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As soon as Zhao Xiong finished speaking, the people under his command spread out and surrounded Li Xingyun and Li Xingyun. Ding Bao, on the other hand, was not troubled.

Things had gotten out of hand. Li Xingyun had roughly understood that Ding Bao must have found him, and now that the Violent Wolf Gang had followed Ding Bao here, he wasn't sure if anyone else was following them. The longer he delayed, the harder it would be to break through.

He was fine with it himself, but there was also this Mu Qingyi. He had a lot of things he did not understand since he had just arrived, so it would not be easy for him to meet someone who was not bad, and he also had a favor for her. He still needed to ask about something, so it was best for him to bring Mu Qingyi along.

"Hey!" "Then who ?"

Li Xingyun called out to Mu Qingyi. It was only now did he realize that the two of them still didn't know each other's names and he didn't even know each other's appearances.

Mu Qingyi didn't have any intention of getting to know Li Xingyun. Hearing Li Xingyun call her, he asked in confusion, "Is something the matter?"

"En!" Li Xingyun nodded and whispered, "Fight or run?"

The two of them had pretty much recovered from their injuries under Li Xingyun's pills. If it wasn't for Zhao Xiong, who was at the late stage of the Spirit Opening Stage, they wouldn't need to fear. However, one more person didn't have much of a chance!

Li Xingyun only wanted to ask this one question.

Mu Qingyi also understood, but he still shook his head. She had a secret treasure that could injure the Swallowing Cloud Python, but now that the secret treasure was damaged, she could only say that it was a middle stage Spirit Opening Realm cultivator.

It wasn't strange for Li Xingyun to know the answer to this question. He immediately began to look for an opportunity to break out of this predicament!

"Hey!" Kid, you still want to escape? " A burly man under Zhao Xiong chuckled. He seemed to have seen through Li Xingyun's motives and looked at him as if he was a fool.

This person's strength isn't bad, middle level spirit opening martial artists are indeed something to be proud of.

The others also looked at him calmly. When they thought about the beast cores and snake gall of a Rank 2 Spirit Beast, they felt their blood boil. With this, they would be able to cultivate for a long time.

It was only after looking at these people's expressions that Li Xingyun realized the extent of their thirst for cultivation resources in the Ancient Desolation.

Just as he was about to speak, Ding Bao suddenly spoke up in advance, "Friend, if you are willing to join my City Lord's Mansion, I believe you will be safe and sound today!"

Ding Bao smiled as he looked at Li Xingyun. His two eyes were almost narrowed into a line. However, his small eyes were emitting a bright light.

This was a very intelligent person!

Li Xingyun immediately gave Ding Bao such an evaluation.

The truth was as expected. Although this fellow was fat, he was not only a rare scout, but also the Mayor's most capable general of amassing wealth!

If the City Lord's Mansion wanted to recruit troops, they would naturally need money. As for Ding Bao, who was a scout and had a good sense of business, he was fortunate enough to obtain this opportunity.

Even now, Li Xingyun still couldn't see what kind of tricks Ding Bao had up his sleeve. However, he discovered that Zhao Xiong, who was at the late stage of the Spirit Opening Stage, really didn't make things difficult for Ding Bao.

Zhao Xiong naturally heard Ding Bao's words, but he still maintained a nonchalant look. On the other hand, his subordinate was unwilling to do so, so he angrily shouted, "Tsk! That fat pig, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself.

This person's cultivation level wasn't high, and he was still wandering around in the late stage of the Spirit Channeling realm. Obviously, he had stepped out to express himself, but he didn't have the self-awareness to do so.

Ding Bao's expression immediately darkened. He was originally fat, but he wouldn't allow others to call him fat, especially the word 'fat pig'. It was a taboo; it was as if no woman would allow others to say that she was ugly.

That person didn't seem to have noticed the situation on the scene, he still maintained his cool and shouted, "Pig, my Sect Master is in a good mood today. If you rely on my Sect Master to explore the world, you might be able to leave behind your life!"

After saying so, he secretly glanced at Zhao Xiong, only to discover that for some reason, his Sect Master had a gloomy expression.

"Hehe!" "I'm in a good mood. I'm in a good mood indeed!"

After Zhao Xiong miserably said this, he no longer said anything.

On the other hand, Li Xingyun didn't even have the slightest consciousness that he was in a good state of mind. He had an expression that made Mu Qingyi extremely confused as if he was watching a good show.

As soon as Zhao Xiong finished speaking, Ding Bao's voice sounded.

"Kill him for me!"

Ding Bao was flustered and exasperated. He was considered the strongest person in the entire Crippling Sun City, so who would do this to him? Right now, his voice was trembling with anger.

"It seems like being fat doesn't mean you have a broad mind!" Li Xingyun thought to himself.


As he was deep in thought, he suddenly heard a miserable scream. Looking towards the source of the scream, he saw that the person who had spoken had fallen into a pool of blood. Moreover, his tongue had been cut out and tossed to the side.

The members of the Violent Wolf Gang, who had originally been unconcerned, were scared out of their wits by this sudden turn of events. All of them stared at Ding Bao with aghast, as if they had seen a ghost.

No one could even see who moved. All they could hear was a scream and the scene in front of them. Immediately, everyone couldn't help but feel their hairs stand on end as they quickly took a few steps back.

"Hehe!" It must be the shadow guard! " Zhao Xiong said with a smile that was not a smile on his face. He did not have any intention of revenge. It was obvious that he knew something.

Li Xingyun had been paying attention to the scene from start to finish. Although he wasn't at the peak of the Cloud Realm, his spiritual sense was incomparably strong. However, he didn't discover the person in the shadows.

When that person had been killed just now, he had only felt a faint ripple of Qi.

"So powerful, what a strange method. It seems like this Crippling Sun City is not simple at all!" Li Xingyun thought to himself while keeping a vigilant watch on his surroundings.

Even Zhao Xiong was frowning. On the contrary, it was Li Xingyun who seemed to be in a very relaxed state, and Ding Bao. From the start to the end, this person didn't seem to be flustered, and the decision he had made was a deliberate one, which made Li Xingyun think even more highly of this person.

Mu Qingyi was slightly surprised to see Li Xingyun so calm. He quickly came to a decision!

"Hey!" "Then who ?" Mu Qingyi asked. Only after seeing Li Xingyun looking at her did she say, "I have a way to leave. If you're willing, I can bring you along!"


Li Xingyun looked deeply at her. Since she was able to leave, then he didn't need to care about her. He had just wasted his investment. Ai, what a shame!

As he thought about it, he suddenly lost interest in the current situation. He originally thought that this would be the first time he would perform like this in Yangzhou, but now it seemed unnecessary.

He casually glanced at Mu Qingyi and said, "If you are able to leave, then just leave. I should still need to stay in the Crippling Sun City for a few more days!"

Hearing this, Mu Qingyi did not ask any further and only nodded his head. After which, he walked in front of Ding Bao and said something to him.

After this exchange of words, he suddenly discovered that Ding Bao, who had always been as steady as Mt. Tai, had suddenly become cautious and reserved. Furthermore, there was a flattering look on his chubby face.

As a result, everyone was confused.

"This girl has quite the background!" Li Xingyun smiled as he looked at Mu Qingyi. He was secretly pleased with his previous investment!

Being stared at like that, Mu Qingyi felt uncomfortable all over. It was as if someone was staring at her. His body tensed up and he wished that he could leave immediately.

"No matter what, I still have to thank you for your Blood Mist Flower. Such a special item is really hard to come by and you saved me twice. I'll make it up to you when we meet next time!"

Mu Qingyi said indifferently as he walked in front of Li Xingyun and tossed him a piece of white, warm jade at the same time.

Li Xingyun didn't understand, but he didn't ask and just placed it in his shabby bag.

"See you later!"

Mu Qingyi did not linger as he cupped his fist and left. It seemed that he did not have any intention of going to the Crippling Sun City.

After Mu Qingyi left, Ding Bao stepped forward and said, "Hehe, little brother, that young miss has already greeted me. Don't worry, you are the guest of the City Lord of Crippling Sun City, so no one dares to have any ideas about you!"

As he spoke, he looked at Zhao Xiong and the others, the meaning in his words obvious.

"So, you don't want the snake gall and beast core?" Li Xingyun calmly looked at Ding Bao.

"Little brother, what are you talking about!" Ding Bao cupped his hands and said, "Although the snake gall and beast core are worth a lot, my City Lord Mansion doesn't care that much. Furthermore, there is also that lady's reminder!"

Li Xingyun thoughtfully nodded his head. It was obvious that the girl from before had a high status. Otherwise, Ding Bao wouldn't have paid such attention to his.

There was one more thing. Other than him and the woman from before, no one knew that the Cloud Swallowing Python had a trace of dragon Qi. If they did, they would probably be silenced immediately.

Since no one knew, he was too lazy to say anything. Since he still wanted to enter the city, he might as well just follow Ding Bao.

Thinking of this, he no longer hesitated, "Alright then. In that case, I'll have to trouble you more!"

"Hehe!" Little brother, you are too kind! " Ding Bao seemed to be very familiar with him as he smiled. While leading the way, he asked, "May I know Little Brother's name?"

"Li Xingyun!"

"Oh? Hehe ? It's a good name! "

The group of people laughed and chatted as they left. They did not even look at the people from the Violent Wolf Gang. They did not put them in their eyes at all.

Only when the group had gone far away did a middle-level Awakened Soul Realm man ask in a depressed tone, "Big Brother, are we just going to let them go like this?"

"Humph!" Zhao Xiong gave that person a sullen stare, "What else do you think the shadow guard before Ding Bao is worth?"

"But ?"

"Enough!" Before the person could continue, Zhao Xiong interrupted him and said, "Don't worry, since we can't do anything about the City Lord's Mansion, then that kid just now, hehe ?"

At this point, he could not help but smile meaningfully. Hearing this, everyone's expression gradually brightened ?

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