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"This old man doesn't agree!"

Suddenly, Chi Yun's furious voice resounded in the silent hall. From his tone, it sounded like his ancestor's grave had been dug out. Anger, unwillingness, grievance, and resentment ? All sorts of emotions filled his heart.

When everyone looked over in confusion, they discovered that Chi Yun was like a cat in the night. His aura was abnormally violent and his face was completely red!

Earlier, Jiang Ying seemed to be discussing matters in secret with Bai Cang and Chi Yun. Seeing Chi Yun's current state, everyone could guess that Chi Yun had suffered a loss!

"Sir, this matter is indeed inappropriate. Let's discuss it later!"

Bai Cang helplessly said to the person in the shadows. At this moment, he also had a bitter expression on his face. With the current situation, it was impossible for him to stay outside!

Following that, the hall fell into a deathly silence. Obviously, those three had gone to discuss it again!

Li Xingyun had already made his arrangements. However, his three months of protection had been forcefully raised to half a year by Nangong Xiuda. Now, he could be considered to have escaped!

"Sigh!" "Right, what's your name?"

Nangong Xiao Dai was confused. She had actually forgotten Li Xingyun's name!

"Li Xingyun!"

"Oh!" My name is Nangong Xiaodan! "

"Nangong Little Dai?" Li Xingyun muttered to himself as he thought about the name.

The surname 'Nangong' was not common. In the Ancient Wastelands, there seemed to be a force that was controlled by the Nangong family. However, he did not care about it at the time and could not recall it now.

"It shouldn't be that power!" Thinking of this, he couldn't help but secretly shake his head.

"Enough!" Let's do it this way, I just hope you can keep your word! "

After a long period of silence, Jiang Ying's obviously impatient voice suddenly sounded in the great hall.

As soon as his voice fell, Chi Yun reluctantly said, "No, I'm not. Prepare ten thousand crystals, two bottles of Life Recovery Pills and one bottle of Spirit Replenishing Pills for him. Also, use all your strength to catch up to Nie Qing. You can directly kill him if you see him!"

Chi Yun pinched his nose as he gave the order, a pained expression on his face.

"Hiss ?"

When the people in the hall heard this, they couldn't help but gasp. The Life Recovery Pill and Spirit Recovery Pill, these two pills were Mysterious rank pill pills!

As everyone knew, there were six levels of medicinal herbs when it came to the quality of medicinal herbs: Elixir, Mysterious, Heaven, Unique, and Saint!

This Xuan Core was already the highest grade pellet in the city. Even the greatest powers wouldn't be able to obtain it if they wanted to. However, the Crippling Sun Sect had already used a bottle to store it!

The value of these pills could no longer be measured with crystals. They were simply priceless!

All sorts of expressions of greed, envy, and jealousy instantly appeared on Li Xingyun's face.

However, he didn't know that Li Xingyun's brows were tightly knitted. If he could kill both Chi Yun and Nie Qing, they would have already become enemies. What would happen next would only be death itself. There was no need for Li Xingyun to be modest.

However, he also understood that it was impossible for Chi Yun to kill Nie Qing. This was something that he was well aware of.

However, why did he get ten thousand crystals now? With such a large pile of crystals, would he be able to take them away? In other words, even if he could bring her away, she would be a burden to him.

"Looks like this person is really someone who has ill intentions!"

With this thought, he became even more alert. Not long after, Song Shuhang's chubby body appeared in front of him.

"Hehe ?" "Little brother, look at this ?"

Song Que's face was bitter. He was obviously frightened by the huge compensation.

Right now, his heart was aching, his lungs were hurting, his liver was hurting, and his entire body was hurting everywhere.

"Sending away bad luck, sending away the shopkeeper. Hearing this name, you wouldn't dare let anyone take over the gift!" Li Xingyun had a strange expression on his face.

Hearing this, Song Yun was not surprised. Very soon, he understood what Jian Chen meant and said awkwardly, "Eh ?" No, I don't have a surname Song, I don't have one, it's not that sending away bad luck! "

"Oh ?"

Li Xingyun suddenly realized that he had misunderstood his.

"But, how can I take out such a big pile of crystals? "It's a pity to abandon him, sigh ?"

Isn't that so? A single crystal was only the size of a fist, adding up to ten thousand crystals in total, it really was a huge pile!

"Actually, little brother can store it in the crystal card of our Crippling Treasure Trading Company. In the future, no matter where we are, as long as our Crippling Treasure Trading Company has it, we will be able to exchange it. Song did not say.

However, this matter was very obvious. After this incident, it would be strange if Li Xingyun would still be able to trust the Crippling Treasure Trading Company!

The grudge between the two sides was already irreconcilable. After all, not only would the Crippling Treasure Trading Company lose their property, it was very likely that the reputation of the entire trading company would be damaged. Therefore, Song Shuang's proposal was basically impossible.

"Shopkeeper Song, I remember that your bank seems to have a calm treasure. I heard that it was obtained recently?"

Quietly, he relayed Shadow's words to him once again. Upon hearing this, Song Yi did not feel light-headed. In the next moment, he felt like he was about to fall down!

It was a damaged spatial ring. A few days ago, it had been unearthed from an ancient ruin and was originally meant to be sent back to the main store. But now, it was completely gone.

"General's Shadow, don't go too far!" After she shouted, she panted heavily, and only after a long while did she continue to speak, "I have already taken a step back, and I am not letting that boy take out any evidence. Do you really have to force him into this? That space... There is no way we can give it up! "

"Who said I need you to back down? I can show you the evidence right now!"

Just as Chi Yun finished his sentence, Li Xingyun's indifferent words entered everyone's ears, shocking them.

Indeed, he didn't need to retreat. Perhaps there were people who thought that he was just bragging earlier. He could only provoke Nie Qing and let him take the initiative to reveal himself. If that was the case, then he was completely wrong.

Originally, he did not want to be the first to act. After all, he did not know the identity of the person hiding in the dark. It was very possible that it was an enemy, and in this situation, he only wanted to escape.

But now that he heard about the spatial ring, he was actually interested!

Although Chi Yun did not finish his sentence, those two words he said in a moment of desperation was enough!

There were not many spatial rings. In this world, there was an ancient green material that was at a different level. Because it was in the universe all year round, after being corroded by millions of years of time, it had a magical characteristic ? space!

This kind of stone was called the Heavenly Heart Stone, it meant the heart of the heavens!

The Heavenly Heart Stone had the ability to hold a spatial ring in its own right. But later on, because it was so convenient to store, people had to sacrifice it to create a variety of storage equipment. A spatial ring was one of them!

However, the number of Heavenly Heart Stones in this world was too few. Therefore, there weren't that many storage equipment. Even when Li Xingyun was in the Saint realm, he had only heard that there was one in the sect that had disappeared during the chaos.

Now that he heard of this news, how could he let it go?

Finished speaking, he ignored Chi Yun's hungry eyes and lightly nodded at Nangong Xiao Dai!

Nangong Xiao Dai was bored. When she saw Li Xingyun's signal, she immediately became excited.

He then walked over slowly and took out a small bead that was only the size of a longan.

This bead was a light purple color with a reserved luster. It looked very beautiful, and when Chi Yun saw this bead, his expression became incomparably ugly.

Mu Dan! A small artificially created method was usually used by the disciples of large powers when they went out to gain experience.

It could clearly record everything that the sect's disciples had experienced during their training, including their words. Of course, that was only if the sect was willing to do it.

This kind of thing couldn't be considered precious, but it was very troublesome to make. Therefore, it was only owned by the children of the major powers. Nangong Xiaodai being able to take it out at this moment caused many people to ponder.

The reason why Li Xingyun had been so confident was because he knew that there was a small tail behind him. Furthermore, this small tail was carrying a small pearl as it ran around aimlessly.

He wasn't an inexperienced person, so he naturally knew what that thing was.

At this moment, after seeing Nangong Xiaodai take out the item, Chi Yun was unable to utter a single word other than feeling indignant.

Li Xingyun didn't care how angry he was, he just said, "Chiyun, do you still think I can't prove it? Of course, you can also think that I am lying. I have already given you a great deal of face not restoring what happened earlier. If you think that I am unable to do so, then, we can give it a try! As for the third method, forget about it. If you really want to know, you can just ask Manager Song! "

Hearing his words, Song was speechless. He could only smile in embarrassment.

Indeed, if Li Xingyun were to restore what happened earlier, then no matter what the Crippling Treasure Trading Company did, they wouldn't be able to salvage the situation. After all, the truth had already been made public, and what he was doing now gave the Crippling Treasure Trading Company some leeway to reverse the situation.

After all, he only had enmity with Chi Yun and Nie Qing, whereas the others had nothing to do with him.

Without waiting for Chi Yun to speak, Bai Cang, who had been indifferent about the matter, finally spoke.

He looked at Li Xingyun and calmly said, "Many thanks to little friend for showing mercy. Since that's the case, Song Jue, you can do as little friend Jiang says!"

Hearing this, Song was not depressed, but he had no choice but to do as he said. In fact, he was willing to see this kind of result, although a spatial ring was precious, but it was damaged after all, compared to the reputation of the trading company, it was nothing.

After thinking about this, he quickly took out a box and handed it over to Li Xingyun!

Li Xingyun received the box. He only took a glance at it before putting it away. Then, he walked over to the pile of crystals, took out two hundred crystals, and handed it over to Zhang Mo.

When old man Zhang Mo saw him give an extra 100 crystals, he immediately understood his intentions after some thought. He didn't act pretentiously and directly accepted it, only treating it as a favor.

Li Xingyun didn't give him too much. Instead, he was helping him. Two hundred, no more, no less. This was just right for him, since it wouldn't attract too much attention!

"Shopkeeper Song, I've already gotten the compensation. As for the remaining crystals and pills, I don't need them. I'll just forget about it!" Li Xingyun didn't say a word to Song. He immediately gave up on the crystals and pills. This caused many people to feel puzzled and regretful!

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