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Li Xingyun's rejection of a large amount of crystals and pills had once again caused a heated discussion. However, he didn't pay any attention to it. He indifferently looked at Crimson Yun, then cupped his hands towards Bai Cang, expressing his thanks!

"Little girl, let's begin. Thanks a lot this time!"

After finishing his preparations, Li Xingyun retreated back to Nangong Xiaodan's side and handed her an item in secret.

All this was done in a very covert manner and no one noticed it.

After receiving the item, Nangong Xiao Dai's expression became excited, as if she wanted to give it a try!

"Hahahaha ?" It was just a misunderstanding this time, but now, everyone is happy! "" No, this is just a misunderstanding! In the dark, he sent Shadow's laughter into everyone's ears, drawing them all to despise him!

Damn it, you were the one who cursed the trading firm before, and now you're the one who got lucky. How can you be so shameless?

Of course, these were just some thoughts in the minds of the crowd. It was good enough just to think about it; they absolutely could not take out something that they had been addicted to.

Furthermore, in comparison, they were even more curious about what exactly Li Xingyun had taken.

Chi Yun didn't show any expression as he listened to General Ying. Instead, when he looked at Li Xingyun, his eyes flashed with killing intent!


At this moment, an explosion sounded in the originally silent hall. Before anyone could react, the entire hall was suddenly filled with smoke.

The pitch-black smoke blocked everyone's line of sight. They couldn't even see what was near them.

"Cloud Swallowing Python's core!"

Finally, someone recognized what it was and couldn't help but cry out.

When it grew up, its favorite was to ingest some poisonous fog or smoke. As a result, the Cloud Swallowing Python was the most common place near the Green Smoke World!

Incidentally, the Cloud Swallowing Python's beast core also had some special characteristics. It could create fog that disturbed one's mind. In this black fog, the poison wasn't that great. One would feel dizzy just by smelling it.

As a result, when they noticed what the black fog was, they all quieted down and waited for the black fog to disperse.

After a long time, the black mist finally dispersed.

When everyone came back to their senses, they discovered that Li Xingyun had already disappeared. Although this was within expectations, it still caused many people to feel extremely vexed.

Those people had naturally coveted Li Xingyun's belongings and had even received compensation. Even if they didn't know what it was, they shouldn't be too bad!

Thinking up to this point, the gazes of some people flickered as they slowly withdrew from the Crippling Treasure Trading Company!

No one cared about the departure of these people, and Chi Yun was even more willing to do so. If these people could kill that hateful little bastard, then it would save him some time!

"Alright!" "This farce has ended. Would you like to come down and take a seat, Fellow Daoist Ying?"

Bai Cang didn't bother with the matters in the main hall. He only indifferently looked at a certain spot on the roof!

After a long time, there was finally an echo. However, it was still filled with curses and curses!

"Bastard, even I am on guard against you. I will deal with you the next time we meet!" Jiang Ying muttered as if he hadn't heard Bai Cang's words.

After muttering for a while, he finally reacted and laughed, "Bai Cang, you're much more pleasing to the eye than that old man. But, I won't come down here. We'll meet again some other time!"

After saying that, there was no more movement. From the beginning to the end, he did not reveal himself!

Watching these people leave one by one, Nangong Xiaodi felt extremely depressed. She anxiously looked around her, as if she could still feel a scorching figure ?

Li Xingyun took advantage of the black fog that came from the Swallowing Cloud Python's core to quickly withdraw from the Crippled Treasure Trading Company.

After leaving, he did not return to the City Lord's Mansion. Instead, he headed towards the north, continuously entering various alleys and perfectly concealing his figure.

With his many years of experience, every time he landed, he would integrate himself into the surrounding environment. Sometimes he would fall behind a corner, and sometimes he would fall behind a pile of weeds.

Moreover, if someone were to check the place he stayed at after he left, they would be shocked to find that there was not a single change to the original location. In other words, his stealth technique had already reached perfection!

Four hours later ?

In a dilapidated temple in the northern city, Li Xingyun finally couldn't hold on any longer and collapsed!

This dilapidated temple was located in the slums. The area it covered was quite large, with seven to seven people entering, but not a single person could be seen.

The temple was extremely dilapidated. The limestone was ruined, and some of the corners had even collapsed. The withered grass was all over the courtyard. This kind of place would probably not be visited by anyone at all.

Li Xingyun took a rough look at his surroundings to see if it was safe before fainting!

Even though he seemed to be unharmed and full of energy when he was at the Savage Treasure Trading Company, he had suffered extremely serious internal injuries the moment he forcefully ignited his own spirit energy to break free from the bindings of the scarlet cloud.

Imagine, a person's body was originally filled with water, but when the water suddenly vibrated violently, what would happen? This kind of power was akin to a tsunami wreaking havoc on the earth, and it was even more devastating! After all, the human body was very weak.

When he woke up again, it was already late into the night. The cold night fell on him and he couldn't help but shiver!

Struggling to sit up, he finally had time to survey his surroundings.

At this time, he was inside a temple. In front of him was a 10 foot large stone sculpture. In front of it was an incense stick and nothing else!

The roof was slightly damaged, and through the cracks in the roof, one could see that the sky was incomparably dark tonight.

Li Xingyun dragged his heavy body to sit in front of the incense table as he slowly pondered.

It had only been two days since he entered the Ancient Desolation, but he had already suffered heavy injuries twice in the past two days. He couldn't help but sigh at the bad luck that had befallen him.

He waited until the pain in his body had subsided before he started to check on his injuries.

As the spiritual sense entered his body, the situation in his body became apparent at a glance!

The situation was dire. His internal organs were all displaced, and there was a large amount of blood stasis within his body. Most of his meridians had also been damaged!

After all, his body was too weak. Spiritual Energy was a tyrannical power that caused this power to explode within his body. It was all thanks to his extraordinary physique that he was able to survive. Otherwise, he would have reported this to the world.

With a bitter smile, he took out the bottle containing the pills and poured out a pill from inside the cloth bag!

However, when he saw the pea-sized pill, he put it back.

There were only eight pills left, which his master had left for him to use to protect his own life. This pill was several times better than the Life Recovery and Spirit Replenishing Pills he had obtained in the Crippling Treasure Shop.

Such a precious thing could not be wasted.

After putting away the pills, Liu Ming did not stay idle. He took out the stone book again and put it in his pocket. Then, he sat down cross-legged and started to circulate his technique to recover.

He practiced the Spirit Void Scripture, but it was only an incomplete scripture. The true Spirit Void Scripture was in the stone book in his hands. Unfortunately, the stone book could not be opened.

In these years, every time he trained, he would always keep the stone book in his bosom. He had tried to use the remnant of the Spirit Void Scripture to communicate with it and make it awaken, but after all these years, it still had no reaction!

At this moment, he was using a cultivation technique. A glimmer of light danced in the darkness.

Gradually, this ray of light seemed to have found a direction and slowly drilled towards Li Xingyun's body. This thread of energy was like a primer, and more and more tiny energies began to flow towards him. Finally, his entire body began to emit a faint light.

Of course, spiritual energy was normally invisible, and could only be displayed to a certain degree when it was dense. However, the Sutra of the Void was different, it was an extremely powerful cultivation technique, even if it was only a remnant, but under its guidance, the obtained spiritual energy was still extremely pure. This caused all sorts of strange phenomena to occur during his cultivation.

At this moment, along with the influx of spiritual energy, the injuries on his body were slowly being healed, as if they had been made in a long drought.

At this moment, he had no desire in his heart. His mind was clear of nature and his spirit was clear. In his heart, a fragment of the Spirit Void Scripture was constantly flashing.

"There is a cloud in the void of spirit. Spirit is the quintessence of all living things, and the origin energy of heaven and earth begins with the grandmist, creating all living beings. A single blade of grass and a single tree, a single speck of dust and a single world. Everything is so natural that it combined into a Daoist magic!

"Yin and Yang, two energies, this is often the case. Weakness, reality, damage, loss, wanton gain ?"

"Humans have flesh, blood, flesh, and bones, looking at the outside, thinking about the soul. Inside, everything within the universe is empty, while within the universe, everything within is empty ?"

Familiar runes constantly flashed and replayed in his mind. He faintly felt that these runes and the chants weren't very coherent. It was as if the flow of a large river had suddenly been cut off without any warning.

He had no choice but to start all over again. The Spiritual Void Scripture was incomplete.

At this moment, somewhere in the Crippling Treasure Trading Company!

Chi Yun's face was gloomy, as if his ancestral grave had been dug out, and he coldly looked at the people below.

Song did not have a fright at the moment. After all, he was the unluckiest one. It was originally not easy climbing to a branch manager, but now, he had offended everywhere.

"Are you saying that the kid never appeared in the Crippling Sun City after that?" Chi Yun coldly stared at Song Nu, and continued to interrogate him!

"Ah?" "Yes, it has never appeared before ?" Then, he seemed to have thought of something and continued, "According to your orders, the order to kill has already been sent out. It's just that many people aren't satisfied with the reward, it's not enough ?"

"Humph!" Hearing this, Chi Yun let out a low snort, and angrily said, "I already said that we don't need to return the things on that kid's body, what else do they want?"

Song Jue continued, "But Li Xingyun doesn't have anything of value on him ?"

"Pa!" Before Song finished his sentence, Scarlet Cloud fiercely slapped the table, stood up and said with a murderous aura, "Is that spatial ring not precious enough?"

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