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Inside the cave, the lighting was dim. It was already late at night. Li Xingyun and Mu Qingyi ignored each other and quietly sat cross-legged to heal their injuries.

Li Xingyun's current condition had improved quite a bit. The number of life-saving pills his master had left him was only ten. This time, he had lost two. Even now, he still had an expression of pain on his face.

However, there was no other way. They were about to enter the Yan Province, at that time, if they were heavily injured, they might die at any time.


Suddenly, he opened his eyes. A light flashed across his eyes. Looking at his surroundings, he secretly let out a sigh of relief. His injuries had mostly healed, so he wasn't worried anymore.

When Mu Qingyi heard the commotion, he slowly withdrew from his cultivation and looked at the other party.

Li Xingyun thought for a moment before asking, "Girl, we'll write off everything that happened earlier. However, you have to tell me about the situation before that!"

He had said that he wanted to ask about the information, but he didn't want to give them back. In reality, this was his plan to save Ye Xiao several times. Moreover, Ye Xiao didn't look like an evil person at all!

Mu Qingyi was slightly startled when he heard this. He was actually very nervous as he didn't know why the other party had saved his. Now that she heard this, she immediately understood that this person wasn't from Yan Province!

She glanced at Li Xingyun weirdly, but didn't think too much into it. She only thought that he had come from another state.

After organizing her thoughts, she said softly, "In front of us is Yan Zhou Ruyang City, it's a second tier city, however because it's near the Green Smoke World, the inner circle cultivators are stronger than the normal second tier cities ?"

Listening to Mu Qingyi's words, Li Xingyun had a rough understanding of the situation in the Crippling Sun City.

The city took up a lot of space and was the first line of defense of the border. Currently, the city lord's cultivation base was around the early stage of the Cloud Realm.

Other than that, the Crippling Sun City also had the Broken Sky Mountain Range as its back, guarding the only way into the Yan Province, Gale Valley.

This unique geographical location made the Crippling Sun City seem more important, so there were more experts here than in the real world.

Hearing these news, Li Xingyun had a plan in his mind. When he came here, he had already understood a lot about the three realms of the Nine Prefectures. He had heard of the Broken Sky Mountain Range before.

This was a large mountain range that stretched for thousands of miles, and it was tightly guarded at the south entrance of Yanzhou. There were quite a few spirit beasts thriving within these thousands of miles, and some of them were extremely powerful.

The Gale Valley was the only way into the Crippling Sun City that was a hundred miles away.

A single gorge had completely cut the Broken Sky Mountain Range into two, so there was the saying of 'a thousand mountains without end, a valley without end'.

The meaning behind his words was that although the thousand peaks of the Broken Sky Mountain Range were unable to cut through the skies, one canyon could cut through the mountain range with a single slash.

Mu Qingyi's words were filled with pride, as if he was the one who chopped out the Gale Valley. However, he knew that the Gale Valley was actually carved out by a human, and he didn't ask Li Xingyun whether he had agreed or not.

He didn't have much of a relationship with this woman. If it wasn't for the fact that she had heavily injured the Swallowing Cloud Python and let him take advantage of her, the two of them wouldn't have been able to chat for a long time based on their previous fight over the Blood Mist Flower.

While he was thinking, he suddenly looked outside the cave with a frown.

"Good technique, he actually managed to chase us all the way here!" Li Xingyun said with a light smile.

"What's wrong?" When Mu Qingyi heard his words, he also stood up. At this moment, she had already recovered her female voice since it was already exposed.

Li Xingyun looked at Mu Qingyi and teased his, "Your voice sounds quite nice. Why are you pretending to be an old man?"

Not caring about the other party's expression, his face became extremely serious, "Someone's chasing us!"

Mu Qingyi felt powerless towards a guy like Li Xingyun who flipped his face faster than a book. He hatefully glanced at Li Xingyun while secretly feeling scared, "This guy's spiritual sense is so sharp!"

Generally speaking, cultivators would have a spiritual sense before they could cultivate it. The spiritual sense was only a type of perception, so it wasn't very clear. Even the spiritual sense of a middle-level Spirit Opening Cultivator like Mu Qingyi was only a few hundred feet away, but Li Xingyun was not!

As expected, not long after Li Xingyun spoke, there was a rustling sound from outside the cave. It seemed like there were quite a few people here!

"Hahahaha ?" The boss is really far-sighted, I never thought that he would actually be here! "

Following the loud laughter, a dozen people entered the cave. The cave that was not very spacious immediately became crowded.

At this moment, Li Xingyun could clearly see who it was. However, each and every one of them were at the Spirit Realm. Only the chubby man leading them was at the Initial Spiritual Opening Realm.

Li Xingyun didn't rush to make a move. Instead, he looked at the fat man with interest and asked in a strange tone, "Logically speaking, my concealment technique shouldn't be revealed. How did you guys find me?"

The fat man and the others were not afraid at all when they saw the two in front of them. Moreover, weren't they seriously injured?

Immediately, the fat man did not dare to be careless. He secretly remained vigilant and said, "We are scouts, so we can naturally find them!"

"A scout?" Li Xingyun murmured softly. He didn't know what sort of profession this scout was. He had never heard of it before.

Noticing that he didn't seem to understand Li Xingyun very well, the fat man frowned deeply and looked at Li Xingyun in confusion.

Mu Qingyi also felt that it was a bit strange, but he still transmitted his voice to explain, "Scouts are a kind of ancient profession. Because of their talents, they can find the spirit crystals in the ground. Over the years, their noses will change and they will become extremely sensitive.

Hearing the explanation, Li Xingyun couldn't help laughing. Wasn't that just a dog's nose?

However, he didn't know much about it. The Sacred Domain didn't have such a profession. There were many things in the Ancient Wastelands that he didn't know about. Spirit Crystals? What was that?

As the Saint realm and the Ancient Desolate Land were separated by a wasteland, and the wasteland was vast and boundless with countless dangers within, it was impossible for people from both sides to interact with each other. Therefore, although the two regions were on the same continent, they were actually separated from each other.

As he thought of this, he no longer hesitated. He was just thinking that he must get to the bottom of this.

While he was pondering, those people did not disturb him. This was mainly because the fat man seemed to somewhat understand the situation in front of him. From the looks of it, the two people in front of him were not injured.

While they were hesitating, many auras were approaching them from outside. They arrived outside the cave before long.

Noticing these auras, Li Xingyun felt a little helpless. He inwardly sighed at his bad fortune in the past year and the endless troubles he faced before even entering Yanzhou. It was as if he was born to be the nemesis of this place.

"Don't keep fighting, try to break through later!"

After he said this to Mu Qingyi, he walked out. He couldn't stay in the cave and let others catch him.

The fat man could only helplessly sigh as he saw this. He secretly lamented his bad luck, so he had no choice but to open up a path out of the cave!

There was a large group of people gathered outside of the cave. There were around 20-30 people, including the fat man, there were a total of 40-50 people. Aside from the fat man, there were five other people who had reached the Spirit Opening Realm.

The person looked to be in his forties, with a square face and wide forehead, and a pair of narrow eyes. He was in the late stage of the Spirit Opening Stage, and besides that, there were also a female and three males, both in the middle stage.

"Eh? Ding Bao, you aren't going to scout for your City Lord, what are you doing here? "

The one who spoke was the red robed man, he clearly knew the fat man called Ding Bao.

Ding Bao's expression turned cold, but he did not show any respect because of the other party's high cultivation. He coldly looked at the other party, and then said in a strange tone, "So it's Sect Leader Zhao Xiong, I apologize. Why, did your Crazy Dog Gang come out to walk a dog today?"

"Bastard!" "Who the hell are you? You dare to slander our Violent Wolf Gang? I think you don't want to live anymore?"

"Right, let's see how arrogant he can be after killing this fat pig!"

Ding Bao's words completely ignited this place. The people from the Violent Wolf Gang looked at Ding Bao with unfriendly looks, as if they were about to eat him alive.

Li Xingyun felt that this scene was interesting. He looked at Ding Bao, then looked at Zhao Xiong, and an understanding expression appeared on his face.

From the two's words, he could tell that Ding Bao was a subordinate of the city lord of Crippling Sun City. Zhao Xiong seemed to be a gang leader, and there should be enmity between the two.

Zhao Xiong was only at the late stage of the Spirit Opening Realm, but he dared to make an enemy out of a Cloud Realm City Lord. It seemed that he had a backer as well!

"Hehe!" Ding Bao, do you think that I won't dare to touch you just because you have the support of the City Lord? Do you think you can walk out of this place, where the moon is dark and the winds are strong? "

Zhao Xiong stared at Ding Bao in a sinister manner. When his underlings heard this, they all stepped forward, ready to fight at any moment.

As matters stood, Li Xingyun discovered that he seemed to have become an outsider!

"Humph!" Ding Bao coldly harrumphed, raised his huge belly, raised his chin, and arrogantly said, "You can try it!"

Li Xingyun looked at Ding Bao with a serious expression. This person had never made a move on him before. It was clear that he had noticed something. If he still dared to act arrogantly, then he definitely had the ability to protect himself.

Sure enough, Zhao Xiong didn't mind when he saw Li Xingyun's appearance and ignored him. Instead, he turned his gaze towards Li Xingyun and Li Xingyun.

"I presume it is you who killed that Swallowing Cloud Python. It is truly a young hero. I am the Violent Wolf Gang's Zhao Xiong. I hope that you can help me!"

"What if I don't go?" Li Xingyun lightly said as his eyebrows rose!

"Then I can only apologize!"

Zhao Xiong gloomily looked at Li Xingyun. Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense.

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