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At this moment, there were tens of thousands of people in the square, and all of them were from the younger generation.

"In a while, you can just walk forward. Remember, just look at the door in front of you. Just walk past it. Do not retreat!"

Nangong Haoyue's words were vague, but he understood that this was probably the so-called qualification!

Thinking to this point, he did not think any further and directly walked forward!

Before Nangong Haoyue could even react, he saw Li Xingyun already walking forward. Not only that, he had already reached the battle arena!

At this moment, his actions were perhaps too unique. One by one, they looked at him with curiosity, both puzzled and disdainful!

Anyone who came here knew that they wouldn't be able to enter the battle zone until a certain period of time.

Moreover, it was said that those who entered would be torn to shreds if they didn't make it in time!

They didn't know the specifics, so they all looked curiously at Li Xingyun, hoping to see something!

However, they were puzzled. After Li Xingyun walked in, he didn't do anything. It was as if he was strolling leisurely in the park!

Seeing this scene, many people could not help but be moved!

If it were not for the obstruction of the sect elders, perhaps a lot of people would have entered by now!

Seeing Li Xingyun's back, Nangong Haoyue couldn't help but open his mouth wide in confusion!

However, if there were more people, then anything could happen. Not long after that, people would go in.

In an instant, there were more than ten people in the battle zone, and all of them had entered consciously!

Naturally, Li Xingyun did not know about this. At this moment, he was curious as to why it was so peaceful in here. It wasn't like what Nangong Haoyue had said?

He naturally did not know that there were also a dozen or so people behind him who were feeling strange!

Why was this battle zone fine even if the time was not up?

Seeing that there were more than a dozen people who were fine, the entire square was immediately filled with commotion!

In the blink of an eye, over a thousand people rushed into the battle arena at the same time!

Buzz …

Suddenly, a buzzing sound could be heard and under everyone's astonished gaze, countless patterns of light began to flash!

These light engravings seemed to have vanished as they instantly enveloped everything. And as soon as they touched these light engravings, the thousands of people trembled!

Ah …

A mournful and miserable scream rang out. Many of those who were slightly weaker were instantly severely injured, and they vomited blood!

And at this moment, in the entire battle arena, only Li Xingyun was able to stand!

The rest of the people were wounded and quickly ran outside. In just a few breaths time, dozens of people had disappeared from the battle area!

Seeing this scene, those who had yet to enter the square couldn't help but quietly swallow their saliva. This was too terrifying, the speed at which they were devouring life was just like a black hole!

However, there was still another person on the scene who was completely unaware of this. It was Li Xingyun!

At this moment, he only felt as if his body had been swept by a light tattoo and felt a threat to him. His battle spirit energy gushed out at the same time!

Very quickly, those light inscriptions flew past, but he discovered that these inscriptions didn't seem to do much harm to him. In other words, these inscriptions devoured his life energy, and his spiritual energy was not lacking in vitality.

This did not affect him in the slightest!

Seeing that he was still standing firm, everyone couldn't help but reveal their deep fear!

When Nangong Haoyue saw this scene, he couldn't help but frown. He knew that Li Xingyun could already be considered as someone who stood out. Once he entered, he would definitely be hated by everyone!

However, it was not as if there were no benefits. At the very least, when they attacked, they would weigh their own strength!

He had to enter from the Void Realm, so he wasn't worried about Li Xingyun's safety!

As for after he came out, he felt that with Li Xingyun's Pill Artifact Pavilion and his mysterious master, there shouldn't be any problems. Especially that Black Star Jade, that was a treasure of the Temple!

Since he understood all of this, he didn't care. He only quietly watched as Li Xingyun headed towards the Dao Pagoda!

At this moment, Li Xingyun didn't know that he was being watched by tens of thousands of people. He only felt his surroundings, and was very wary of any sudden dangers!

However, it seemed to be just as Nangong Haoyue had said. This place was only a waste of time!

After the light engravings came the Misty Illusion Realm. However, this Misty Illusion Realm was too low, it couldn't affect him at all!

After the Misty Illusion Realm was the Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild and the Thundercloud Swamp. These things posed no threat to him at all. At this moment, he had lost interest in the entire small path tower!

If the threshold to enter was so low, then what was the point in entering?

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but lose interest, and retract the spiritual force he sent out!

Right now, his defense could be said to be completely lacking. No, that shouldn't be right. The cloak on his body should count!

Looking at his Heaven-Devouring Cloak, he suddenly remembered that no wonder his defense was so strong!

This Heaven-Devouring Cloak was the true treasure. Amongst all the treasures that he could use, this could be said to be the best!

Furthermore, this treasure didn't even need to use up its own spiritual energy. This was a fatal temptation to everyone!

Seeing him swagger closer and closer to the pagoda, tens of thousands of people swallowed their saliva at the same time!

Many people were stirred up again, wanting to fight for it. One had to know, how much luck and opportunity one can obtain by entering the Dao Pagoda earlier!

Thinking of this, some people couldn't help but enter the battle arena again. However, just as they entered, they saw the devouring light patterns and immediately felt as if their souls had left their bodies.

And at this moment, Li Xingyun had finally arrived at the Dao Pagoda's entrance!

Standing by the door and looking at the flowing Dao Pagoda, he could not help but have a strange feeling!

It was as if his mind was in a trance. Suddenly, some inexplicable things happened. These things seemed to have really happened, but he could not recall them!

These segments were fragmented and simply could not be pieced together!

At this moment, his brows were deeply furrowed, but he didn't go straight in!

His actions left Nangong Haoyue, who was standing far away, speechless!

Naturally, Li Xingyun understood that he had to enter. However, he felt that perhaps his memories could be retrieved from the small tower or the real one!

However, was he still himself at that time?

At this moment, he couldn't help but hesitate. No matter what, he didn't want to become someone else!

"I would like to see just what kind of mystery lies within this small pagoda!"

He looked at the tower and suddenly said with a deep voice, his eyes firm!

No matter what, he had to go to this small pagoda. He had to understand it a little or else he would be unable to see anything when he entered the true pagoda!

As soon as he finished speaking, he stepped into the Dao Pagoda!

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