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Unknowingly, the wind had stopped ?

When the leaves fall back to their roots, everything will return to their final destination. Everything will begin with a rebirth. Li Xingyun slowly opened his eyes, and the withered leaf in front of him instantly fell, turning into dust just like the other withered leaves.

"I didn't expect that the breakthrough would be so straightforward!"

Li Xingyun stood up and stretched his muscles. He seemed to have an inexhaustible energy throughout his entire body.

The first step in training was to allow the body to communicate with the spirit, also known as the channel through which the spirit is opened. Once the human body's potential has been stimulated to a certain degree, the body will be able to use a cultivation technique to convert the spirit energy between heaven and earth into its own. This step is called Spirit Transformation.

Although the difference between Spirit Channeling and Spirit Channeling was only a single step, it was still a watershed. Spirit Channeling cultivators could only use spiritual energy to strengthen their bodies, and even if they used it to attack, they could only circulate within their bodies.

It could be said that the Spirit Channeling stage was used to prepare for cultivation, to lay the foundation, and to improve one's physical attributes. At this stage, even if hundreds of Great Circle of Spirit Channeling cultivators attacked them, they would still be safe and sound.

He had fought with the strength of someone at the Great Perfection of the Spirit Channeling stage. Perhaps with his abundant experience and powerful martial skills, he could barely survive. But now, he had the confidence to fight them, and perhaps even win.

"Hehe!" Let me see what exactly is inside that is worth being so nervous about! "

With that, Li Xingyun stepped into the valley ?

Within the valley, there were still not many trees and grasses; it could even be said that they were sparse. There were only giant boulders, blue stones, brown rocks, and black stones that were placed randomly in the valley like a stone forest.

After his advancement, both his strength and speed had increased exponentially, so it was not difficult for him to walk amidst these rocks.

Li Xingyun wasn't in a hurry to find anything. He was already certain that what the demonic cultivator said was false. There must be some treasure being unearthed here.

"The mountain has the shadow of the sun behind it, and the peck opens and closes, causing the soil to flow backwards. It seems this place was once a dangerous place, and has devoured a lot of Qi and blood!"

Li Xingyun looked at the surroundings and came to this conclusion.

Because no one had opened the Void Spirit Scripture for tens of thousands of years, most of its cultivation techniques and methods had already been lost. Until now, the sect could only control about ten to twenty percent of them, but even so, it was still able to make the sect a first-rate power.

According to the records of the Spirit Void Scripture, Li Xingyun headed towards the south of the mountain. If his expectations were correct, the place where the most Qi and blood accumulated was the most powerful place. In other words, the treasure unearthed was also there.

This valley was not big. It was surrounded on three sides by mountains, and the valley mouth faced east. It only stretched for three to five miles. Soon, he arrived at the southern part of the mountain.

As soon as they arrived at the south side of the mountain, a dense wave of killing intent suddenly descended. It was as if a poisonous snake was staring at them, giving them a gloomy feeling.

In comparison to the rocks in the south of the mountain, there were much fewer stones. Most of them were loose black soil, and there were also a lot more tall and big ancient trees on the hillside. It looked more desolate and forlorn.

Li Xingyun watched for a while from the foot of the mountain. He noticed that there seemed to be some faint traces of blood on the upper left side. It seemed to be the place where the battle had taken place, so he carefully headed in that direction.

If someone were to see Li Xingyun find the location of the incident so quickly, they would probably be amazed.

As expected, a flat piece of land appeared not far from them. There were no traces of the boulders at all. Behind the flat ground stood a crimson tree that was about ten feet tall.

"Blood Mist Flower ?"

Li Xingyun couldn't help but cry out in alarm. Of course, what surprised him wasn't the crimson tree, but the crimson plant that was only a foot tall and had three leaves and three flowers.

Blood Mist Flower, a Tier 3 spiritual herb. It was born in a dangerous land, and it had a red tung tree on its back, which was the same as the red tree.

The Fog Blood Flower's warm nature was able to replenish one's Qi. It was extremely effective in treating internal injuries, especially for people with old injuries. It could be considered a life-saving medicine.

Whether it was in the Ancient Desolation or the Saint realm, spiritual herbs were considered rare treasures.

Generally speaking, plants were divided into six levels, nine levels, one level, one level for the mortal, one level for the spirit, one level above the mortal realm, three level for the mystery, the mystical and intelligent awakening, four level for the sky, the profound and wonderful combination of all living things, five levels was different, this was the unique God Transforming Form, the sixth level was Saint, transcending the mortal world to see the real me!

In contrast, plants, plants, and spirit plants were much more common in comparison. However, these plants were only slightly more rare than Xuan grade treasures, and in reality, they were still very scarce.

After all, there were too many cultivators on the continent to count, and only those cultivators that could be called mortal could use them. For example, those useless dogtail grass, they couldn't even be considered mortal.

Every time he thought about it, Li Xingyun would feel very angry. He was obviously talking about the equality of all living things, but why wasn't there anything that was categorized into different grades? But, these are the rules of the world game, you have to follow them!

Forcefully suppressing the unhappiness in his heart, Li Xingyun set his gaze back on the blood-red flower.

Ever since he came to the southern part of the mountain, he felt like he was being watched by some existence. However, it did not attack, and he was not very clear on this point.

He was sure that if he got close enough to the blood-red flower, it would definitely launch a fatal attack. Right now, he could only think of a way to find it and take the initiative to attack.

Looking at the surroundings, it was all black soil. In addition to the fact that it was already dusk, some innate impersonators could not only escape the naked eye, they could not even detect it with their spiritual sense.

Li Xingyun had just broken through to the Spirit Transformation realm, so his spiritual sense was only about sixty meters away. Compared to other cultivators, he was almost twice as strong. However, he didn't notice that there wasn't a single living being around him.


The corner of Li Xingyun's mouth curved slightly. He casually picked up a small stone and threw it at the Blood Mist Flower.


However, a wave of air suddenly rushed out from behind the blood-red flower like lightning and directly struck down the stone. Li Xingyun didn't even see how that wave of air came about to appear. He only saw that there was nothing behind the blood mist flower other than a Crimson Tong Tree.

"Good heavens!" This kind of concealment is truly treacherous! "

Li Xingyun muttered as he looked at the black soil behind the Crimson Tong Tree.

He had already discovered that the other person was actually a Cloud Swallowing Python. Its body was completely black and the color was the same as the soil. If it wasn't for the fact that it suddenly released a killing intent, he probably wouldn't have noticed it.

"Cloud Swallowing Python, a Rank 4 Spirit Beast. Compared to a human at the peak of the Cloud Realm, the one in front of me is pretty much still a young one with only the strength of the Spirit Transformation realm. I just don't know what level it has reached, but if it can injure a Middle Rank Spiritual Transformation, it would at least be a Late Rank Two Spirit Beast."

Instantly, he thought of many things and understood the strength of the Swallowing Cloud Python. Right now, he was thinking about how to obtain the Blood Mist Flower.

The so-called invisible enemy was the most terrifying. Now that he had seen the enemy, he naturally was not afraid.

He did not immediately go and snatch the Blood Mist Flower, but instead slowly circled around the Crimson Tong Tree and moved behind the Swallowing Cloud Python. From the beginning to the end, he had never left the dark feeling of danger and lust.

Li Xingyun turned around and did not wait for the Swallowing Cloud Python. He jumped and directly punched towards the head of the Swallowing Cloud Python, which was the black mound of dirt.

The Cloud Swallowing Python felt the sense of danger from above its head and did not hesitate. Its huge head leaned back and opened its scarlet eyes. A dark shadow shot towards Li Xingyun from several zhang away.

Seeing the sudden black figure, he was not the least bit flustered. Unknowingly, a large sword had appeared in his hand!

The broadsword was purple gold in color, three feet six inches long and three inches wide. The tip of the sword was extremely cold, and the tip of the blade was shaped like three waves.

The broadsword slashed down, bringing with it a cold glint. It was clearly powerful, but no sound was produced. By the time the black figure appeared, he had already changed his style once again.

As expected, it was the Cloud Swallowing Python's tail. This was also the Cloud Swallowing Python's greatest killing tool, a bone spike that was 10 feet long appeared at the end of the tail. It was like a spear that could pierce through metal.


The broadsword clashed with the tail thrust, producing a sound akin to metal clashing.

Li Xingyun's expression changed slightly when he felt the astonishing power from the sword. "It's actually a peak rank 2 Magus?"

Even if it was injured, it still possessed the strength of a late-Second Order. With its powerful body, even if it was a human that had just stepped into the Green Abyss Realm, it still had the strength to fight. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the person he met before was not a simple person, even to the point of being terrifying.

The situation on the battlefield changed rapidly, not allowing his mind to wander. In just a split-second, a huge rebound force passed from the broadsword into his arms, causing his arms to go numb. He felt powerless, and even his broadsword almost fell off.

However, it was fortunate that the Swallowing Cloud Python's tail had been repelled, and it even left a deep scar on the surface of the python's tail.

However, the Swallowing Cloud Python was enraged that its tail had almost been chopped off. The huge head that had been thrown back bit at him once again, and a foul stench assaulted his nostrils, causing him to feel nauseous!

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