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After exiting the City Lord's Mansion, Li Xingyun wandered around. Since he didn't know the road, he was prepared to walk around as he pleased.

The day in the Crippling Sun City was bustling with noise and excitement. Both sides of the street were filled with goods, most of which were used by cultivators. Medicinal herbs or ores were used by cultivators. In comparison, mortal items were few.

Actually, it was because he wasn't familiar with this place. Generally speaking, mortal items would be sold in one place, which was beneficial for normal people.

At this moment, they had just left the City Lord's Mansion and were only used for cultivators.

After walking for a long time, he discovered an interesting phenomenon. The things in the Ancient Desolation were very special, for example, another Scarlet Yulan. In the Saint realm, this plant looked even darker and brighter, but the Ancient Desolation's color was deeper and darker.

Other than medicinal herbs, there were many differences in ores as well. It felt like the energy of two different lands were different. All of the colors in the Ancient Desolation were darker and had a deeper texture to them.

Unknowingly, he had already walked through many different streets, yet he did not find anything useful.

Just as he felt helpless, he was suddenly alarmed by the ruckus in front of him.

Since he had nothing better to do, he decided not to go back so soon.

"Hey!" "Owner, you asked for 100 crystals for this broken stone, this is too expensive, do you think this is some ancient material?"

At this moment, there were twenty to thirty people surrounding a stall, all pointing and discussing something. The person who spoke was a middle-aged man, and he was one of them.

The crystal the middle-aged man spoke of was the currency used by cultivators in the ancient times.

The spirit energy in the Feng Shui lines converged. Under the special earth pressure, it formed an energy crystal that could be used by cultivators to cultivate for many years.

There were only three grades of crystals, from low to high, they were White Crystal, Red Crystal, and Purple Crystal. The rate of progress between them was 100 to 1, 100 White Crystals was equal to 1 Red Crystal, 100 Red Crystal was equal to 1 Purple Crystal, and most of the time they used White Crystal, because the energy of the Red Crystal and the Purple Crystal were purer and more powerful, it was difficult to appear.

As for the so-called ancient youth, Li Xingyun did know about this.

Since ancient times, the sky had always been called blue sky, and those ore materials that fell from the sky and were eroded by time were called ancient green materials.

Hearing everyone's argument, Li Xingyun's interest was piqued as well. There were six ranks of plants and ores in the world: mortal, spirit, mystical, heavenly, exotic, and saint!

As for this ancient green material, it was one of the different materials. If one was lucky, some green materials could even grow to become a legendary Saint level material!

And now, he had coincidentally encountered such an interesting thing. How could he not gain more knowledge? Even if it wasn't an ancient material, listening to everyone's conversation would at least increase one's knowledge, wouldn't it?

As he was thinking, he heard the stall owner say depressingly, "Aiyo! This young brother here, I dare not say these words of the ancient green materials, furthermore, that thing is not something that can be bought with a hundred crystals, although I am not a legendary existence, but I can definitely be considered a mystical grade, and one hundred crystals is not a high price! "

The booth owner was an old man in flower armor, wearing a worn out set of hemp clothes. He looked very rundown, and his cultivation was not that high either. He was actually only at the late stage of the Spirit Channeling stage.

This kind of cultivation was the lowest in the entire continent. To put it bluntly, this kind of cultivation was only able to live a few years longer than ordinary people, and his body was slightly better!

When Li Xingyun saw the old man, he couldn't help sighing in his heart.

Ignoring the old man, he walked straight to the stall and looked at the stone that had caused the dispute.

It was a black stone about the size of a fist. It was irregular in shape and there were small spikes protruding from its surface.

Li Xingyun couldn't help but want to pick it up and play with it out of curiosity.

However, to his surprise, he did not pick it up immediately.

Now that he'd advanced to the Spirit Opening Realm, his strength was at least a thousand pounds, but he hadn't been able to pick it up, even though he'd been indifferent in the beginning.

Fortunately, he quickly adjusted himself so that he did not make a fool of himself.

As he held it in his hand, he felt that this black stone was a bit rough and abnormally heavy. Just this small piece of black stone was already about 1000 jins in weight.

"Hehe!" Little Brother, what, you're also interested in this mischievous stone? "

Just as he was sizing up the crowd, a young man walked out from the crowd like a thief. This young man had shifty eyes and was obviously not a good person. "Since it's new, let's take a look!"

With regards to his attitude, the youth did not seem to care at all, and continued on as if he was familiar with the stone, "This rock does not have any other special characteristics other than its weight, Old Zhang has already sold himself here for several months, but there are a lot of people here who want to buy it. After all, a weak cultivator like us can't even save up a hundred crystals a year, so we usually use the broken crystals left behind when we excavate!"

The broken crystals weren't worth more than crystals, and the spirit energy inside would dissipate faster. If they weren't short on money, who would be willing to use those?

Li Xingyun didn't pay any attention to the vulgar youth's words. Instead, his left ear went in and out of his right ear. Most of the time, he was still looking at the stone in front of him!

"Hey!" Old Zhang, I see that you have been selling this crappy stone for months. How about you sell it today at a low price?

"Tch!" Old Zhang, don't listen to his nonsense. Ten crystals is still too little.

"Bullshit ?"

A large group of people were making a ruckus. They seemed like they were raising the price, but in fact, they were just making a ruckus!

At this moment, the stall owner who was called Old Zhang bitterly smiled as he looked at the surrounding people arguing, not saying a word.

"100 crystals, I want it!"

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out in the arena. Amidst all the arguments and arguments, this voice was rather ear-piercing and resounded clearly in everyone's ears.

For a time, everyone couldn't help but turn their gazes towards the person who spoke, looking at him as if he was a fool.

He saw that in front of the stall, a young man wearing a simple robe was squatting on the ground, flipping the black stone over and over.

The youth was not very old, only around 15 or 16 years old. His appearance was handsome and his gentle face held a gentle smile. It was very easy for others to get close to him!

The youngster was clearly Li Xingyun. He didn't have much knowledge on stone either. He only felt that this item was very heavy and hard. It would be good if it could be used to make hidden weapons.

If these people knew what he was thinking, they would probably curse him as a "wastrel"!

"Ugh ?" This little brother, is what you said true? "

The stall owner, Elder Zhang, was the first to recover from his shock. He carefully asked, as if he was afraid that Li Xingyun would go back on his word.

"Of course it's true!" Li Xingyun stood up and smiled, "It's just that I don't have that many crystals right now. If you trust me, you can exchange with me!"

He didn't lie, he really didn't have any ready-made crystals, and he only knew about existences like crystals in the morning.

Hearing Li Xingyun's words, the stall owner clearly had some hesitation as he revealed a struggling expression.

Obviously, he didn't know whether the words spoken by this ordinary youth were true or not. However, someone had finally made a move, and he wasn't willing to give up.

The bystanders seemed to have noticed this and could not help but add fuel to the fire.

"Hey!" "That old man, look at this child's hair! It's not yet fully grown, and he's still wearing such tattered clothes. Do you think he has a hundred crystals?"

"That's right, we should be careful not to sail a ship for ten thousand years. Don't be fooled by his appearance!"

Some even said in a weird tone, "Don't be fooled by this child to harm your life!"

The loud noises entered the old man's ears, causing his already hesitant mind to waver even more!

At that moment, a person suddenly walked out from the crowd. He glanced at the black stone in Li Xingyun's hand and shouted, "Stop arguing, stop arguing. I'll take this broken stone!"

The person seemed to be extremely rich and did not care about the hundred crystals at all.

Hearing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help frowning and subconsciously looked over.

The person who spoke should be a young lady. The reason why she said it was reasonable was because she had disguised herself as a man. However, the way she disguised herself was really too clumsy, and she didn't even know that she was wearing a moustache.

Her black hair was tied behind her back in a flowing cloud shape. Even though she was dressed as a man, it caused one's eyes to light up, and the only flaw was that her chest seemed to have yet to develop, making her resemble a man.

Li Xingyun had already taken the stone for himself, but he had come all the way here to block their way. This made him very unhappy.

"Boss!" You no longer have the right to buy and sell this stone, because I've already discussed the price with you. It was you who didn't go with me to go and buy it, you know? "

Li Xingyun tossed the blackstone in his hand. His relaxed appearance caused many people who wanted to sow discord to shut their mouths.

Even though it was only a rock the size of a fist, it weighed a thousand jin. If it wasn't for Li Xingyun's natural strength, he probably wouldn't have been able to lift it up!

"Hey!" What is a kid like you saying? " Hearing that, the young girl stood in front of Li Xingyun and spoke in an aged tone, "Where do you find such things as forced buying and selling? I'm not willing to sell you, so what can you do?"

When the young girl was facing Li Xingyun, she did not have any scruples. Furthermore, she was only at the late stage of the Spirit Realm. Li Xingyun could not help but sigh, "The ignorant is truly fearless!"

Only this girl seemed to have just arrived, so she didn't know anything.

After seeing Li Xingyun's movements, those old foxes, who had come to take advantage of the situation, all stopped in their tracks because they knew that their fists were not as strong as their opponents'.

He held the heavy object in his hand and began to play with it. This was a disguised demonstration of power.

Li Xingyun had only done this to give the villain a warning. Who would've thought that this little girl would still not let him go!

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