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Other than loathing Chi Yun, Li Xingyun did not show any other expression of anger towards what had happened, which made many people puzzled. This way, although he could have stayed out of it, he could have offended a powerful figure like Chi Yun in vain. Li Xingyun was at a disadvantage in this matter!

"Alright!" It seems like I can't continue this matter. If Song didn't, then I'll send this child a few crystals. Don't affect my business! "

Chi Yun looked at Li Xingyun with disgust. With a profound look in his eyes, he gave an order in an indifferent tone.

Li Xingyun knew that he had completely offended Scarlet Cloud this time. However, he didn't care about it, and was completely indifferent to the other party's threat.

"I remember that I just said that I have three ways of proving it. Now, it seems like this is the first way right?"

Just when everyone thought that the matter was over and was about to leave, they heard a sentence like this. Only when they recalled what Li Xingyun had said earlier, did they realize that it was only the first step when he used psychological tactics to force Nie Qing to retreat!

Only now did the crowd realize that they had not wasted their time watching the lively scene today. It had not been peaceful for a long time, but had started again and again. It was truly splendid!

Chi Yun, who was about to turn around and leave, suddenly turned around after hearing what Li Xingyun said. He stared at Li Xingyun with killing intent in his eyes and said, "Brat, you don't know what's good for you. Do you really think I don't dare to kill you?"

After being provoked again and again, Crimson Cloud had already reached the edge of erupting. Underneath this surging momentum was hidden a thunderbolt strike!

No one doubted that if Li Xingyun were to continue provoking his expert's dignity without knowing what was good for him, it would bring about a devastating blow.

Just as everyone was anticipating Li Xingyun's reply, an indistinct voice rang out in the hall.

"Old man Chi Yun, I want to see if you dare to kill this person today!"

The voice seemed to fill the entire hall. It was so loud that no one could find its source. Everyone's heart sank as they heard the voice. An extremely dangerous feeling filled their hearts, causing them to feel fear.

Li Xingyun was the same. He didn't understand who this person was and why he'd helped him.

"Shadow general!"

As soon as Chi Yun heard this voice, he immediately shouted out loudly. At the same time, he also mobilized all of the spirit energy in his body. He was completely on guard, as if he was about to face a great enemy!

Even Bai Cang, who had been standing outside of the event, had turned solemn at this moment!

When the crowd saw the expressions of Chi Yun and Bai Cang, they couldn't help but have strange expressions in their eyes. However, when they heard the two words that came out of his mouth, their hearts simultaneously trembled!

General's shadow was a legendary figure in the Crippling Sun City.

It was said that in the beginning, the city was only a small village that was built by the Gale Valley. There were only a few hundred people in the village, and one day at dusk, when the sun was red like blood, the Green Smoke World would suddenly have a change, causing it to greatly reduce the strength of the Evil Demon. And it was on this day that the Evil Demon King attacked wantonly, and the Gale Valley was one of them!

At that time, the entire village had been turned over by the demons, and not a single person in the village survived.

Just as the demons were about to force their way into the canyon, they met a youth walking out from the canyon. That youth was the one who had returned from the village and was heading to the other side of the canyon.

Facing the strong and brutal evil spirits, he knew that he would not be able to survive. Just as he was about to be submerged by the evil spirits, he was saved by a passerby!

After that, the person avenged the youth and taught him how to cultivate. However, after a few years, the person who saved him left, and from then on, he wandered alone in the vast world!

And, the first thing he did upon his return was to organize the creation of a city. After almost ten years, he had finally built a city that could cover a hundred miles. Moreover, he had been guarding this area ever since.

This city was the current Crippling Sun City. The boy from back then also had a name ? General!

In this city, there was always a saying, 'General Ying Henglang looks at the wind with respect, the wind and rain will not move like a mountain'. These were the two most famous people who established their own Yang City, General Ying, An Yuanshan!

In the entire world of the Yan Province, Crippling Sun City might not be the most powerful force. However, this was a place that many of the powerful warriors were praising. The karma here wasn't unrelated!

But today, they had actually heard this name from an expert. Moreover, it was very possible that they were in the same hall as that legendary person. How could they not be happy? How could they not be excited?

"Are you the City Lord of Shadow General?" This time, my Crippling Treasure Trading Company's presence truly brings light to our humble dwelling. I wonder if sire would be willing to show yourself? "

Bai Cang's expression was heavy as he spoke, his voice filled with an indescribable respect. Naturally, the person in front of him was someone worth being cautious of.

"Hur hur, it's alright!" After rejecting Bai Cang's words without any hesitation, the figure seemed to be secretly inspecting the few of them. After pausing for a moment, he continued, "You sure are righteous. I'm afraid that I might be affected by carelessness. At that time, even my life would be in danger.

Hearing this, everyone was puzzled. From what they could hear, Jiang Ying seemed to have a very high opinion of the Crippling Treasure Trading Company. Moreover, everyone could feel the hidden rage within him!

This situation was quite intriguing. This matter had arisen because of Li Xingyun. Furthermore, the person who was about to arrive seemed to be Li Xingyun. If that was the case ?

Everyone looked towards Li Xingyun in bewilderment and confusion. There was no longer the contempt and scorn from before. Instead, there was deep admiration. This made Li Xingyun feel uncomfortable all over, as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

At this moment, he was completely confused as well. It could be said that in the Ancient Wastelands, he had no relations with anyone, and only a handful of people he knew were close friends. At this moment, someone had popped out to support him.

Moreover, the name of the movie may have resounded throughout the people, but he had never known it. He only knew that the city lord of Crippling Sun City was An Yuanshan, and now that he heard Bai Cang call him by such a strange name, the more he thought about it, the weirder it became!

"Could it be that they ?"

Suddenly, the silhouette of a huge power appeared in his heart. He couldn't help but shiver when he thought of that power!

"That's right, if it's their people, they would definitely do so. They would first obtain my trust, and then, they would swindle the stone book!"

In that moment, he broke out in a cold sweat, constantly thinking of a way to escape. He no longer bothered with Chi Yun. Compared to these fellows, Chi Yun was no bigger than an ant.

Just as Li Xingyun was thinking about this, Nangong Xiao Dai, who had been standing beside him all this time, suddenly approached him. She curiously looked at him and asked, "You seem to be very afraid of people hiding in the dark. But, isn't he helping you? What are you afraid of?"

"Hehe!" Do I have one? "

Li Xingyun forced himself to calm down and ask with a smile that wasn't a smile. However, his expression looked extremely awkward.

"You do!" Nangong Little Dai replied without hesitation, "In that instant, the hairs on your body all stood on end. Look, it's like this!"

As she spoke, she pointed at the fine fur on the back of Li Xingyun's hand and smiled proudly, as if she was showing off her cleverness!

Having been played by the little girl like this, Li Xingyun also realized that he was too nervous. His subconscious had a deep impression of that huge monster, so he would subconsciously be terrified.

Only after slowly relaxing did he wake up with a start. Unknowingly, his clothes had already been soaked through.

"Ugh!" Little girl, can you do me a favor? "

Suddenly, Li Xingyun whispered into Nangong Xiaodan's ear.

Nangong Xiao Dai was originally proud of herself, but after being so close to Li Xingyun and the scorching air blowing on her earlobes, she couldn't help but feel a peculiar sensation. She felt weak all over and her face reddened. That look was simply too seductive.

However, Li Xingyun had no time to enjoy this beautiful scenery at the moment. He leaned close to Nangong Xiaodan and whispered into her ear.

"I, I ?" At this point in time, Nangong Xiao Dai was incoherent from his teasing, unable to even utter a complete sentence.

Seeing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help but feel anxious. He didn't know what had happened to the little girl in front of him, but she suddenly became obedient. Even her speech had become slurred.

"I promise you!"

Finally, Nangong Xiaodai completed her sentence. By the time she finished, it was as if she had used up all of her strength and was about to collapse backwards.

When Li Xingyun saw this, he hurriedly held his by the waist so that she wouldn't fall down and make a fool of herself. However, this way, Nangong Xiao Di was even more powerless ?

"Sigh!" Thank you, little sister. However, your body doesn't seem to be doing very well. Remember to take care of your body when you get back, do you understand? "

Li Xingyun wasn't aware of all of this, he only cared about him out of gratitude.

At this moment, Nangong Xiao Dai was extremely embarrassed. Despite her strange behavior, she was still a blank slate when it came to matters between men and women. Coupled with her body's sensitivity, she was now in such a miserable state.

She had finally mustered some strength, so she quickly took a step back and hid from Li Xingyun!

However, Li Xingyun didn't let her go. He saw her jump away and snatch him back. That pitiful little girl had no choice but to obediently surrender when he met Li Xingyun, a powerful devil.

Her heart was filled with despair as she looked at Li Xingyun with a bitter expression. However, Li Xingyun completely ignored her. Just as she grabbed him, he moved closer and said in a soft voice, "In a moment, throw this thing into the crowd ?" Then this... "That's how it will turn out ?"

At this moment, Li Xingyun was like a big bad wolf that was trying to trick a little girl.

At first, Nangong Xiaodan didn't think much of it. However, after hearing Li Xingyun's plan, her expression grew brighter and brighter, and her crazed desire to play also began to rapidly ferment ?

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