No! I feel that Jing Mo Xun has some way to sense me, so I must find it! "

"What does this have to do with me?" Yun Su asked.

Li Xingyun had been carrying her when she was injured by the falcons and the Demonic Bear. He had used his spiritual force to help her recover, but she was already fine. Li Xingyun just hadn't noticed it yet.

At this moment, Li Xingyun suddenly stopped as well, and said somewhat embarrassedly, "Cough cough! I'm sorry, I forgot about it! "

With that, he put down Yun Su and walked forward by himself!

"This person ?"

When Yun Su saw this, she speechlessly shook her head before following him.

Not long after, they found a deserted cave. The inside of the cave was relatively dry and suitable for living. After taking a look at the two of them, they decided to rest here.

At this moment, Li Xingyun took out the Cosmic Bag that Mo Xun had given him. He poured out everything inside and gave it to Yun Su.

"What is this?" Seeing him give her the Cosmic Bag, Yun Su asked curiously.

Hearing that, Li Xingyun merely said, "This Cosmic Bag has quite a bit of space. It should be better than yours. Take it. It's useless for me to come here!"

With that, he did not care about Yun Su's expression and directly gave it to her!

In fact, it was indeed true that the Cosmic Bag Yun Su used was the lowest grade one and only had one dimensional space. Of course, it was left behind by the woman who adopted her previously, something that normal people would not have.

Seeing Li Xingyun hand over the Cosmic Bag, she thought for a moment, but didn't say anything. He just quietly put it away.

At this moment, Li Xingyun was looking at the large pile of medicinal herbs in front of him!

Indeed, it was as he had requested. The total was ten thousand medicinal plants, two thousand Profound Grade, and eight thousand Spirit Grade. Furthermore, the quality was excellent.

After checking for a while and confirming that there were no problems, he prepared to start taking it!


Suddenly, Yun Su stopped him. Surprised, he could not help but ask, "What's wrong?"

Hearing this, Yun Su frowned slightly and asked sternly, "You're so sure there won't be any problems?"

Hearing that, Li Xingyun also stopped. He frowned as he looked at the pile of herbs in front of him.

He had already checked carefully several times, but there were no problems with the ingredients. They were all common healing herbs. Furthermore, with his physique, he would be able to eat them easily without any problems.

However, he felt that it was inappropriate to be questioned by Yun Su. Based on his understanding of Jing Mo Xun, this person was not a kind-hearted person. He looked like a docile little sheep, but in reality, he was the big bad wolf!

"There shouldn't be any problems. After all, it's impossible for him to do anything rash!" Li Xingyun said uncertainly.

"Ha ha!"

Hearing that, Yun Su laughed coldly, "Temporary? Didn't you say that Jing Mo Xun has been following you for a long time? Then, how could he not know that you were looking for medicinal ingredients during this period of time? "

"Also, do you think that with his character, he would be willing to spend so much money to save two subordinates that don't need to work?"

Hearing this, he suddenly woke up from his stupor!

That's right, Jing Mo Xun was a rather tactful and vicious person from the very start. Moreover, he did not seem to be the kind of person who valued friendship and camaraderie. The benefits and benefits were what he cared about.

Since that was the case, then there was definitely a problem with these medicinal herbs.

But why was it that he was unable to detect anything at all?

Thinking of this, he did not dare to be careless anymore. Calming his heart, he picked up a stalk of medicinal herb and carefully examined it!

It was a Spirit Cleansing Grass, a medicinal ingredient used to treat external injuries. It was just a spirit rank herb, and its age was also sufficient. Regardless of its color, shape, or taste, it was all very good.

However, since he had decided to inspect it, he naturally wouldn't give up. Holding it in his hand, he slowly started to knead it with all his might!

Following the movements of his hand, drops of the Soulcleanse Grass's sap fell onto a white jade bowl that he had prepared beforehand.

Gradually, the leaves of the Spirit Cleansing Grass began to wither. Finally, they completely turned into dust and disappeared into the air.

Li Xingyun looked at the bright green liquid in the bowl as a nameless flame appeared in his hand. It was the Holy Spirit Flame in his body.

As the flames burned, the amount of juice was gradually decreasing. During this process, no accidents were made. In the end, he did not know what kind of seal he formed and directly condensed the juice into pills!

Yun Su couldn't help but raise her eyebrows when she saw this scene. She asked curiously, "You're an alchemist?"

Faced with Yun Su's confusion, Li Xingyun shook his head and said, "No, I'm a Holy Spirit Master!"

A Holy Spirit Master was at a higher level than an alchemist, but at times, this level didn't mean that others would approve of him. This was because this profession was too few, and could be said to be as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Therefore, as a Holy Spirit Master, refining pills is also a must. Moreover, as long as the cultivation of a Holy Spirit Master is sufficient and the Holy Spirit power is sufficient, then any pills can be made without any restriction.

For example, Li Xingyun had already reached the third level of his Holy Spirit Force. He didn't know what that meant, but he was confident that he wouldn't have any problems refining some Spirit Level pills.

Yun Su obviously did not understand what the Holy Spirit Master was, so she did not ask.

At this moment, Li Xingyun had already condensed a pill.

The pill was only the size of a bean and was perfectly round. It was very beautiful!

However, he frowned when he saw this situation.

"Strange, there are no problems. Could it be that Jing Mo Xun's personality has changed?"

Thinking of this, he simply sat down cross-legged and grabbed a handful of medicinal herbs before starting to refine them again!

He never believed in Jing Mo Xun's character, so he chose to spend a lot of time and effort on testing these herbs.

One had to know that this was not a comfortable job. It was tiring, and once used accidentally, even the herbs would be destroyed.

Fortunately, his technique was not bad, and nothing had happened!

Just when he felt everything was fine, he finally stopped.

At this moment, the jade bowl remained in his hands, but the liquid within it had turned crimson, just like blood, except much clearer.

And in the liquid, Li Xingyun discovered a trace of black. This black was extremely minute, almost invisible to the naked eye.

This bowl of liquid was the Red Sand Fruit's spirit liquid. It was a type of tonic without any side effects. The medicinal properties were stable and moderate, a good medicine for replenishing one's vital energy and blood.

However, the black tendrils within were able to move his heart.

This was not the result of him not being meticulous with his purification, but because he was being passive.

Seeing this, he couldn't help but use his spiritual energy to wrap the black thread around it.

However, when he placed the item on a leaf, the black line immediately attached itself to the leaf. In the blink of an eye, the leaf turned completely yellow, turning into a withered leaf.

When he saw this, his pupils constricted. He didn't hesitate any longer and searched with all his strength once more!

Soon, he found another black line. Slowly, he collected all the items!

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. During these two days, things had greatly changed.

All the cultivators in the world inexplicably rushed towards the center.

No one knew who said it was because they found the teleportation channel to open the relic and were allowed to leave.

Hearing this, many cultivators were extremely excited, but some were reluctant to leave.

Within this ruin, it could be said that many people did not obtain much of a harvest. Only after coming here did they gain some. Thus, many people were unwilling to accept this.

However, some people felt excited. After being stuck here for so long, they were finally going to leave. Even if they did not reap any rewards, at least they would be in less danger.

Actually, many people had come in who had acquired treasures, just that it wasn't many.

For example, the twelve Mysterious Spirit Weapons that Li Xingyun and Tianyun had encountered were all good stuff. Furthermore, he was sure that the stone hall wasn't the only place with those opportunities.

Not to mention, even in this world, there were many medicinal plants. Furthermore, these medicinal plants were not ordinary items. If one was lucky, encountering a Heavenly medicinal plant would not be impossible.

As a result, the lack of profit was only because of the lack of interest.

Besides, they had been here for more than half a year. Who wouldn't want to go back and take a look?

As a result, when they heard that there was a teleportation channel, they all frantically ran toward the center, afraid that they would miss it and be unable to return.

However, Li Xingyun didn't know about any of this. At this moment, he was staring at the object in front of him in a daze, his expression somewhat unsettled!

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