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Everyone was speechless at the sudden intrusion of such a mischievous little girl. Fortunately, this was the Crippling Sun City, and the mayor had a place to manage it. If it were elsewhere, they would have already started fighting.

Li Xingyun didn't pay any more attention to the girl. She was clearly the daughter of a rich family. If she had nothing to do, she would just run out and look for her. After having a bit of fun, he naturally wouldn't mind.

The stall owner clearly discovered this as well. He helplessly shook his head as he sighed to himself.

"Uncle, do you have a decision on this stone?" Li Xingyun turned around and asked the old man.

Hearing this, Elder Zhang was quite straightforward, "Little brother, there's no need to worry. This stone is indeed yours. It's only a hundred crystals ?"

"Old Uncle, don't worry. If you feel that something is amiss, there are so many people here that you can go along with us. I think many people would be happy to do that!" Li Xingyun interrupted him and spoke in a low voice.

The old man was also a wise man, hearing these words, how could he not understand? 100 crystals wasn't much, but it wasn't little either. Many people here might not even be able to take out 10 crystals, just imagine, with 100 crystals in front of them, what would they do?

As a result, the old man quickly waved his hand and said, "No need, I believe in little brother's character!"

"Alright then!" Then let's go! " Li Xingyun didn't mind it at all. He smiled as he spoke, then looked around at the crowd with a dark expression and said in a deep voice, "If I see anyone who doesn't like me, I think I'll make him understand the price!"

It wasn't that he was exaggerating. Most of the people around him were at the Spirit Opening Realm, and only three or five were at the Spirit Opening Realm. Adding on to the fact that he had been intimidating before, his words were quite imposing.

From start to finish, the young girl, who assumed the identity of a passerby, had been completely ignored. How could she agree to that? She grabbed Li Xingyun's arm and said anxiously, "Hey, hey!" You guys can't do this, aren't we supposed to compete fairly? How could you ignore me? "

Li Xingyun felt a headache coming on when he was stopped like this.

Helplessly glancing at the young girl, he did his best to correct the moustache on the corner of her mouth!

"Little girl, next time you come out and play, remember to dress up properly!"

After saying this, he took the lead and left, leaving behind the blushing young girl who was extremely bashful on the spot. Her cute appearance caused others to feel pity for her!

After an interlude, Li Xingyun also became familiar with the old man.

The old man's name was Zhang Mo, and in the past he was a little expert of the Green Ethereal Realm. However, he was severely injured in a mission and couldn't be cured in time, thus leaving behind his illness. Now, his illness was severe, and his cultivation plummeted to the present Spirit Realm!

From Zhang Mo's introduction, he knew that the stall was located between the transaction area for cultivators and the transaction area for mortals. Therefore, there weren't many experts there. The further one went towards the city gate, the more experts there were.

"Uncle, are you tired of carrying that stone on your body?"

After the two walked for a while, Li Xingyun suddenly asked in a strange tone.

Previously, when they said that they would look for a trading firm, the two of them had just left. As for that piece of stone, Zhang Mo had brought it along with him.

"Old Zhang was once the famous Barbarian King. His strength could fight against spirit beasts. Although his cultivation has dropped over the years, his strength is still there!"

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice came from behind him, giving him a strange feeling when he heard it.

Surprised, Li Xingyun couldn't help turning his head around. When he saw who it was, he was shocked. This person was the wretched youth that had taken the initiative to talk to him at the stall. He didn't know when this youth had appeared, but he hadn't noticed him at all.

Sensing the wariness in Li Xingyun's eyes, Zhang Mo chuckled and said, "Little brother, don't be too weird. This kid is called Wu Yan, and he's an orphan. He's currently living with me!"

"Wu Yan relies on selling information to earn a living. Therefore, this movement technique is naturally unique!"

"Wordless? Faint?" Li Xingyun muttered to himself and let his guard down. No wonder this guy kept urging him to buy the Stones!

Since they were together, this made sense!

With these thoughts in mind, the few of them continued to chat with each other as they headed towards a merchant house near the city gate.

The few of them did not know that not long after they left, a small tail followed them. The tail angrily stared at their backs, and it gritted its silver teeth!

The Crippled Treasure Shop!

The name of this trading firm was rather creative. It was clearly a treasure, but there was an incomplete character written in front of it. The meaning behind it was thought-provoking!

Their destination was this place. The entire Crippling Sun City Merchant Firm was large and small, and there were more than a dozen of them. However, this Crippling Sun Trading Company not only had a large backer, it was also fair, so many people liked to walk this way!

Before he even entered the store, he had already witnessed the popularity of the Crippling Treasure Trading Company.

A tall building that took up several hundred zhang in area stood on one side of the street, overpowering the rest of the street. It looked quite grand and grand.

Several guards stood on both sides of the door. These guards were all at the peak of the Spirit Opening Realm. This once again showed Li Xingyun how powerful the Crippling Treasure Trading Company was.

In front of the door, there were several people waiting in line. It was only after they asked did they realize that they were all here to apply for the position of a servant.

Shaking his head in frustration, Li Xingyun and his men bypassed them and entered the hall.

The lobby was very spacious. Even if there were 1000 people, it wouldn't feel crowded. There were all kinds of items, including weapons, pills, elixirs, spiritual materials, and all sorts of materials available!

In the great hall, there was a counter every 10 feet. There was a deacon specifically looking after them. The several of them came to a counter and asked.

"Senior!" I have a peak level two Cloud Swallowing Python beast core for sale, please take a look! "

Li Xingyun politely asked the old man behind the counter. He didn't expect that today, with his bad luck, he would run into someone with a bad temper.

The old man opened his eyes a crack and said indifferently, "Fifty crystals. Expires!"


Upon hearing these words, Wu Yan immediately jumped up. His actions immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Seeing this, Zhang Mo hurriedly stopped him, which was why he did not arouse any dissatisfaction from the trading firm.

Generally speaking, the beast cores of a peak Rank 2 Spirit Beast would be worth at least five hundred crystals. This was what he had just learned from Zhang Mo.

Not to mention that the Cloud Swallowing Python was a rare spirit beast, so its wind and thunder attributes were much more valuable.

"Senior!" I am talking about the Cloud Swallowing Python's core, the peak of the second grade, why don't you reconsider? " Li Xingyun spoke in a flat tone, but his tone was no longer casual.

Zhang Mo, who had always been by his side, felt it the most. Previously, he thought that the young man in front of him was a young master who had been raised up in some greenhouse, but at this moment, he felt a hidden killing intent from the aura he suddenly emitted.

The change in his aura was too huge. One moment he was feeling the warm sun in the late spring, making him feel comfortable. The next he was like a torrential storm, full of ruthlessness and iron blood!

This contradictory feeling caused waves to rise and fall!

"Humph!" If you say it's fifty, then it's fifty, if you don't want to sell it, then scram! "

The old man seemed to be annoyed by Wu Yan's previous actions. He looked at them in disdain, but when he heard Li Xingyun's words, he immediately exploded.

His shout once again attracted the attention of the surrounding people. Many pairs of puzzled, curious, and disdainful gazes turned to look at him.

Li Xingyun's expression did not change even when being yelled at like that. However, his aura had already reached the critical point of exploding.

Before coming here, his master had warned him that he would protect his life as his master. However, if he were to meet someone who dared to provoke him, he could just kill them all with a single punch, no matter who it was.

This kind of violent tendencies could be said to be completely inherited from Venerable Lord Sheng.

The Master and disciple both belonged to the split type of cultivator. On the surface, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan appeared detached and unworldly, but if someone provoked him, it would definitely be a devastating blow. Li Xingyun appeared gentle, but his heart was in a frenzy.

For this reason, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan had spent five years in the wilderness to teach him the art of escaping. That was because the two of them weren't peaceful people!

"Humph!" "Since you are so young and yet you do not know your place, I will teach you in place of your teacher today!"

Sensing the killing intent in Li Xingyun's aura, the old man was immediately enraged.

With a cold snort, he dashed towards Li Xingyun like an arrow that had just left the bowstring. Before he could even reach him, he had already suppressed Li Xingyun's aura.

The old man was at the peak of the Spirit Opening Realm, so he was naturally much stronger than Li Xingyun. The old man was at the peak of the Spirit Opening Realm, so naturally he was much stronger than Li Xingyun.

Logically speaking, cultivators at the initial level of the Spirit Opening Realm should not be a match for intermediate level Spirit Opening Realm cultivators, but the gap between them could be made up by weapons, secret treasures, techniques, etc.

For someone like Li Xingyun, whose body was innately strong, who could train in spiritual techniques even if he was in the Spirit Opening Realm, fighting against cultivators above his level was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, the gap between him and someone at the peak of the Spirit Opening Stage was too large. Thus, he did not dare to be careless when he saw the opponent's palm approaching him. He circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body and quickly bombarded it!


Both palms struck out, bringing along waves of heat waves. The wind brushed against their bodies, causing their long hair to fly into the air!

"Tap, tap, tap ?"

Li Xingyun had to retreat three steps before he was able to withstand the huge force.

Although he had once killed a Cloud Swallowing Python, that was a demon beast that had been injured. After going through another attack from the Ming Phoenix powder, its strength was only at the late stage of the Spirit Opening Realm, which was why he was able to kill it. However, this old man was different.

The old man landed firmly on the ground. He looked at Li Xingyun in astonishment. Only he knew that he had used ninety percent of his strength in that previous attack.

Today, he was already in a bad mood. When he woke up in the morning, his lover cried for him, saying that his brother-in-law had been killed by someone and had messed with him for the whole morning.

He had wanted to make things difficult for the other party to vent his anger, but when he sensed the killing intent in the other party's aura, he was enraged. But now, after a single attack, he felt like a tiger eating a turtle, with no place to place a claw.

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