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The Cloud Swallowing Python had awoken, and this was not a good thing. This kind of cold-blooded creature was a vengeful person, and the Ming Phoenix powder that he used previously was extremely harmful to it.

He was the old enemy of Mu Qingyi, and the so-called enemy would make his eyes turn red if they met. Mu Qingyi did not dare to use his life as a joke, even though she had the strength to protect himself, there was still an unknown person in front of her. If it was at the critical moment, he would give her a blow ?

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. She hurriedly suppressed her thoughts and looked towards Li Xingyun.

Coincidentally, Li Xingyun was also looking at her. It was obvious that he was thinking the same thing!

After that, they said no more and disappeared in the direction of the Green Smoke World!

"Roar ?"

The Cloud Swallowing Python let out a long and shocking roar. Its enormous body quickly moved about on the ground, colliding with large rocks that flew everywhere. Not long after, it arrived at the place where the two had just battled!

The Cloud Swallowing Python's eyes revealed a hint of hatred. It lingered on the spot for a while, then fiercely stuck out its tongue in the air. Soon, it directed its gaze in the direction where Li Xingyun and Liu Liyang had left.

A giant tail as sharp as a spear broke apart a nearby boulder, seemingly venting the anger in its heart. Then, it moved its body to give chase!

His movements were extremely strange, and he didn't have the slightest bit of strength when he landed. However, if one looked carefully, it wasn't hard to notice that every single time his legs moved, they seemed to contain some sort of unique dao pattern. It was precisely this dao pattern that caused him to not make the slightest sound as he quickly rushed forward.

Then, he looked at Mu Qingyi beside him. He seemed to be having a difficult time at this moment!

The two of them could feel the aura behind them. It was ruthless, bloodthirsty, and if they were to encounter it, injuries would definitely be inevitable. The Cloud Swallowing Python's defense was extremely famous.

"Hey!" Brother, where do you live? Do you want me to come over and take a seat? " Li Xingyun said to the person in black robes, while he was busy taking time off to relax.

Hearing these words, Mu Qingyi, who was walking forward, almost staggered and fell. He glared fiercely at Si Yang but didn't say anything!

She really couldn't understand what kind of background the person in front of her had. The two of them were even enemies, but he actually wanted to come to her house. Was there something wrong with his head?

Therefore, she didn't pay attention to his words and continued on her way with her head covered!

The Cloud Swallowing Python was getting closer and closer. At this time, the distance between the two was only dozens of feet. Moreover, the distance was closing!

Mu Qingyi was injured to begin with, and now that he was even slower, she could not help but feel a sense of helplessness as he prepared to engage in a great battle with the Cloud Swallowing Python.

However, at this moment, she suddenly felt a pair of large hands grabbing her without restraint!

Puzzled, she couldn't help but look forward. With that look, she had actually forgotten to drive her movement technique, because a familiar and unfamiliar face had appeared in front of her eyes.

It was obvious that the person in front of him was Li Xingyun. When he saw Mu Qingyi looking at him, he could not help but frown and shout in a deep voice, "If you don't want to die, then hurry and calm down. I'll bring you to escape!"

Being yelled at like this, Mu Qingyi couldn't help feeling wronged. Since he was young, she was like a princess. Even the elders of his family protected her so well. Who would have thought that he would be treated like this while traveling?

Fortunately, she still knew the seriousness of the situation and immediately focused her mind, circulating her movement technique.

"Roar, roar ?"

As the hissing sound of the Cloud Swallowing Python gradually faded, Mu Qingyi couldn't help but turn around to take a look. But at this moment, where could he see the shadow of the Cloud Swallowing Python?

He was too preoccupied with his thoughts just now to see how the other party had managed to escape with him!

Before long, the two of them slowed down.

"Brother, how do you train with your body? How come you don't have any muscles at all? You're so thin and weak, but you can't even fill the gaps in the Cloud Swallowing Python's teeth!" Li Xingyun twitched his mouth and said gloomily.

Bringing this fellow along the way, he had his own thoughts as well. The two of them had no grudges or enmity with each other. Since he had just arrived at this place, he naturally needed someone to scout him out.

However, he didn't expect that the two of them had just stopped to face each other!


The short sword was unsheathed, and it carried a ghastly cold light as it was pointed straight at Li Xingyun's ribs!

Noticing this danger, Li Xingyun's expression immediately changed. He took a step back, barely dodging the attack.


With a light sound, Li Xingyun's clothes were disintegrated, leaving behind a bloody wound.

Li Xingyun's expression gradually turned cold as he sensed the burning pain from his ribs.

"Hehe!" "Very good ?"

He did not ask why, because it was unnecessary, he was still too simple. In the Ancient Wastelands, kindness was not something that could be casually spilled. One would not even know how one died.

He had always been following this point, but now that he had reached Yan Zhou, he felt that he could put it down a little, but he never thought that reality would teach him a lesson!

At this moment, Mu Qingyi was looking at him with a complicated expression. She indeed didn't want to do this. She wasn't an ungrateful villain, but the Blood Mist Flower was too important to her.

When she saw that her face, which was previously bright and delicate, instantly turned ice-cold, she somewhat mistakenly shifted her gaze away. She did not dare to look directly into his eyes!

"I'm sorry! "But, I really need it ?" Mu Qingyi's heart skipped a beat and she attacked Li Xingyun without any hesitation.

Li Xingyun was puzzled by the fact that although the Blood Mist Flower was precious, it was definitely not the only one in the world. Why was the person in front of him so stubborn, he had actually already prepared to give half of the Blood Mist Flower to him.

The two had just started exchanging blows when their expressions simultaneously changed. This was because they simultaneously discovered that the Cloud Swallowing Python had unknowingly caught up to them and was currently staring at them hatefully.

They didn't expect the Cloud Swallowing Python to be so treacherous. It had actually already stopped the two of them without making a sound.

The two had no choice but to separate. Li Xingyun was indifferent to this matter. Although he said that he couldn't beat it, he was confident in his ability to escape. As for Mu Qingyi, he no longer cared!


The Cloud Swallowing Python had its eyes on Li Xingyun at first glance. It knew that this person was the one who had taken the Blood Mist Flower!

Li Xingyun looked at the two bulges on top of the Swallowing Cloud Python's head and suddenly looked towards Mu Qingyi.

"You want this Blood Mist Flower because of it?" Li Xingyun pointed to the Swallowing Cloud Python.

At this moment, he vaguely understood something. Although this Cloud Swallowing Python's strength was mediocre, he didn't know what fortuitous opportunity this fellow had to actually give birth to a sliver of dragon qi. It was this wisp of dragon qi that caused the Blood Mist Flower to change, and in some ways, it was second only to the healing panacea.

In a moment, he understood Mu Qingyi's actions. The anger in his heart had also dissipated by quite a bit.

He wasn't a person who wouldn't let others off the hook. Similarly, if he had a family and friends who urgently needed the Blood Mist Flower, he would do whatever it took to win them over.

After understanding all of this, Li Xingyun pondered for a moment before he decided to make a plan. He took out the Blood Mist Flower from his cloth bag, and under Mu Qingyi's startled and furious gaze, he tossed it over to Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi subconsciously took the Blood Mist Flower as he looked at the youth in front of his with confusion, astonishment, and guilt. His heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Before she could regain her senses, a pair of large hands grabbed her and began to run. This was because the Cloud Swallowing Python had already launched an attack!

It was unknown if Li Xingyun was too fast or if the Cloud Swallowing Python was too slow, but after a short period of time, it had actually managed to shake him off. At this moment, they had finally arrived at the Green Smoke World.

Li Xingyun ignored Mu Qingyi. For him, he only felt that the old man in front of him was not bad. Although his actions were childish, he felt that he wasn't bad at all. After walking around in the Wasteland for so many years, he still believed in his intuition.

He slowly let go of his thoughts and looked at the strange barrier before him.

The Green Smoke World wasn't a thin barrier, but rather a strange energy that spanned hundreds of miles. Because this energy looked like smoke rising from a chimney, people called it the Green Smoke World!

The Green Smoke World stood between the heaven and earth. The descent of the jade piece led to the Yellow Springs, completely isolating the Ancient Wastelands.

It was said that this kind of strange energy was able to resist the erosion of the strange energy in the Wasteland. Moreover, it was able to suppress the aura of the evil demons.

In the wilderness, the spirit beasts weren't affected by this place, but the evil spirits were suppressed. As time passed, the two sides began to confront each other, all the way until now!

While he was sizing up the Green Smoke World, Mu Qingyi was also sizing him up.

This was a clean and delicate young man around the age of fifteen or sixteen. He gave off a gentle and comfortable feeling, but the temperament emitted from between his brows made him seem a bit more mature and steady.

His tall and slender body, as well as his tall and handsome appearance, made it difficult for even a simple, worn out robe to resist his unique temperament. This was a man that could make a woman unconsciously fall in love with him!

Mu Qingyi thought of how in the short span of half a day, the other party had advanced from the Spirit Realm to the Spirit Transformation realm and even snatched the Blood Mist Flower from the mouth of a peak Spirit Transformation Stage spirit beast.

However, why did he give it to him when both sides had the opposite intention, and even saved him twice!

What a man!

Mu Qingyi secretly gave Li Xingyun a definition in her heart. At the same time, a good impression of him melted away in her heart. He held the Blood Mist Flower tightly in his hand as his eyes became misty.

Li Xingyun didn't know about any of this. He only sized up the Green Smoke World and wondered what kind of world he was going to enter. What kind of things would happen there?

As he thought about it, he became immersed in it!

"Aooo ?"

Suddenly, a familiar voice could be heard in front of him. Upon hearing the voice, his expression grew cold as a sharp glint of light flashed across his eyes.

"In my world, kindness isn't something that can be found every time!"

As he spoke, his entire demeanor changed. In that instant, he seemed to have transformed into a sharp sword that was about to unsheathe itself and cut through everything. He was emitting a low cry in the air!

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