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Zhao Xiong spoke straightforwardly with a bitter smile on his face. It was as if he had seen through a lot of things.

Li Xingyun looked at him deeply and said, "Sect Master Zhao, it's not convenient to speak here. Let me in!"

After Zhao Xiong heard this, he didn't say anything and just nodded his head. Then, he walked over. Seeing this, Li Xingyun also hurriedly entered the small courtyard and closed the wooden door.

At this moment, Zhao Xiong was limping and walking unsteadily. As he walked, he said to himself, "In the future, if you want to call me to be a good person, just ask me to be a good person! "Of course, if there is a future ?"

Li Xingyun followed him. He didn't understand what Li Xingyun meant, but when he entered the room and saw the items on the table, he understood!

There were only two rooms in the small courtyard. On the left, there was a broken wooden table with a knife, a basin of water, and a white cloth on it!

With this kind of setting coupled with what he had said before, he understood that Zhao Xiong was going to change his appearance!

He originally did not have any deep grudges against Zhao Xiong, so at this moment, he gave him enough respect. However, his courage was extraordinary!

"Pacify!" How did you get into town? " Li Xingyun asked!

"You want to know how to get out of the city?" Kindness asked!

When he thought about how he had been planning to hit Li Xingyun with a dirty trick, but now that things had come to this, he felt that the world had changed for the worse. This turn of events had been too much and he had always thought that all of this was just an illusion.

Although he was curious about Li Xingyun's current appearance, he didn't ask any further.

With that, he sat to the side, his expression already somewhat exhausted.

Li Xingyun had been observing him from the start and discovered that he had a feeling of great enlightenment. It was as if he had let go of a lot of things!

"You don't seem to have any hatred left?" Li Xingyun slowly sat down and asked with a strange expression.

"Hatred?" "It's nothing. After experiencing a life and death battle, many things have been looked down upon. The existence of our Violent Wolf Gang was just a dog working for a human. If we were to get rid of this suffering, then why would we persist in the bloody slaughter?"

"Since the heavens have given me the chance to be reborn, I will go and enlighten myself and look for my true self!"

"If you had come a little later, perhaps I would have already left and met you by fate. Let's not talk about other things for now. Today, you will help me shave!"

He had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask, but he also knew that at this moment, Kindness was very subtle. Perhaps it would be very difficult to get such a chance, so he only nodded his head slightly, picked up his knife, and began to shave Kindness.

He had never done such a thing, but he could still shave a bald man without a problem.

After a long moment, he sheathed his blade!

"Kindness, I'm just looking for something to eat. Let me do some hard labor. Is there anything good to eat?" Li Xingyun put down his knife and couldn't help asking.

"It's good, it's evil, it's true and false. When this old monk has traversed over a million miles, when you have seen the true spirit clearly, we will meet again!"

Li Xingyun was stunned when he saw the state Kindness was in. He basically didn't understand what Kindness was saying. All he knew was that it seemed like he was going to travel far away, so he sent the guest away!

Looking at the empty house surrounded by the walls, he finally understood that there wasn't much hope left for him to find food here!

He saluted Kindness and walked out of the hut.

Just as he walked out of the house, Kindness's voice rang out from behind him, "You are at the end of the road and your heart is boundless. "One yard and two rooms with a fence. Frost on the left and on the right for good!"

This trip was really strange. Even now, Li Xingyun still felt like he was in the clouds. At this moment, when he heard the other party's chanting, he was even more at a loss.

"One yard and two rooms with fences, and frost on the left and on the right?" Li Xingyun muttered to himself. He suddenly let out a bitter laugh, "Tell me how to get out of the city!"

After leaving the house, Li Xingyun was quite at ease. It was clear that the other party had truly comprehended something. Kindness did not ask why the Violent Wolf Gang had provoked such trouble, nor did it ask why they were treating him kindly. Perhaps he truly understood something, but he was still unable to comprehend that state of mind!

Filled with doubt, he carefully concealed himself and walked forward.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a ruckus in front of them. Li Xingyun was slightly shocked and immediately hid himself in a deserted yard!

At this moment, three burly men came up the small path in front of them. Each of them had a broadsword on their shoulders, looking extremely ferocious.

As they advanced, a large man impatiently said, "I say, can we really find them here?"

The other person took over and did not care much, "The elder said that he is heavily injured and does not dare to hide in the south city. The elder said that he is severely injured and does not dare to hide in the south city, where there are many experts.

"That's true, but, if we search aimlessly like this, when will we be able to find it?" The big man said.

"Ugh ?" "Whatever, I'm just handling the errands ?"

Hearing this conversation, Li Xingyun's killing intent towards Scarlet Cloud intensified. It seemed that the other party was really determined to fight to the death with him!

However, he couldn't help but sigh. What Chi Yun said was correct. He was indeed hiding here right now. If someone were to find him ?

At this moment, he was carefully analyzing his current situation!

It would take too long for him to recover from his injuries. Perhaps, he would be found before that happens. Thus, he had to think of a way to obtain the pills! And this was an opportunity!

The cultivation levels of these three people weren't high; they were all at the late stage of the Spirit Channeling realm. Although his current strength was somewhat strenuous, he might still be able to handle them!

When he thought of this, he made a decision. He was no longer in a hurry to find food, and directly followed the three people in the direction of the ruined temple!

The three of them looked like noobs without much experience. They were so carefree along the way that even some of them were scared away.

"Sigh!" Brother, where is it from here? "

Suddenly, a burly man stopped and asked while looking at the desolate path on the left.

The other two looked at it, and one of them shrunk back, "Stop looking, this is the place that leads to, there's no news there, so we'd better not go!"

"But! There's clearly someone here who has been around before! " That person didn't give up and asked.


Hearing that, the boss man slapped the man on the head and said angrily, "Do you want to die? Don't you know that we're here to act? Why else would we be speaking so loudly?"

It seemed like he had still underestimated these three. These three people, or perhaps their big brother, was a smart person. He knew that their strength was low, so he deliberately made such a ruckus in order to avoid encountering Li Xingyun. However, their luck seemed to be too bad!

"It seems that no matter what kind of person it is, they will always have the instinct to avoid danger and will always have their own understanding!" Li Xingyun thought like this!

However, he was puzzled as to why that elder brother was so afraid of the temple. On the other side of the desolate path was the direction of the broken temple. What exactly was there there that was unknown? Let them be so scared! This confused him very much!

"It seems that your luck is really bad. We have offended you just like that!"

Li Xingyun muttered to himself. Just as he was about to take action and capture the three of them, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of him!

This group of people numbered around twenty to thirty people, and the man leading them was at the Awakened Soul Realm. This caused him to quickly suppress his movements and hide carefully.

The man that was charging over, who was wearing the armor of the Broken Treasure Trading Company, walked over and looked at the three people before him, and said rather arrogantly, "Hey! Are you the three Long brothers? It's said that you guys have great skills at stalking and concealment. What do you think, have you found him? "

Hearing this, the eldest of the Long brothers, Dragon City cupped his fists and pleaded, "Replying to Guard Zhao, our brothers' strengths are too low, we didn't discover anything!"

Hearing this, the expression on Guard Zhao's face grew even more contemptuous, his nostrils flared as he said, "Trash, even though we lost the Elders, we still have to pay a high price to invite you. What a useless fool!"

"You ?"

When the three Long brothers heard this, two people couldn't hold it in anymore and were stopped by the Dragon City.

Dragon City was also straightforward. After pondering for a while, they said, "The three of us are forced to take over this matter. As for the rewards, we don't need them. If Guard Zhao finds the three of us eyeing him, the three of us will leave immediately!"

With that, the Dragon City was about to leave with its two brothers!

"Halt!" Guard Zhao shouted.

When Dragon City heard this, they stopped and asked, "Guard Zhao, what else do you want?"

"Humph!" Guard Zhao sneered, "Nothing much, it's just that the North City is currently completely surrounded by Elder Chi Yun's men. They are gradually shrinking the area, and if anyone goes out now, they will be killed without question!"

"You ?"

At this moment, the three Long brothers couldn't hold it in any longer. Each and every one of them was furious, but the Dragon City understood the difference in strength. Although they were furious, they hid themselves well and stopped the two.

"Alright, let's keep looking!" Dragon City said!

"Go over there ?" Guard Zhao pointed in the direction of the temple and left without a second thought for the few of them.

After the guards had left, a fierce light flashed in the eyes of the Dragon City's Dragon City guard as he watched them leave. Then, the three of them sighed helplessly and left, heading straight for the ruined temple!

Li Xingyun watched this scene in silence, seemingly deep in thought.

Chi Yun was really generous this time around. Surrounding the North City, it seemed like he was determined to kill himself, but he didn't know whether or not this would involve the City Lord's Mansion's intentions. As of now, even if they had nothing to do with each other, they would at least have a tacit agreement with each other.

Right now, he could not trust anyone. He could only take it as soon as possible to recover and leave this place!

After quietly making a decision, he looked at the back of the three people as they left and silently followed them. Perhaps, this might be a turning point for them!

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