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The appearance of these two made the atmosphere in the hall ease up. The five guards could not help but let out a sigh of relief. After all, this matter had already surpassed the limits of their abilities!

When the old man saw the two old men, his expression also changed. He respectfully bowed and said, "Nie Qing greets the two elders!"

"This subordinate greets the two elders!" The five guards bowed in unison.

Tap, tap, tap ?

The sound of a series of footsteps could be heard as he descended the stairs. Very soon, a chubby figure barged into their line of sight.

At first glance, Li Xingyun only thought of this person as Ding Bao. However, when he clearly saw the person's appearance, he inwardly shook his head.

This person was also fat, and regardless of his height or build, he was similar to Ding Bao. Even his shrewd little eyes were similar, however, he did not have the festive feeling of Ding Bao.

The fat guy bowed to the two old men as soon as he entered the field.

"Subordinate Song, have you seen Bai Cang and Chi Yun, the two elders? I didn't discipline you well, so I've troubled the two elders!"

Song Que didn't bother to wipe the big man's hair. After bowing to the two of them, he turned around and looked at Nie Qing. His expression gradually turned grim!


Before anyone could recover from the shock, a resounding clap could be heard in the hall. Even though there were hundreds of people in the hall, they were unable to stop the crisp sound.

"Nie Qing, what kind of good deed did you, this son of a b * tch, do you want to cause such a ruckus?"

He ignored Nie Qing's expression, and after he finished cursing, he turned around and said to the crowd, "May I ask who was the one causing trouble here?"

He acted the entire process on his own, as if no one else had anything to do with it.

At the very least, Li Xingyun felt at ease after that slap. Presumably, under such circumstances, any person would feel a trace of dissatisfaction. This was the reason for Song Que's success!

"It's me!"

A clear, sonorous, and slightly hoarse voice rang out from Li Xingyun's mouth as he leisurely walked out of the crowd.

Behind him, Zhang Mo and Wu Yan followed closely behind.

"It's you?"

He cupped his hands together and said, "Friend, was there a misunderstanding in the matter just now? If there is a misunderstanding, why don't we resolve it as a trivial matter? Of course, let me introduce myself, I am the manager of the Crippling Sun City branch of the Crippling Sun Trading Company. How should I address you, my friend?"

Song did not ask who was right or wrong when he tried to resolve this matter. This gave Li Xingyun a hint of understanding. It seemed that Song Dai had some sort of method to know about what had just happened!

"Li Xingyun!"

Li Xingyun lightly said, as if he wasn't going to resolve this matter.

Seeing this, Song Wufa could only let out a hollow laugh, and tried to find something to say. "Cough cough ?" Li Xingyun, flowing like the clouds and flowing like the water.


As soon as Song Que finished speaking, Scarlet Cloud shouted out loud to stop him, his tone was filled with displeasure.

Song Que was also sweating profusely after being stopped, so he didn't dare to breathe too loudly.

He then looked at Li Xingyun and said, "Kid, if you don't give this old man a satisfactory explanation about what happened today, then you don't need to enjoy tomorrow's sunrise!"

"Ha!" Li Xingyun couldn't help but sneer as he looked at Scarlet Cloud and said, "I don't know how great the previous reputation of the Crippling Treasure Trading Company was, but after seeing me today, I understand. It seems that it really is a 'well-deserved reputation'!"

At this moment, he was neither humble nor arrogant. Even though he was severely injured, he did not show any sign of cowardice. His temperament also became solemn.

Although they praised the Crippling Treasure Trading Company, the mockery in their words was self-evident. Everyone was no fool, so how could they not hear it?

Chi Yun was also choked by these words, and for a time he sneered again and again, "Haha ?" Good, good, good! "Child's sharp tongue, whether it's right or wrong, black or white is not up to you to judge!"

Chi Yun seemed to be enraged. He shouted three times in a row, and the killing intent in his voice had already condensed into reality!

"Elder!" "Previously, this brat said that he wanted to exchange for a Rank 2 Peak Spirit Beast Core. I allowed him to exchange it for a thousand crystals at a fair price, but he said that the price I offered was too little, so in his fury, he did his best to slander my Cripple Treasure Trading Company. This subordinate was furious, so I wanted to stop him, but ?"

At this point, he was already sobbing. His acting skills were truly amazing!

The way she looked at Nie Qing also became a lot gentler. She gathered a trace of spiritual power for him before she said, "No problem. Calm down. Today, I want to see who dares to slander my trading firm's reputation!"

After being pacified by the scarlet cloud, Nie Qing finally calmed himself down. He pointed at Li Xingyun and said in a stern voice, "But this kid is extremely vicious. He actually wants to kill me as quickly as possible. He's even more nimble when he makes his move!"

"I was originally at the peak of the Spirit Opening Realm, but my heart was kind. I didn't want to keep pestering him, so he broke an arm due to carelessness!"

After saying that, he glared venomously at Li Xingyun and gnashed his teeth, "The enmity for losing an arm is irreconcilable!"

Li Xingyun's expression didn't change at all as he listened to Nie Qing's speech. From start to finish, he didn't interrupt, as if he was just looking at a clown.

The crowd, who didn't know what was going on, was set ablaze as they pointed at Li Xingyun one by one.

"If you're already so vicious at such a young age, what will happen in the future? Such a dangerous character must be eliminated quickly! "

"It should be like this. Our Crippling Sun City has always been simple and honest, we shouldn't let a pot of our soup get spoilt by a little mouse!"

After hearing Li Xingyun's righteous words, he finally understood the meaning behind his master's words before he left, "A demon that eats more people in the Ancient Wastelands!" The true meaning of this.

"Nonsense, you obviously wanted to trade 50 crystals for a peak rank 2 beast core. We were slightly dissatisfied, and then we were suppressed by your lightning. Now you're spouting nonsense, truly a despicable person!"

Wu Yan couldn't hold his anger against these sharp words. He couldn't help but open his mouth to defend himself, but his words were too weak to withstand this wave of attacks.

"Humph!" Since the truth has been revealed, this old man will now honor the dignity of my trading firm! "

Chi Yun didn't even give Li Xingyun the chance to explain as he interrupted Wu Yan's words and was about to attack.

"Wait a minute!"

Suddenly, the silent Li Xingyun spoke up.

Hearing this, everyone's gaze turned over, as if they wanted to see what he was going to do.

Chi Yun, who was about to take action, was suddenly interrupted. With an unfriendly expression, he coldly said, "What are you waiting for?"

"Ha!" Li Xingyun didn't care about his tone. He lightly walked around and said, "If I respect you and call you senior, then you can accept it. If I'm disrespectful and call you an old man, then what will you do?"


Chi Yun was quite infuriated by these words. His chest felt like it was being blown around as he pointed shakily at Li Xingyun, unable to say a word.

Li Xingyun ignored him. He paused for a moment, pointed at Nie Qing, and continued, "I've only talked to this old thing for a short while. Why do you believe this old thing's words so we can't explain ourselves?" Could it be that there is some trick to it? "

Li Xingyun's expression was calm, and every word he uttered was precious. The moment he said those words, the onlookers finally reacted.

"That's right!" Everyone has only said one side of the story, you shouldn't be so hasty! "

"Even so, there is no evidence!"


Some people were gradually enlightened. However, another question appeared before them. Where was the evidence?

No one had been here before, and no one knew what had happened. How could they judge this?

Nie Qing couldn't help feeling anxious as Li Xingyun's expression became more venomous when he saw that the originally great situation had been reversed with just a few words.

"Everyone, do not believe the words of the vicious men. Our Crippling Treasure Trading Company is famous for its righteousness in this Yanzhou region, right and wrong, there is a saying in the world, today this person is going against our trading company, his heart is at stake, we cannot let him off lightly. Please help me kill this person, from now on, our Crippling Treasure Trading Company will remember your kindness as well!"

Nie Qing came to his senses and quickly organized his speech.

It had to be said that the wicked also possessed the wisdom of the wicked.

At this moment, neither side had any evidence. It was fair to say that they were reasonable, so why not stand on the side of the Crippling Treasure Trading Company and not hear about the hidden promises?

Gradually, some of them started to move.

Li Xingyun smiled at this scene. He looked at Elder Zhang Mo in astonishment and asked, "Old Master, why are you so calm? Do you think that you might lose your life?"

"Ha ha!" Hearing this, Elder Zhang Mo chuckled, "What's there to be afraid of? This old bone of mine is like a storm that I've never seen before, but little friend, you are so bold and courageous. In the future, you will meet Yu Hua Long!"

"You're too kind ?"

Li Xingyun waved his hands as he spoke modestly.

Seeing this pair of old and young flattering each other as if no one else was present, Chi Yun almost exploded from anger. The anger that he had spent a great deal of effort to calm down once again rose up.

"Humph!" "Shameless child, you still do not know how to repent even when you're about to die. Today, your life will be ended by me. To be able to die by my, Chiyun's, hands, can be considered your honor!"

Chi Yun forced himself to stabilize. As he spoke, he prepared to attack!

"Wait a minute!"

The imposing aura that Chi Yun had just brought up was once again broken, and he felt a turbid air stifling his chest, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He couldn't help but shout loudly, "Brat, what are you doing again? If there are any last wishes that have not been fulfilled yet, quickly state it! "

Hearing that, Li Xingyun wasn't in a hurry. He calmly looked at the two Elders, Crimson Cloud and White Azure, and then looked at Sect Master Song. Only then did he lightly say, "What if I say that I have evidence to prove my innocence?"

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