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The sounds of fighting attracted the attention of many people. No one had dared to cause trouble in the Broken Treasure Trading Company for who knew how many years, but today they had seen a rare sight.

The old man seemed to have sensed that something was amiss as well. This incident was not good for anyone, but if he thought about it, no one seemed to be paying attention to him. Didn't that mean that right and wrong were decided by him?

Thinking about this, his face turned vicious as he shouted, "Child, don't be so arrogant! Today, this old man will let you know the consequences of causing trouble at my Crippling Treasure Trading Company! "

As the sound of his voice faded, his movements became even more nimble. His movements were filled with killing intent.


Li Xingyun frowned when he noticed the murderous intent. He had never intended to blow the matter up, but it seemed like the other party didn't plan on doing so.

Combined with what happened before, he quickly understood what this old thing was planning. He must be planning to murder him and kill him!

Thinking of this, how could he still hold back? His moves also gradually became more ruthless.

The old man was truly worthy of his cultivation of the Spirit Opening Realm. With his full strength, Li Xingyun was also exhausted. He quickly suffered some internal injuries!


After another palm strike, Si Yang took the chance to retreat. Seeing this, the old man was overjoyed. He took the opportunity to close in and gave his opponent a palm strike.

The gap in cultivation between the two of them allowed him to quickly catch up to Li Xingyun. As he released his spiritual energy, the palm had already descended. He had even predicted that Li Xingyun would die with this palm strike.

A grim smile slowly bloomed on his face ?

"Sigh!" This child is going to be viciously attacked! "

Those in the crowd couldn't help but shake their heads and sigh with pity. No matter what, Li Xingyun was still just a youth, it was normal for him to feel pity for someone who didn't have any children.

However, before they could recover their wits, the situation reversed.

Unknowingly, Li Xingyun's retreating body had actually managed to twist ninety degrees in the air and receive the old man's attack.

After evading the attack, he did not retreat immediately. Instead, he struck the snake with the rod, circling the old man's outstretched hand in a grabbing motion. Using his astonishing strength, he twisted the rod back!

Ka-cha ?

The old man did not seem to be able to react, as if he did not understand why his opponent was able to avoid his fatal attack. At the same time, he seemed to be wondering why his opponent had such strength!


A blood-curdling screech sounded out. The old man's arm was snapped off from Li Xingyun's wrist and was pressed down behind him. The tendons and veins on his arm were all ripped out. Blood immediately splattered, causing the entire hall to be drenched in blood.


It was unknown who gulped, causing a chain reaction from the crowd. This scene was truly bloody and violent. Didn't they see the old man's face twist in pain!?

At that moment, a strange thought appeared in everyone's mind. The young man in front of them was a beast that had come from the wilderness.

The person who had been sympathizing with Li Xingyun earlier also had fear written all over his face as he stared blankly, as if he was scared.

Li Xingyun completely ignored these people. Once he had succeeded, he didn't stop and punched the old man several times, causing blood to ooze out of his mouth and nose.

However, he had still underestimated the life force of an expert at the peak of the spirit realm. That old man was still alive and kicking despite receiving such heavy injuries.

His mistake this time was entirely due to Li Xingyun's surprise attack and his own carelessness in underestimating Li Xingyun. Otherwise, he would have been able to kill Li Xingyun with his strongest spiritual energy.

Now that he had broken free, he couldn't care less about the excruciating pain in his body. He stared at Li Xingyun with hatred and trembling eyes that were filled with a thick killing intent.

"Good!" Very good! You have successfully torn apart my bottom line. Today, if you are not dead, then I am dead! "

Because of the intense pain, the old man's voice trembled as he spoke. One of his arms hung limply by his side.

Li Xingyun was completely bored by these harsh words. He could feel several tyrannical auras locking down on him, waiting for him to attack first before dealing a fatal blow.

He knew that his actions had already aroused the dissatisfaction of the trading firm. However, if he were to repeat himself, he would still choose to do so. After all, he did not come to the Ancient Desolation to seek refuge.


In the next moment, the old man moved and charged towards him without any hesitation. Because his speed was too fast, he actually created a whistling sound.

Li Xingyun didn't dare to be negligent. While he was paying attention to his surroundings, he quickly shifted around. Suddenly, his heart tightened as a sense of danger came from all directions.

He knew that the people who were hiding had appeared.

With a whoosh, he appeared thirty meters away, and just as he left, the place where he had been standing before had already been greeted with a few powerful attacks. From the looks of it, he did not doubt that if he was slightly slower, he would have become an ice-cold corpse.


After the aftermath of the attack dissipated, five figures appeared on the field. All five of them looked middle-aged and wore a set of black armor. Their cultivation bases were deep and vast as well.

As soon as the five players appeared, they immediately attacked. However, when they saw that they weren't able to block the opponent with their attacks, they all cried out in surprise.

"Hehe!" The Crippling Treasure Trading Company is really impressive. The Cloud Swallowing Python's core, which is at the peak of rank 2, actually gave a price of fifty crystals. Now they have actually sent out so many people.

Li Xingyun was furious, but his expression remained calm.

Those spectators who did not know what was going on also came to a realization when they heard this. For a moment, the crowd could not help but curse and scold the old man. After all, the people who had come were all guests.

Noticing the unfriendly gazes from the surrounding people, the five armored guards that had just appeared frowned slightly. They did not know what had happened. They only knew that their duty was to protect the trading company.

The old man also noticed the change in the situation and immediately became flustered, swearing, "Shameless child, are you trying to slander the trading firm after causing such trouble? Your heart can be destroyed! The five protectors should not be deceived by this lowly person, quickly kill this Demon Ghost and take the honor of my Trading Company! "

It had to be said that this old man was quite eloquent. He had the ability to invert black and white and had first tied himself together with the trading firm.

At this moment, the five protectors also did not know what to do. This matter had already blown up, and it would have a huge impact on the trading firm if they could not handle it properly.

When the old man saw the five protectors hesitating, he immediately became anxious. In his panic, he saw Li Xingyun's dignified gaze towards the top of the stairs. He was immediately overjoyed and his killing intent surged.

Zheng ?

Before the crowd could recover their wits, he'd already pulled out a guard's saber and stabbed it towards Li Xingyun.


When the spectators noticed this scene, they couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Li Xingyun's attention was indeed drawn to the person on the second floor. However, it wasn't that he didn't notice the old man.

The moment the long blade slashed at him, he once again strangely dodged the fatal blow. However, the old man's sneak attack coupled with his surging killing intent caused his attack to be extremely swift. The final cut landed on his waist!


The silk robe was torn apart, and a hint of scarlet was left in its wake. It was obvious that he had been injured.

"Humph!" All of you, stop! "

Suddenly, an old voice came from the second floor. When it fell into the ears of the people in the great hall, it was like a thunderclap that shook their souls.

Li Xingyun wanted to retaliate, but when he heard the voice, he suddenly felt his body tighten and he was unable to move. At this moment, it seemed that because of the old man's high cultivation, he was able to break free in an instant.

His expression turned hostile, as if he didn't even notice the cold shout. The moment he broke free, the blade swung up diagonally. If Li Xingyun suffered this blow, his corpse would definitely be decapitated.

Li Xingyun's pupils contracted as he felt his heart being squeezed.

With such a threatening situation, he had no choice but to use all the spiritual energy in his body to break free of the restraints.


A muffled sound escaped from his throat as his face paled at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. A dark red color could be seen trickling down from his lips. It was obvious that he had suffered internal injuries!

However, after bearing such a price, he managed to break free of the invisible shackles and in the nick of time, dodged the old man's killing blow!

The hare rises and the falcon falls!

The whole process happened in the time it took for a thousandth of a breath. The entire process happened in the time it took for a person upstairs to speak.

Only when Li Xingyun stood in the middle of the crowd did everyone wake up!

Only a few powerful cultivators understood what had happened. At this moment, they couldn't help but be shocked by Li Xingyun's decisiveness!

Previously, when he broke his arm with that old man, it was cruel to the enemy. But now, when his life was in danger, he could calmly analyze the advantages and disadvantages and then quickly make a choice to be ruthless to himself. This was an ability that required life and death training to obtain.

When the dust settled, the person upstairs also appeared in everyone's line of sight.

However, at this moment, his expression was rather ugly. He glanced coldly at Li Xingyun, then slowly descended into the great hall.

When the person came down, everyone could not help but be shocked.

It was because there were actually two people who had come. One was an old man in white robes, the other in red.

From the way the two of them dressed, it could be seen just how strong their characters were. As for the person with a cold expression, it was the red-robed elder.

He looked at the old man in white. He looked calm and collected, as if nothing was bothering him.

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