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With that said, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly froze. Everyone's gaze once again gathered on Li Xingyun.

Some were curious, some were doubtful ?

When Nie Qing heard these words, his heart subconsciously thumped, giving rise to a bad feeling. However, when he recalled the events from before, he realized that he didn't have any mistakes. He couldn't help but calm down once again.

"Humph!" I want to see what kind of waves this brat can create! " This was what he thought in his heart.

Apart from him, the one with the ugliest expression was none other than Song.

At this moment, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. In his heart, he had already paid his respects to all eighteen generations of Ancestor Chi Yun's ancestors.

"Chiyun, Chiyun, you're just an old thing with half of your dirt buried, what are you trying to get involved in? If I were to handle this matter myself, then this matter would certainly minimize the damage and impact, but now you're prepared to lose all your face!"

After cursing viciously, he could no longer be bothered with it. He crossed his arms and watched coldly from the side!

At this time, Chi Yun was also stunned after hearing these words. However, he quickly calmed himself down and said in a strange tone, "Alright! If you have evidence today, this old man will kick your head off for you to use as a ball! "

"Puchi ~"

Hearing this, an inappropriate laughter came from somewhere in the crowd.

When everyone turned around, they did not see anyone.

Although Chi Yun had an ugly expression on his face, it was not necessary for him to be at a loss about this. He was just fidgeting with his old face!

Apart from this, Bai Cang was the safest. From the moment this old man appeared, he had been calm and collected, as if he didn't want to interfere at all, allowing the matter to progress as it pleased!

However, Li Xingyun knew that this old man's mind had been on him the moment he appeared. This puzzled him, but he was also secretly on guard!

When everyone's attention was drawn over to him, he walked into the crowd at a moderate pace and pulled out a delicate figure from a corner.

This figure was none other than the little girl who was fighting over the stone materials with him.

At this moment, the little girl didn't know what had happened. She was dragged out by Li Xingyun and thought it was because Li Xingyun had noticed her earlier laughter. She couldn't help feeling extremely depressed!

"Hey, hey, hey!" "Stop, stop! Men and women shouldn't bear such intimate treatment. How is it proper for you to do this in broad daylight?"

Li Xingyun brought the little girl to the front of the crowd, completely ignoring her useless struggles.

When they saw that the person he pulled out was a girl disguised as a man, everyone had a strange look in their eyes.

"Humph!" Is this the evidence you speak of? This is really shocking! "

Chi Yun narrowed his eyes and coldly said, without the slightest trace of the demeanor of a senior.

Of course, not only him, even Song Yu who was optimistic about him was confused. What could a little girl like her do?

Li Xingyun wasn't in a hurry. He glanced at Scarlet Cloud and said, "Old man, you have time to cry!"

"You ?"

Chi Yun really couldn't control himself. If he wasn't in the trading company right now, he would have already started killing people. How could he allow a brat like him to yell in front of him and damage his dignity?

Li Xingyun seemed to be able to see through this, so he wasn't afraid of the other party. He was only returning the hatred from before bit by bit.

Earlier, if it was someone else who was trapped by the scarlet cloud, they would have already been killed by Nie Qing with a single slash of his saber. Therefore, he was very angry.

"Now, I have three ways to prove the past. But before that, I still have to ask!" Saying that, Li Xingyun turned his gaze towards the manager of the trading firm.

"Shopkeeper Song, I'll give you a chance. If you can tell me the truth right now, I'll agree to deal with this matter privately. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences yourself. At that time, don't say that I don't care!"

"Haha ?"

Upon hearing this, Song Shuhang gave a fake reply without a smile, but he cursed in his heart!

"Holy sh * t!" "Little kid, you really dare to push this pile of fat out. If I agree with you right now, then that old fellow Chi Yun would have squeezed out my fat body out and lit the Heaven's Lamp."

Thinking of this, Song Que smiled apologetically, "Little brother, you must be joking. If you can prove yourself, the trading company will definitely compensate you for your losses!"

Li Xingyun wasn't the slightest bit surprised after hearing this. He nodded in understanding.

Finally, he turned to the little girl and said, "Lady! I'm sure you know about this matter the best. Can you help me prove it now? "

After saying that, he revealed a gentle smile. Although his face was currently pale, it still gave people a good impression of him!

When she saw his gentle face, she subconsciously wanted to nod her head, but she was suddenly jolted awake. This fellow had unhesitatingly exposed her and ignored her. How could he let her off so easily?

Thinking of this, a crafty look appeared in her eyes.

"Ugh!" Let me help you prove it? "

Li Xingyun nodded!

"Sure! "But you have to agree to a condition of mine!" Nangong Xiaodai continued.

"Condition?" "What conditions?" Li Xingyun frowned slightly as he asked in confusion!

Looking at this little girl who was a little younger than him, he also felt that it was a little interesting. She was obviously unreliable in everything she did, but she still tried to act like she was confident and had an old and experienced attitude!

Upon hearing his question, Nangong's interest was piqued. She cheerfully replied, "Since you're so skilled, why don't you serve as my guard for three months!"

Although he said this, he was actually laughing in his heart, "Hmph! You dare to provoke me? Once you become my guard, will I not have a chance to deal with you? "Heehee ?"

Li Xingyun naturally didn't know what Nangong Xiaodan was planning. After a brief moment of thought, he nodded his head and said, "Although I really don't like being restricted by others, I'll agree to it this time!"

The reason why he agreed to this was not because he needed this little girl to solve the problem, but because he was unfamiliar with this place. Now that he had such a cute little girl as a guide, it looked pretty good. He didn't think that this weird girl would do anything to him!

Hearing him agree, Nangong Xiao Dai almost jumped with joy. However, recalling that she was now his mistress, she straightened her face and put on a calm expression. "That's great!"

Seeing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help but smile!

"Are the two of you done chatting? After flirting for such a long time, are you done yet? Our time is very precious. Who's willing to stay here with you!"

When Chi Yun saw Li Xingyun and a little girl talking so intimately to each other, he immediately interrupted their conversation.

Hearing his words, Nangong Xiuda wrinkled her cute nose and said disdainfully, "Big neck grandpa, your temper is so bad. Look at that old man in white, he's so calm, you're not shy either!"

Due to the earlier provocation from Li Xingyun, Scarlet Cloud's face and neck were now red. As a result, he had been treated by Nangong Xiao Di as a 'big-necked grandpa'!

"Hahahaha ?"

Bai Cang, who had never spoken before, was also amused by the little girl's words. He laughed out loud without a care in the world.

As he smiled, Crimson Cloud's face became even redder!

"Old man, what are you laughing for, you don't even have proper manners!"

After being stopped, Bai Cang didn't get angry. Instead, he calmly looked at the arena and once again fell silent.

At this moment, Nie Qing seemed to sense that something was wrong. He was confident that no one had seen or left any evidence. However, under Li Xingyun's calm demeanor and Nangong Xiaodan's serious expression, he retreated.

Seeing that everyone's attention was not on him, he began to slowly retreat!

Even though he felt resentment towards Li Xingyun, he knew that he wouldn't be able to take revenge today. If he was found out, he would be done for!

"Deacon Nie, where are you going?"

Suddenly, just as Nie Qing was about to reach the door, a voice sounded from behind him.

He was too familiar with this voice. Even if the person turned into ashes, he would recognize this voice. This was because his nightmare had started from the owner of this voice.

Only after being yelled at by Li Xingyun did everyone realize that Nie Qing had actually almost slipped away.

Seeing this scene, there was no need to continue any longer. Continuing on would just be asking to be humiliated.

When Chi Yun realized this, his mouth couldn't help but twitch. His gaze towards Nie Qing also became gloomy.

"Nie Qing!" "How do you explain this?"

With a loud shout from Chi Yun, the pressure from the sky also pressed down on Nie Qing.

Seeing that the matter had been exposed, Nie Qing's eyes were filled with despair. When he felt the enormous pressure, he suddenly released a powerful strike towards the air behind him. Relying on the rebound, he quickly left the trading company.

Everyone hadn't been able to react to this sudden turn of events. They hadn't expected that Scarlet Cloud would actually let the other side escape.

Only Li Xingyun looked at Chi Yun and coldly said, "Old man, you really have a good plan!"

In response to Li Xingyun's questioning, Chi Yun remained indifferent as he pretended to be angry, "Brat, perhaps Nie Qing was the one at fault in this matter. However, since he has already escaped, I think we should end it this way. In the worst case scenario, the trading company will accompany you with some losses! "

He wouldn't have to bear the consequences if that happened. After all, he had said before that if Li Xingyun could prove it, he would turn his head around and use it as a ball to kick Nie Qing.

As everyone present thought of this, all of them shot a look of disdain towards Chi Yun. Towards all of this, Chi Yun was completely at ease!

In any case, after today, the reputation of the Crippling Sun City would definitely be affected, and the entire store might even be crowded out. This would depend on how the store would handle matters, after all, this matter could be taken as a small matter, and if it really got out of hand, then the business of the entire store would no longer be limited to just one Crippling Sun branch!

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